An Odd Circumstance
by Flying Omelette

I've come to believe in something strange
Now, don't go saying I'm deranged
My views are starting to change

They say, "Tomorrow never comes"
But life has only just begun
I think there's still time to have fun

I come from another time
From a place where dreaming is sublime
Thinking outside your mind
Was never viewed as a crime

I did nothing for the benefit
To only me, I would commit
I'd only do as I see fit

Now time has begun to change
But the more that things do change
The more they stay the same

Take me to that simple place
I want to walk at that slower pace
The life I'm living now
Is never enough
To make my hunger feel stuffed
I want to give it my best
And take what's left of the rest

So, you want to know how this began?
Well, first of all, I made no plans
It's just an odd circumstance

I began to remember something true
It was something I once knew
I searched my soul through and through

I learned what I had been
Now I want to be that way again
They say there's no going back
I don't believe that is a fact

There had been times when I was wrong
But what I thought forever gone
Had been right there all along

Now's the time to recreate
All of those dreams that went to waste
I say that it's never too late

I'm ready for anything
The view from here looks so promising
Wherever my path goes...
I'll take the best
And just forget all the rest
I will be laughing a lot
It's just a feeling I've got

So, you want to know how this began?
It's not as though I had it planned
It's just an odd circumstance

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