Neverending Carousel
by SethraShnoo

Here is a story that I tell
Of a neverending carousel
A tall tale of an impossible dream come true
A knight who fought with iron will
A man whose road was all uphill
The thought chilled...
Even the strongest warrior right through

But in the face of the odds
He came out on top
Because he knew that
What was worse than to die
Was to stop
Now do you know?

The moral that this story spells
Is like a spinning carousel
A vast well of knowledge
That is often unused
When someone tries to keep you down
You'll find another path around
A high ground...
Where dreams wait for the one who pursues

The eye of the storm
Is the place where you can turn away
If you don't wish to proceed
But there is always more
For the one who succeeds
What do you say?

This tangled web I weave so well
Is a neverending carousel
A hard sell of information likely unseen
When one has failed to reach his goal
Another follows in his role
And his soul lives on
Inside that new warrior's dream

That's the way the story goes
That's the way it ends
We'll ride the neverending carousel
Again and again...

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