Update: 8/22/13

BQ here again. I have a couple of Humor articles today. The first one I actually started on years ago, but for some reason, I never finished it and then forgot all about it until I just found it on my hard drive a few minutes ago:

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (As answered by various past and present Port Saiid members.)

This was an old post I found on Port Saiid by Flying Omelette that I apparently decided to archive, but just never went through with it. All I had to do was add the paragraph tags between the entries and it was good to go.

The second one is a bit more mysterious. It appears to be a parody news article that was written around the time of the whole Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien controversy:

The Internet vs. Jay Leno

I found this in my downloaded copy of the entire website, but it was not actually linked anywhere. I'm pretty sure I did not write it, but we don't know who did. James and DH don't remember writing it. Sethra says there's no way it was hers. Junus thinks it could be his, but he's not sure and it doesn't exist on his hard drive copy.

It seems to be unfinished, but what was there made me laugh hard enough that I just decided to post it. Since no one is claiming authorship, I guess no one can complain about me putting it up as is. -BQ

Update: 8/18/13

I have a couple of updates today, and this time I made sure to put them on the right pages so my brother doesn't yell at me again. =P

First off, a really awesome short story by Tuna Head called Super Rocket Space-Adventure Cowboy Detectives. I also now denote my favorite entries in Funfiction with an animated star gif.

Secondly, Junus's thoughts on the Comic Sans MS font in the Rants. -BQ

Update: 7/18/13

Junus here. This is a pretty big update, so prepare yourselves:

To the Game Ideas Page: I moved everything that was on FO's version of the Game Ideas Archive to our own site. This means there are now pages for:

  • ErniePants
  • Junus Crowe (me, and I do apologize to anyone who actually reads them)
  • Pero the Cat (whose Video Game Has-Beens Fighter idea was not previously archived to either site)

    And I added to the Miscellaneous Page:

  • Demonic Duckenheimer
  • Extreme Peach Volleyball
  • Fester's Quest 64
  • Ice Climbers Advance
  • Pocket Fighter RPG
  • Sex on the Beach Sim
  • The Existential Bad Guy Wins
  • The Hidden BFG (!!!!!)
  • The Oo-La-La Warriors of Fame
  • VA Fighter

    In the interest of this update not being just, "Here's stuff that used to be there, and is now here, but there's almost nothing completely new", and since I was on a roll anyway, I also archived some more Game Ideas that had not previously been on this site or FO's. I went through the DHN Email and the DHN Forums and found every game idea that I could and added them to the Site Readers page. They include:

  • Dark Mirror
  • Island Wars
  • Java and Lava
  • Journey to Earth
  • Max Hotel 1
  • Minland
  • New Racing Game Idea
  • Ocean Life Sim
  • They Have to Kill You to Train You

    I also decided to comb through Port Saiid's Game Ideas bin and noticed that Greybob had posted quite a few really good ones. So, I made a page for his. And while I was doing that, I stumbled across a really hilarious Game Idea by our very own Bananaquit. While it's the only one of his I could find, it was too good to waste it.

    I also noticed some people with existing pages have posted quite a few more to Port Saiid since I last updated them, but those will have to wait for later.

    BTW, while I didn't alter anything that's already there, I am no longer putting anyone's real name on the site. If a Game Idea was submitted under what I suspect to be the person's real name, I used the name off the email address instead. For example, if you emailed me as John Smith, but your address was something like blahblah at yoohoo dot com, I called you Blah Blah instead of John Smith. If the email address was the same as the name, I just used the first name and the last initial. This is because of things like employers searching people's names on the internet, and I don't want someone missing out on a job opportunity because they wrote a silly game idea when they were a teenager that the employer finds and takes offense to. That, and I noticed FO having difficulty with people wanting their names removed and I'm trying to avoid that ourselves.

