by Kiera Lordens

I've been thinking for so long
My mind has stalled
A solution that turns out to be wrong
Isn't a solution at all

I just need to know some things
I think I deserve
An answer to my pondering
To settle my nerves

Some people say,
"There's just no way!"
Know what I think?
That idea stinks!

Reasons and solutions
Are bound to collide
But everything is getting jumbled inside
When I ask another this question
I always get a different opinion

I know I should settle down
But I can't stay still
I would rather run around
Then bend my will

Life is way too short
To let it slip away
The ball is now in my court
It's time to play

Other people say,
"There's another way!"
Who to believe?
It's an anomaly!

Neither side
Will let the other win
I'm telling you
It's making my head spin!
Am I foolish to be wishing
For an answer this day?
Or should I expect it
To be this way?

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