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Update: 8/22/13

BQ here again. I have a couple of Humor articles today. The first one I actually started on years ago, but for some reason, I never finished it and then forgot all about it until I just found it on my hard drive a few minutes ago:

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (As answered by various past and present Port Saiid members.)

This was an old post I found on Port Saiid by Flying Omelette that I apparently decided to archive, but just never went through with it. All I had to do was add the paragraph tags between the entries and it was good to go.

The second one is a bit more mysterious. It appears to be a parody news article that was written around the time of the whole Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien controversy:

The Internet vs. Jay Leno

I found this in my downloaded copy of the entire website, but it was not actually linked anywhere. I'm pretty sure I did not write it, but we don't know who did. James and DH don't remember writing it. Sethra says there's no way it was hers. Junus thinks it could be his, but he's not sure and it doesn't exist on his hard drive copy.

It seems to be unfinished, but what was there made me laugh hard enough that I just decided to post it. Since no one is claiming authorship, I guess no one can complain about me putting it up as is. -BQ

Update: 8/18/13

I have a couple of updates today, and this time I made sure to put them on the right pages so my brother doesn't yell at me again. =P

First off, a really awesome short story by Tuna Head called Super Rocket Space-Adventure Cowboy Detectives. I also now denote my favorite entries in Funfiction with an animated star gif.

Secondly, Junus's thoughts on the Comic Sans MS font in the Rants. -BQ

Update: 7/18/13

Junus here. This is a pretty big update, so prepare yourselves:

To the Game Ideas Page: I moved everything that was on FO's version of the Game Ideas Archive to our own site. This means there are now pages for:

  • ErniePants
  • Junus Crowe (me, and I do apologize to anyone who actually reads them)
  • Pero the Cat (whose Video Game Has-Beens Fighter idea was not previously archived to either site)

    And I added to the Miscellaneous Page:

  • Demonic Duckenheimer
  • Extreme Peach Volleyball
  • Fester's Quest 64
  • Ice Climbers Advance
  • Pocket Fighter RPG
  • Sex on the Beach Sim
  • The Existential Bad Guy Wins
  • The Hidden BFG (!!!!!)
  • The Oo-La-La Warriors of Fame
  • VA Fighter

    In the interest of this update not being just, "Here's stuff that used to be there, and is now here, but there's almost nothing completely new", and since I was on a roll anyway, I also archived some more Game Ideas that had not previously been on this site or FO's. I went through the DHN Email and the DHN Forums and found every game idea that I could and added them to the Site Readers page. They include:

  • Dark Mirror
  • Island Wars
  • Java and Lava
  • Journey to Earth
  • Max Hotel 1
  • Minland
  • New Racing Game Idea
  • Ocean Life Sim
  • They Have to Kill You to Train You

    I also decided to comb through Port Saiid's Game Ideas bin and noticed that Greybob had posted quite a few really good ones. So, I made a page for his. And while I was doing that, I stumbled across a really hilarious Game Idea by our very own Bananaquit. While it's the only one of his I could find, it was too good to waste it.

    I also noticed some people with existing pages have posted quite a few more to Port Saiid since I last updated them, but those will have to wait for later.

    BTW, while I didn't alter anything that's already there, I am no longer putting anyone's real name on the site. If a Game Idea was submitted under what I suspect to be the person's real name, I used the name off the email address instead. For example, if you emailed me as John Smith, but your address was something like blahblah at yoohoo dot com, I called you Blah Blah instead of John Smith. If the email address was the same as the name, I just used the first name and the last initial. This is because of things like employers searching people's names on the internet, and I don't want someone missing out on a job opportunity because they wrote a silly game idea when they were a teenager that the employer finds and takes offense to. That, and I noticed FO having difficulty with people wanting their names removed and I'm trying to avoid that ourselves.

    Finally, I dropped all prior updates to 2013 into the Update Log. I also fixed our own version of the "Memory Card". It looked kind of lopsided to me, and since Deathspork is no longer an active internet persona, I replaced his link with Random Hoo-Haas. In the interest of consistency, I also changed all icons for each site to the same ones FO uses in her Memory Card. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/16/13

    The Caption Contest Archive from Saiid now has a permanent home here on DHN's Humor Page. ~FO

    I fixed the Links page. I removed several vanished websites (FryingBear, NES Horsemen, The Video Game Humor Homepage), fixed the links to a few others, and added ~James FP~

    By her request, I've removed all of FO's poems except one that she said we could keep from the Shnoo's Eyerie. BTW, guys, I've noticed some poetry in the "Fun Fiction" section. We have a separate section for poetry. It really should be in the Shnoo's Eyerie. (The more serious poetry that is, the sillier stuff can stay in Fun Fiction.) I'll fix it later if someone else doesn't first. ~James FP~

    EDIT: Also removed The Grim Reaper Interview by Deathspork from Fun Fiction because that already exists on the NES Retreat. I literally just read it there like a week ago and was surprised to see it duplicated here. It's better to read it at the NES Retreat where it's accompanied by pictures. ~James FP~

    This site is best viewed in 800 x 600 resolution.

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