    Finally, I dropped all prior updates to 2013 into the Update Log. I also fixed our own version of the "Memory Card". It looked kind of lopsided to me, and since Deathspork is no longer an active internet persona, I replaced his link with Random Hoo-Haas. In the interest of consistency, I also changed all icons for each site to the same ones FO uses in her Memory Card. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/16/13

    The Caption Contest Archive from FlyingOmelette.com/Port Saiid now has a permanent home here on DHN's Humor Page. ~FO

    I fixed the Links page. I removed several vanished websites (FryingBear, NES Horsemen, The Video Game Humor Homepage), fixed the links to a few others, and added GameWTFs.com. ~James FP~

    By her request, I've removed all of FO's poems except one that she said we could keep from the Shnoo's Eyerie. BTW, guys, I've noticed some poetry in the "Fun Fiction" section. We have a separate section for poetry. It really should be in the Shnoo's Eyerie. (The more serious poetry that is, the sillier stuff can stay in Fun Fiction.) I'll fix it later if someone else doesn't first. ~James FP~

    EDIT: Also removed The Grim Reaper Interview by Deathspork from Fun Fiction because that already exists on the NES Retreat. I literally just read it there like a week ago and was surprised to see it duplicated here. It's better to read it at the NES Retreat where it's accompanied by pictures. ~James FP~

    Update: 12/4/11

    Just in time for holiday cheer, folks, here's The Top 10 Things We've Learned From SlayerX in 2011!

    Hey, couldn't let Codie have all the fun with the trolls, now could I?

    Will any of us ever get back to regularly updating again? Maybe. Possibly. Who knows? ~James FP~

    Update: 8/17/10

    I cleaned up the Update Log a little. I didn't change any actual content, but I just fixed some broken links and some spelling errors. I know it seems a little strange to do that, but I was looking for an old update I made and those things were bothering me.

    I realize that's not an exciting update, but we have to make an update about any changes made to the site, per our staff rules. ~James FP~

    Update: 4/8/10

    Our Links page was a total mess, so I cleaned it up.

    Why do I feel like half of our updates are apologizing for a lack of updates?

    ~James FP~

    Update: 1/24/10

    I added a few more things to "Funfiction", including:

  • A couple of untitled poems by Tifa9, and...
  • A really bad Harry Potter ripoff

    That second one is probably the worst thing I've archived to that section and the only reason I'm putting it there is because it's so bad, it's almost funny. -BQ

    Update: 11/22/09

    Gotten a bit busy with life lately, but I managed to archive three more reviews:

  • Quake 3 Test
  • Revelations: The Demon Slayer
  • Trespasser Demo

    Quake 3 Test and Trespasser Demo are both by NextBillGates and Revelations was an unfinished review by Liontamer. I also fixed up the "Memory Card" in the bottom left table. I fixed the outdated links and added Scrollboss and Greybob's Igloo. -BQ

    Update: 7/27/09

    I added Greybob's Igloo to the Links page and cleaned out some broken links. RIP, Jay Leno's Headlines. =( ~James FP~

    Update: 6/7/09

    I am back very briefly to offer you some more Memory Lane fun. Yes, I'm a guy in his 20's who occasionally likes to make fun of people on a dead message board. At least the Game Pond makes it a pretty easy gig. ~James FP~

  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Crawl's Poll
  • Forum Rules Poll
  • New Forums Poll
  • Next Game Poll
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Hate the Pond

    Update: 5/1/09

    I fixed the links to Sweetbee's Game Hive on both this page and the links page. ~Domain Webmaster FO

    Update: 4/18/09

    It happened to be that Merc and DH were the last Game Ideas pages that needed to be updated and when I realized I was done, I also realized I needed a break from it. But I've been away long enough now that I don't feel tired of it anymore, so I created a page for CodieKitty's Game Ideas. I also did away with having the DHN staff's game ideas broken out separately on the index page since I saw no real reason for it to be that way. -Junus

    Update: 3/27/09

    Updated Troy Sings with "I Type the Posts", "Troy's Got Big Balls", and "Lookin' For a Whale". -Junus

