Just Me and You
by SethraShnoo

What a surprise
I never knew what the world was like
Until I met you, and you opened my eyes
I realize what I'd been missing through all my life
You hold the key to those feelings inside

Life was a blur, I had lived as a prisoner
Hiding away from the world outside
But now I am free, like a ship out on the sea
The tide swept you in like an anchor to me

Now forever, we're together
I was waiting for you
I'll remember all the laughter
And the things that you do
Just me and you

When the darkness blinds your way
I'll brighten up your day
When these hours disappear
I'll be here year after year

So if you get lost on a bumpy ride
Look for me, I'll always be by your side
Never forget everything we've learned
Together we'll watch as those bridges burn

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