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CB007's Game Reviews Archive - CB007's Videogaming Archive: Wow! Look at all those reviews CB007 has written! A lot more than us, and he's just one person. CB007 has played and reviewed many games and really knows his stuff. This site also includes a nearly-complete archive of all the "Game Progress Topics" from Flying Omelette's forums. Also check out the more comedic articles, such as "Ezboard Trek", which you'll enjoy if you liked our "Memory Lane" and "Citizen James" features. - CodieKitty's fantastic videogame & entertainment site. Codie has a nice collection of hilarious sprite comics, especially "Lemmy" and "Mario Busters". Also be sure to check out the awesome game music downloads, the many interesting File Cabinet articles, and the in-depth Lemmings Forever feature.

Crawl's Review Site! - Crawl's Review Site!: Crawl may think we're all one big uberposter controlled by the EzBORG, but that won't stop us from linking to his awesome game review site. Also home to the world's greatest reader reviews, and we mean that.

FantasyAnime - FantasyAnime: This site has been one of our favorites for years. It has some of the best, most complete, and impressive shrines for various RPGs and RPG series (too many to list them all, but some include Final Fantasy, Shining Force, Seiken Densetsu, and Phantasy Star) as well as anime image galleries for Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2. - Absolutely one of the best retro-gaming sites around, and our personal favorite. FO has many excellent game reviews, awesome game shrines, hilarious oddities, and other neat stuff. Also be sure to check out the vast collection of game music downloads (including an extensive feature on game ending songs), the Switched at Birth archive, message board, and other cool stuff.

Greybob's Igloo - Greybob's Igloo: Greybob is an excellent start-up reviewer, writer, and artist (with artwork similar to what you'll find in our MS Paint Gallery). We just love his style and humor! And he knows his anime better than just about every anime fan I ever ran across on ezboard.

Incognito - Incognito: This is what happens when we reject someone who wants to join our staff... they end up making an awesome site of their own... as Troy and Daryn have done. The infamous Psykosuma reviews are here, along with a bevy of new stuff.

NES Retreat - NES Retreat: Another great NES site with awesome reviews, funny humor articles (especially the comics!) and created by Deathspork, a person whose l33tnss is too much for us to touch. This site is an archive-only site now, but there's plenty of content to keep you busy.

Random Hoo-Haas - Random Hoo-Haas: This is one of the best and funniest game/humor sites we've seen in a long time. Ragey has some very thorough game shrines and excellent cartoon episode reviews, amongst other random stuff. I just hope the webmaster Ragey doesn't get angry about all those messages we kept sending him through the Yuku profile system.

The RAU Gallery - The RAU Gallery: Flying Omelette's exceptionally well-written internet sketch comedy. A great cast of characters that not only make you laugh, but after enough sketches, you can actually come to care about them. Hilarious lamer-bashing in the Site Tracking Adventures and Forum Archive Topics. Spot-on parodies of video games and 80's cartoons. Find out what everyone's been talking about.

Rage Quitter 87's Sites - Rage Quitter 87's Sites: Rage Quitter 87's site has a lot of unique content, including fantastic game shrines, a huge Fist of the North Star and Final Fight section, articles, a feature on the Star Wars Christmas special, music downloads, and some other funny stuff.

Scrollboss - Another videogame site with a retro slant that you could easily spend the whole night perusing. Sprites, articles, reviews, music, and a Minus World section that rivals FO's Videogame Oddities. PrimeOp was also kind enough to make us a site banner and we didn't even have to ask!

Sweetbee's Game Hive - Sweetbee's Game Hive: Sweetbee's site is simply one of the best pop culture and videogame humor websites that exists. Hilarious articles in "Fun Tymes", "Funky Tymes", "Killdozer", and the Sweetbee Diary, excellent game shrines that are very informative, while still retaining a sense of humor, and the funniest fanart gallery we've ever seen.

Note: Some of these sites are no longer udpated, but there is enough content to keep you busy for a long time if you've never been to them before.

  • TheAlmightyGuru - An amazing game and general humor website! Shrines devoted to many classic games (some rather obscure stuff we'd never have known about otherwise), and a frequently-updated blog that's always finding some of the weirdest, funniest, and most interesting sites, videos, pictures, and other tidbits from around the world wide web.

  • Fenrir's Sprite Domain - Fenrir's been a good friend of the community for many years and one of the few frequent Paradise Resort (my old ezboard) visitors who didn't completely hate me by the time I shut it down. Anyway, his sprite site is one of the best, so check it out.

  • - I think I used to visit this site back in the day when S R 2000 (who you might see quoted around this site) introduced us to it, but then lost contact with it when all the ezboards blew up. Found it again thanks to Flying Omelette (who else?) Aside from being a HUGE resource for Game Shark/Genie codes that you can't find anyplace else, there are also some entertaining rants and reviews and a "Quotes" section not unlike our own.

  • - Another great NES/SNES humor site from the same guy who brought you Skeezy the Claims-Jumping Clam.

  • Seibertron - A great Transformers site that we found thanks to Flying Omelette. I appreciate it even more now that I've seen the DVDs of the original series, but I had a lot of fun with the caption contests without even knowing much about TF.

  • Skeezy the Claims-Jumping Clam - A very bizarre comics and oldschool videogame site that appeals to our own whacked-out sense of humor. Where else can you see two naked F. Scott Fitzgeralds in a discussion with each other?

  • Video Game Museum - This site has just about everything when it comes to oldschool games: screenshots, reviews, game endings and more.

  • Video Game Music Archive - Fantastically-huge midi collection for almost every game ever made!

  • X-Entertainment - X-E is one of the few large pop-culture humor sites that I still visit frequently and it's because Matt's an excellent writer and the content is always original and funny without being obnoxious and pretentious.

  • XKCD - I'm not a real huge fan of webcomics in general, but the very first one I looked at on this site made me laugh out loud and so have quite a few others since then. I've seen people say this comic isn't funny because math isn't funny, but that's like saying Airplane! isn't funny because airplanes aren't funny - they're missing the point.

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