    I'm sure SlayerX will be quite pleased to know that all of Mercury Crusader's Game Ideas have been added to his page. -Junus

    All of Deathamster's Game Ideas have been added to her page. -Junus

    Update: 3/26/09

    All of Kefkathe3rd's Game Ideas have been added to his page. -Junus

    Update: 3/23/09

    All of MiyamotoLover's Game Ideas have been added to his page. Yeah, we poke fun at him a lot, but he actually wasn't half-bad at writing game ideas. -Junus

    All of Robox's Game Ideas have been added to his page. Bitch & Moan Time: Had NO clue who this person was either. We have a file on this site that lists almost all the prominent and semi-prominent Game Pond/DHN/Paradise Resort/Port Saiid members and their known alt accounts. I looked this guy up and he had about 20 different known usernames, NONE of which rang a bell with me. However, I had a JOYFUL time correcting the spelling and grammatical errors in his posts. I'll make an exception for anyone who already has a page, but in the future, if your posts resemble SlayerX and/or GH64 on a bad day, you're not getting archived. -Junus

    All of James FP's Game Ideas have been added to his page. Oh man... That was some of the funniest shizz yet. I just hope that doesn't spoil me for future ones. -Junus

    Update: 3/20/09

    All of TermiteJr's Game Ideas have been added to his page. Not much there, either. -Junus

    Added "Al Gore Dance Party USA" to Troy's Game Ideas. Unfortunately, that was the only missing game idea I could find for his page. -Junus

    Update: 3/17/09

    I've updated the MS Paint Gallery with a new section for submissions called, "Forum Masterpiece Theater". ~James FP

    Update: 3/16/09

    All of RufuShinra's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    All of jup's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    All of SETZERtheGREAT's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. (No, James, I'm not calling him "Mitch da Bitch".) -Junus

    Update: 3/15/09

    There isn't a lot, but all of HiRider's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    All of Bomberguy221's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. That made me laugh for about 10 minutes. -Junus

    Update: 3/14/09

    All of Ultimate Chicken's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. I have absolutely *no* idea who this person is, and all of his game ideas came from the single "Punny Game Ideas" topic at Port Saiid. Oh well. -Junus

    All of CB007's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Seems I'm finally on an upward climb here with these last two updates. -Junus

    All of SethraShnoo's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Umm...what is with all the game ideas about Crawl?? -Junus

    Update: 3/13/09

    All of BillofHarvestMoon's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Some of these are reminding me of why I quit doing this the last time. Hopefully, it'll get better soon. -Junus

    Update: 3/12/09

    All of Gaimeguy's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Not the most imaginative writer in the world, but at least they're short. -Junus

    Update: 3/11/09

    All of Deathspork's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Damn, I thought he had a lot more than that. I guess I'm just remembering them from N-Sider. -Junus

    Update: 3/10/09

    All of Mr Blastoise's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. Though James and some others do, I don't have any memory of that guy now. -Junus

    Update: 3/9/09

    All of BJ Strykes's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    Added "Freakout" to Morgannon's Game Ideas archive. That was the only other one I could find from her. -Junus

    Added what I believe to be the single most offensive game idea in the archive yet to Bugforest's page, which is quite a feat considering the shit we have in there. -Junus

    Update: 3/8/09

    All of Hobbes's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    Update: 3/7/09

    More awesome ReviewPlanet Reviews have been added to the archive, including some of the world's BEST reviews for Mario Kart 64, Smuggler's Run, and South Park: Chef's Luv Shack. ~James

    Update: 3/6/09

    All of Crawl and 1000's Game Ideas have been added to the archive. -Junus

    Update: 3/3/09

    All of Magical Yard Gnome's Game Ideas have been added to the archive.

