Needless Ties
by SethraShnoo

Look, I know you don't believe what I say
But if I say to "walk this way"
It would help for you to say, "okay"

Because there is a life beyond these city walls
Can't you hear it when it calls?
But you cannot expect to get there at all
If you cannot take a few falls

Hey there, hey you!
Do you still want me to show you the way?
Come on, say what you say?

Walk a little closer to the edge
Forget your vows and pledge
Spread your wings and try to fledge

For all those people who say
That there is only one way
Well, just turn your back on them
And walk into your own private parade
We will show them just how dreams
And legends are made

Hey, come here with me!
This is a sight to see
Are you still here?
Then you must lose your fear

Will you journey to the far side of the earth?
Or will you just take my word for what it's worth?
There's a storm rising on the ocean's girth

Silent thunder fills the skies
You must break those needless ties

Look, I know it doesnít seem to make much sense
But living in this present tense
Requires thinking that isn't so dense

'Cause it can take a few thousand years or so
Just to find that right way to go
And our time is like sand in a sieve
You must decide now which way to live

We'll break or bend
The rules we cannot amend
We're finally writing our history

Learn to fly without wings
Only in silence can you sing
There's a time for everything

I think eventually you'll find
Most people have one-track minds
Always humming their old tunes
We will just need to find a way to prove
You can reach into the stars
And bring down the moon

Hey, donít just walk straight
Off-roads, you must create
Don't lose your grip
For this is a one-way trip

Do you want to feel the stars kiss your face?
Or do you want to stumble in disgrace?
There comes a time
When you must walk at your own pace

Silent thunder fills the skies
When you break those needless ties

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