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Update: 12/16/2014

Hi, this is Tyler, the admin formerly known as Bananaquit. I've decided that I'm dropping that username and will just be Tyler from now on. It was too confusing. I'm "ACC KAIN" on the forums and never changed it because I didn't want to lose my post count, but most people call me Tyler, and it seemed dumb to have a completely different name for this site.

I've also (maybe temporarily?) removed the admin names and avatars bar from the front page because as of right now, it's just me and Sethra running this place, though Pero is also semi-onboard.

I formerly want to apologize for anything that had been said or done on this website and its forums in the past year that was inappropriate or hurtful to anyone. There was kind of a bad situation that rambled on for quite awhile. Some things happened that I'm not proud of. We'll try to maintain tighter control of this place in the future.

It's been decided we're not changing the site's name despite DH having retired from the staff. Moving everything to a new URL and making new site banners would just feel like unnecessary busywork when we have far more important things to focus on. And at this point, I doubt people would ever stop calling this place "DHN" or thinking of it as "DHN", even if we changed it.

So, 2013 updates have been thrown into the log and the Links page has been tidied up a bit. And I finally fixed the "What's New" header so that it's at the top of this log and not dropped down several lines. That's about it for now. To be continued...

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You came, I was alone, I should have known you were temptation
You smiled, luring me on, my heart was gone and you were temptation