    Oh yeah, you're probably wondering about people who don't yet have pages. I'll get to those after I'm done all the people who already do have pages. -Junus

    Update: 3/1/09

    Went totally against my better judgment and added of all Devilrays's Game Ideas to the archive. I figured his would be the most difficult for me to get through, so I'd get the hardest part out of the way first. And now I sincerely apologize to anyone who actually tries to read them. -Junus

    Update: 2/28/09

    Well, it took me several fucking days, but I finally got ALL of Flying Omelette's Game Ideas archived. I believe that is all of them, unless she posted some under an alt account I'm unaware of. -Junus

    Update: 2/26/09

    Ignore this "update". I'm experimenting with something... ~James FP

    Blabber Wars Arena 2
    Confucius Says
    Memoirs of a Forum Jackass: Definitely Not His Foot
    Memoirs of a Forum Jackass: No More Yoshi55
    Memoirs of a Forum Jackass: Talk About Chuggies

    Update: 2/26/09

    After reading the latest Site Tracking Adventure over at FO's place (which was awesome, BTW), I kind of got inspired to update the Game Ideas Archive again. I checked out Facilitypro's page and for some inscrutable reason, I saw that I had only plunked down one of his random "Punny Game Ideas" on that page. Well, I went and grabbed all the rest of them and added them in. I'll probably do this for more people's pages. I've discovered that it's easier to update one person's page at a time than it was to go topic-by-topic and archive each game idea to different pages. Doing it that way burnt me out on it, but this was much faster and easier, especially since Yuku's search function is much better than ezboard's was, allowing me to obtain a list of every post a single username has made on the forum. -Junus

    Update: 2/21/09

    Hey, you guys can't have all the fun! Here's an Ode to Devilrays's Former Employers in DBDH Arena. -BQ

    I added TermiteJr vs. WhatAboutRaven to Memory Lane today, in the "Arguments" section. ~James FP

    I also added some very brief musings on Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger and the Super NES Super Scope to "Serious Game Discussion". ~James FP

    Hey, everyone! Slight update to Quote Corner. Everything up to "Well, The Mighty V, no one can oppose it, it's a worthy thing it is" is new. -SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/31/09

    We went almost a whole month without updating, but if you look over in the table to the left you'll notice there are two new sections: Game Trivia and The Rants. The Rants was something that we had on this site once before a long, long time ago, but DH was the only one who had some articles in it and she took them all down. Well, now we have a bunch of new articles, most of which were archived from the forums. Basically, it's a section where I will throw any interesting, unusual, or funny stuff that I find from the forums, and it's a place to add new rants and ravings whenever any of us decides to write one.

    I started the Game Trivia section for archiving some interesting posts I found that explain some neat tips, tricks, and trivia for various games people have played. I'm not going to bother with anything that's in the Game Progress Topics because those are all already archived at CB007's site, but this is all stuff I found in stand-alone topics. (Most of it right now was from FO, but I'll hopefully find more stuff eventually.)

    I'll get more reviews up soon, too, but there's quite a lot of stuff. -BQ

    Note from James & DH: About a month ago, a long-time community antagonist who has a million different names, but we've decided on calling him "SlayerX" or just "Slayer", sent us his annual "greetings" in the form of an email attack as well as an incompetent flood attempt on Port Saiid. For years, we've been brushing this guy aside as none of us feel that he is truly part of the community at all. He's just someone who showed up out of nowhere someday and immediately began acting like he'd been here for years and had some right to tell everyone what they could and couldn't do. But since he was so kind to not forget us this holiday season, we decided we'd return the favor by featuring a unique article dedicated to him in The Rants. Enjoy. ~James & DH

    Update: 1/3/09

    Edit #3: Two reviews that were in the same post from the same person: Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden by mdaniels26. -BQ

    Edit #2: I'm kind of on a roll today, so I uploaded two more. An excellent review of Curse by Dire 51, and a prank review of Final Fantasy 8 from Deathspork that made me laugh out loud for several minutes. -BQ

