The Beauty of Life
by Kefka the 3rd

As she sits there staring at the wall
She suddenly feels like she's in a free fall.

As he sits there staring at the floor
He hears someone knocking at the door.

She runs her fingers through her hair
A tear starts to form but no one cares.

He looks at his hands and grabs his hair
He lets out a scream but no one cares.

She goes outside and looks at the sky
And takes a tissue and wipes her eye.

As he lies there motionless in his bed
All these thoughts swimming through his head.

She runs back into her little room
But to her it seems like a tomb.

He gets out of bed and walks to the table
He tries to stop shivering but he isn't able.

A smile manages to escape her lips
All the posters off her wall she rips.

He opens the drawer and there it is
He holds it tightly knowing that it's his.

She opens her closet and it is there
She takes it out and strokes it with care.

He holds it up and looks inside
He knows he's about to be let off the ride.

She takes the knife and holds it to her wrists.
He clenches the gun more tightly in his fists.

With one last smile she laughs out loud.
With one last scream he cries out loud.

As the stream of blood runs on the floor,
As the bullet pierces his brain and hits the door,

Just remember whenever you see a gun or knife
You are looking at the key to the Beauty of Life.

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