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I have a theory that if I practice drawing with MS Paint, I'll eventually get better at it. This is where I'll post all my vague attempts at producing something slightly resembling artwork. So here goes.

James FP's Works of Impeccable Exquisiteness

Pink Bunny
Since I've drawn so many other characters, I thought I'd finally post one of my own. This is "Pink Bunny" or "PB" as he's known by his friends. PB is the first thing I can ever remember drawing. The original looked very similar to this considering I was maybe 5 years old at the time. He is also the inspiration for my "pink fuzzy bunny slippers" posts.

Harken, the Great Spirit of Time
Harken was commonly seen around the Game Pond as a locked topic image and the avatar of the PSYKOSUMA name. He appears to actually be from FO's Image Arcane series as the Great Spirit of Time.

Cool Kiini
Kiini was also very popular around the Game Pond. Here he is enjoying a cool refreshing lemon. (Sort of.)

Lukyan Degorah
Another RAU Gallery character. This is a "super-deformed" version of Lukyan. I'm not sure what FO will think of this interpretation of the character...

Junus Crowe
I saved this one as a .gif by accident, which caused a weird fluctuation in the blue color. But I actually thought it looked kind of neat, like he's made out of denim, so I kept it that way.

Fat Shnoo
Everyone's favorite albino egg-shaped budgerigar.

When Rayman Meets Plok
The fun never stops!

Beard Attack!!
Me using my patented Chin Curtain Chopper! As soon as my beard's long enough, I'm gonna use this move to defeat Uwe Boll. Just you wait and see!

Dr. Preston Abirok
This is the first thing I attempted to draw in MS Paint. It's a character from Flying Omelette's RAU Gallery. He's an elven psychiatrist who always uses this quaint little emoticon that gave me the idea to draw him making the same expression. FO put the original B&W version of this on her site, but this one's full-color. Somehow, my coloring job made him look a little like Link with glasses, but oh well.

Zumo the Worm
This is the second thing I drew with MS Paint and is also one of FO's RAU Gallery characters. Again, I made this one full-color even though the original B&W image is on FO's site. I took some creative liberty with this character design and made some of his larger spots "swirly" things instead.

Dr. Honen Calzoun
I originally drew this at the same time I did the two above, but didn't post it because it didn't turn out as well. However, I fixed it up a bit and colorized it and now I think it looks a lot better. Again, I took some creative liberty in drawing Honen wielding a nunchaku, as I don't think FO has ever mentioned that he uses them, but hey, he's a black-belt so I'm guessing he could.

Professor Nucleo Amadeus McRaven
This one I did right before making this page. FO's worked hard to make drastic improvements to this character's design in recent years, but I have to admit I have a strange affinity for the way he looked in her old storyboards, where he was shorter and squatter and didn't always have wings. (Just my opinion, please don't get mad at me!!) Anyway, I sort of tried for that look here, while still retaining the "modern" version's sensibility.

Forum Masterpiece Theater

Bugs Bunny - by Crawl and 1000
Crawl did this as a construction exercise from John K's blog.

Duster Diablo - by Greybob
Greybob's description of this character: "This guy is the main character of a story I'm writing. His name is Duster Diablo and he's a Wild West vigilante with MAGIC POWERS!!! WOO~~~ WOO~~~! It's the dust bowl era, and everyone blames Duster for the dust storms. This is because he has the ability to move dust and sand with his MIND! So he goes around having adventures fighting outlaws and stuff. Yeah."

Luigi - by MaskedSheik
Pretty cool and unique art style on this one.

Ironhide - by Ragey
Ragey's description: "I really only focused on the head, mimicking Derek Yaniger's grumpy, grumpy robots, but then I decided to throw the body in and then wondered why I bothered because my grasp on basic bodily structure is pretty loose. I quite like the outlines on the head, though!"

Just Some Faces - by Ragey
FYI, Ragey has a ton more of this in the Stupid Stuff section of Random Hoo-Haas.

Oh Shit, BOMB! - by Ragey
The title says it all!

Spyshot - by Ragey
Another great Transformers character interpretation by the Ragester.

Zoomout - by Ragey
Looks like another Transformer.

Crocodiley - by Wolf
Wolf from the Port Saiid forums drew this mighty fine crocodile clown devouring someone.

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