    Edit #1: Two more reviews from Deathspork: Thunder Force 2, and the infamous review of Castlevania 64 that was rejected by ReviewPlanet for whatever mysterious reason. -BQ

    Update: 1/2/09

    Happy New Year! Since I archived two game reviews from the Game Pond last time, for this update I archived two from Port Saiid. Xexyz and Adventures of Lolo, both from RandX. This is a lot of fun for me. I really enjoy reading these reviews and learning about games I've never played. -BQ

    Update: 12/28/08

    Hello, Bananaquit here! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season. I haven't had much time for posting on the forums or updating the site because I've been visiting my brother and his family in Washington, DC. I leave back for Chicago tomorrow (boo-hoo!) But anyway, I managed to get a few free moments now and I added some more stuff - two new articles per each section I tinkered with:

    Reviews for Einhander and Return Fire in the Game Reviews section. This section has been rather neglected. While many of these old reviews I found in our forum archives aren't the most well-written in the world, they're at least more from the heart than most "professional" reviews, and I felt they deserved a better resting place.

    An Ode to Benjamin and Ode to the BBS Lamers in DBDH Arena. I've been meaning to get the latter onto the site for some time now (as it's one of the few Devilrays works of writing that doesn't make my ears want to fall off), but I didn't even know the former existed until I stumbled onto it.

    Two poems in Funfiction, The Beauty of Life and Paramite's Poem. That's all for now. -BQ

    Update: 12/06/08

    Whoops! Didn't mean to go so long without an update. Don't know what everyone else's excuses are, but my store gets busy around the holidays so I've been working a lot of overtime. I'll get my car paid off sooner, what can I say?

    New updates to Memory Lane include:

    Hobbes Wins and Regarding Final Fantasy 9.

    New to the arguments section: Ronin Warriors vs. Dragon Ball Z.

    I also started up a new section to archive all of my old "Rate the Game" series, starting with #1 and #2.

    Finally, under serious game discussions, Ridge Racer.

    I also fixed up all the links to Random Hoo-Haas and Super Galvatron's Corner Shop. ~James FP

    Update #2: I put up Demon's Crest: Firebrand's Musings in Funfiction. It's an interesting retelling of the Demon's Crest story by Dire 51 from Firebrand's point of view. -BQ

    Update: 11/15/08

    Four new tales of mystery, excitement, and danger on Memory Lane today.

    First up, if you've ever wondered if any of the Game Pond's members would've made a better world leader than Barack Obama, this is your answer.

    Second, the Strange Tale of Eat Poop.

    Third, a new poll, Emulation vs. Real Consoles.

    And finally, in Serious Game Discussions, the Easiest Game You Liked. (Okay, that's not the most exciting topic around, but it was something.) ~James

    Update: 11/08/08

    On today's Memory Lane, it was the "Security Upgrade From Hell" that marked the beginning of the end of the largest and best videogame ezboard community. It's time to revisit, The Day the Game Pond Died. ~James

    Update: 10/30/08

    While Flying Omelette's innovative internet satire/sketch comedy, The RAU Gallery, needs no introduction around here, the staff of DHN wanted to give special props to the latest sketch, which culminated in a sequence of drawings based on various scenes from throughout the series set to the lyrics of Third World's "Take This Song". One of the drawings, however, depicted the staff of DHN along with some friends from affiliate websites, CB007, Sweetbee, CodieKitty, and Ragey of Random Hoo-Haas:

    Thanks, FO. You make us forum hooligans feel proud. Keep on singin' the good songs, no matter what.


    Update: 10/29/08

    Quote from the beloved site stats,

    "Is this making fun of a particular review style?"

