Untitled Poems
by Tifa9

The sun has set
The clouds have come
Questions beginning to over run

Why didn't I see it?
How could I be so blind?
These things I never saw in the hands of time

My eyes are wet
My pillow is soaked
But now my heart has been provoked

I'm so confused
Now and forever
Will things ever be for the better?

I'll close my eyes
And go to sleep
Trying to forget all the secrets I keep

Good night my lovers
I say farewell
For now I must hide in the place I dwell

These words I say are not a lie
Oh,please do not start to cry

I didn't want it to go this far
Lord, I beg don't let me leave a scar

Things are more than I can take
As days go by even greater is at stake

But as the day comes to an end
Your heart, God will mend

So I will pray for you each night
Hoping that you will always be alright

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