    You know just how much of a joke videogame journalism has become when people can't tell that something is a parody. Oops, did I say that out loud? ~James FP

    Update: 10/23/08

    Added two more filksongs to Troy Sings the Hits: "Hollywood" and "Mister Lord Boomerang". I also changed the Humor page's layout. I got rid of the "Game" and "Non-Game" section format since there's little point in organizing it that way. Now to go back into hibernation. -Junus

    Update: 10/22/08

    Today on Memory Lane, Doing Counterproductive Things for Fun, the World's Easiest Final Bosses, and a Great Equinox Conversation. The Easiest Final Bosses looks like something FO once planned to have on her website, but since she never went through with it, I guess it's ours for the taking. ~James FP

    Update: 10/19/08

    Today on Memory Lane, more TermiteJr madness in The Great RPG Debate! (Warning: Loss of brain cells might occur.) ~James FP

    Update: 10/17/08

    The infamous Does Anyone Want to See Me Naked topic has been archived to Memory Lane! Also, for Serious Game Discussions, have you ever found an easier way of beating something in a game? ~James FP

    Update: 10/15/08

    I reorganized Memory Lane. I broke the sections up into categories for Humor, Polls, Arguments, and a new section focused entirely on Serious Game Discussions. I realized the Game Pond (and our various community forums in general) were not all just for nonsense and cheap laughs. There was a lot of decent game discussion from people having hands-on experience with the games. These archived posts are a good way to learn a few things about these games. Therefore, I have begun archiving good gaming topics. I have removed my intro paragraph from these types of archived posts and I will not be inserting any of my own commentary into them. So far, I have archived five topics for this section. I also added a new topic about Shadowgate. ~James FP

    Update: 10/12/08

    At last! The long-awaited and often-promised update to Quote Corner has arrived! Now that I've finished making a document with all the quotes indexed in it, keeping it updated should be easier for me. Just so long as I don't get away from it again, but with the economy being what it is right now, I doubt I'll be taking any more college courses or buying too many more games, so I'll have more spare time for it. -SethraShnoo

    That's very odd. I could have sworn I updated Funfiction with a bunch of new articles, but somehow the main page reverted back to an earlier version, and the update annoucements I made vanished from the log. =( In fact, I KNOW I did this because all the actual story files are in the online folder, and one of the missing fics had been discussed on the forums. Please, other admins, please be careful when updating. Before you upload a page, check to make sure you have the latest version. Otherwise, precious time and work could be lost. Anyway, the following stories were added back to Funfiction: Another Writing by Benji, 2 Dragon Ball fanfictions, and N.A.V. I also added a poem called "Ebony Pearl" by Kefka the 3rd today, which is how I noticed the missing articles. -BQ

    Update: 9/30/08

    Lizeth Marry has taken time out of his busy schedule of harassing people via email, deleting non-pornographic pictures from his forums, and making dubious claims of inventing weather conditions to write us some more reviews of Final Fantasy 4, Katamari Damacy, and Killer7. Enjoy! ~James FP

    Update: 9/26/08

    More of those crazy ReviewPlanet reviews today, including epic writings on Ape Escape, Cannon Spike, Eternal Ring, Everquest, Iggy's Reckin' Balls, The Next Tetris, Nightmare Creatures, Ogre Battle 64, Pokemon Blue/Red, Railroad Tycoon, Rainbow Six, Seaman, Smuggler's Run, Star Fox 64, Time Stalkers, Tomb Raider Chronicles, and Unreal.

    Thanks go to Kairobi King, Magnus Crowe, and Setzer the Great for these finds. ~James FP

    Update: 9/13/08

    Hey everyone! I've been promising an update to Quote Corner for awhile and I'm almost done with it. I might have it ready by the end of next week. After that, I'm not sure if I'll continue with that section because I have an idea for a sketch comedy (partially-inspired by Flying Omelette's RAU Gallery) that I'll be working on instead. As FO herself pointed out, James is doing a good job getting a lot of funny quotes and stuff into Memory Lane and Citizen James anyway. Something new that I DO have ready are two more of Kiera's poems, "Breaking Away" and "Ground Zero" in the Shnoo's Eyerie. Somehow, these two had been missed until now. -SethraShnoo

    I couldn't find Ozzie's Polls 1-3, but I did find the 5th and 6th. Also, a poll about Oranges. Yes, you heard me. Oranges. (I also reorganized the Memory Lane section and alphabetized the articles.) ~James FP

    Update: 9/6/08

    Ozzie the Cubby Bear's 4th Poll in Memory Lane today. (What happened to Polls 1-3, you ask? Only time will tell if I can find them and archive them...) ~James FP

    Update: 9/3/08

    An interview with the Grim Reaper in Fun Fiction and BJ Strykes vs. the Emails in DBDH Arena. -BQ

    Update: 9/1/08

    Thanks to Flying Omelette, we now have even more ReviewPlanet reviews archived! Some of the BEST REVIEWS EVER WRITTEN for games like All Star Baseball 2000, Alundra 2, Azure Dreams, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Daikatana, Kagero: Deception 2, Koudelka, Pokemon Gold/Silver, and Pokemon Snap.

    Also, two new adventures in Memory Lane.

    Also, a new link to Final Fight Online. Uh...someone else needs to link-exchange with us so we can fill out that blank spot in our table to the left there... (PS, the little gif of Damnd/Thrasher's head came from Scrollboss.) ~James FP

    Update: 8/21/08

    And now, a compilation of the best reviews ever written for (the now-defunct) ReviewPlanet.com ! ~James FP

    Update: 8/18/08

    For those of you who are aware of the Lizeth Marry situation at FlyingOmelette.com and how he got FO unjustly banned from the truthandbeautybombs webcomics discussion forums for not complying with his demands to post pictures of herself between the years 1993 and 2008, we here at DHN would like to say that whatever is between him and FO is between him and FO and we're not going to take sides. As a show of good faith, we have allowed him to write some reviews for us. We hope you enjoy them. ~James FP

    Update: 8/9/08

    New Memory Lane feature and a few more entries in Citizen James. ~James FP

    Update: 8/3/08

    I was doing technical maintenance on the site and decided to update the Ezboard Hall of Fame. I had recently rediscovered some old ezboard URLs and was looking up others on archive.org, and it seemed the perfect place to store all of this information. Restored URLs for the following ezboards:

  • AN1ME, Anime Voice, CB007's Gaming BBS, CodieKitty.com.Yuku.com, Diamond's Little Visited Board, Sweet-BBS, The Ultimate Ezboard Gaming Ring - (board was missing from list, added with url)
  • The Astral Plane, BJ's Little Corner of Cyberspace, The Eight-Bit Toaster Forums, Master Ghaleon's Videogame Board, ROB's Posting Service, Troy's All-Night Party House - (url was missing, added archive.org link)
  • Bill's Farm, The Crowe's Temple, Devilrays Rad Stadium, Gameshark School of Hacking, James's Paradise Resort, Moonside, Pero's Forums for the Incredibly Bored, Porygonalpha's Forums, Team-VZQ Headquarters - (url was dead, changed to archive.org link)
  • Deathamster's Nest, Flying Omelette's Port Saiid, Kiera-Yin-Cat's Game Pond, ShnooWorld - (changed url to current Yuku version)

    Unfortunately, a handful of boards were hacked and all that exists on archive.org are the hacked versions, so I didn't bother with the urls.

    Domain Webmaster, Flying Omelette

    Update: 7/30/08

    Added a review of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to Game Reviews and added Janspork Fantasy to Funfiction. Uh, yeah. I'm seriously beginning to wonder about some people who've posted on these boards in the past... -BQ

    Update: 7/27/08

    Added Shnoo Fantasy to Fun Fiction. I don't have any idea what this is, but it's...it's... something... I guess. -BQ

    Update: 7/26/08

    New Links today include G S H I, Scrollboss, and Skeezy the Claims-Jumping Clam. Next time I update, I'll have more actual content.

    P.S. Spoke with Sethra through email a couple of days ago and she is promising an udpate to Quote Corner. We'll keep you posted. ~James

    Update: 7/21/08

    New Link Exchange site! Super Galvatron's Corner-Shop is now linked on the Links page and in our rip-off of FO's Memory Card. -BQ

    Update: 7/18/08

    And two more trips down Memory Lane, as I had promised. Make sure you have a ticket to ride! ~James

    Update: 7/18/08

    I have more Citizen James nonsense!

    And I'll have some more Memory Lane stuff soon, too. I just need to recover a bit from my last dive into those Game Pond waters. The most unholy things are sometimes hidden at the bottom of that post ocean, I tell ya. ~James

    Update: 7/16/08

    I added Crawl's Super Mario RPG Fanfiction to Fun Fiction. This one was my personal favorite of all the stories that were posted to the Game Pond.

    And also, happy birthday, Junus!! -BQ

    Update: 7/12/08

    I added Jabari's Story to Fun Fiction. I'll have some more stuff soon, but it's kind of a shame I can't find at least one piece of finished work from that forum. Everyone always stops writing before the story ends. =( -BQ

    I put up another poll result in Memory Lane. I usually only like to update Memory Lane when I can put up at least 2 or 3 new ones, but I might not be able to update for a few days and already had that one done. ~James FP

    Update: 7/7/08

    I added TheAlmightyGuru, Frying Bear, Random Hoo-Haas, and XKCD to the Links Page. I also changed some of the link-exchange buttons to the proper ones rather than our made-up ones. ~James FP

    Update: 7/4/08

    More memories await you in Memory Lane, as I also started archiving some of the poll results there along with all the other crazy things.

    I also have a long-awaited update to Citizen James. ~James FP

    Update: 6/28/08

    Five new Tales of Excitement, Romance, and Danger await you in Memory Lane! ~James FP

    Update: 6/25/08

    I have a new section in the table to the left under "Creations" called "Fun Fiction". This is where I will archive some of the fictional stories that I've found lost amongst our message boards. I've started off with a Castlevania fanfic by a certain famous kitchen utensil and SethraShnoo's Minerva Project. I'll have a few more in the future.

    Unfortunately, most of these stories aren't finished and only have the first 2-3 chapters done. But I'd like to preserve what we have of them anyway.

    I also added an "Ode to Crawl and FO" to the DBDH Arena Section. (There will be more odes and poems soon, too...)

    I've been talking things over with the rest of the staff. James is thinking of starting up Citizen James and Memory Lane again and Sethra claims she has some quotes to add to Quote Corner. Junus said he might try to get some more of the game ideas archived soon, too. So things could be looking up for this place. -BQ

    Update: 6/24/08

    I found some NES capsule reviews that Kiera had written a long time ago and archived them to the Reviews section. Thanks again to Flying Omelette for the screenshots.

    I also changed the background for the reviews section to a less eye-frying one. The old one had a weird gradient effect that I thought always made the words look like they were rippling as I read them, but I thought it was just me until someone else said they bothered his eyes, too. I've also always wanted to put a stone background on this site and that gave me the chance to.

    I also reorganized the Reviews listing page and separated the different types of reviews into categories. I also finally did away with the "Rate the Game" index page. If I archive any more "Rate the Game" features, I will simply make a new category for them on the Reviews listing page and put them all under it.

    I found some more stuff I will be archiving soon...


    Update: 6/22/08

    And now, new to DBDH Arena, comes the Memoirs of a Forum Jackass!

    Update: 6/21/08

    The infamous PsykoSuma Reviews are now available to read in the Reviews Section!

    Special thanks go to:

  • Daryn Versetti, who originally wrote the PsykoSuma reviews, gave me permission to use them, and also made some slight edits to the original material for overall better presentation.

  • Flying Omelette, for providing screenshots.

    I will continue to plumb the depths of our old forums for more stuff to archive to this site in the near future.


    Update: 6/14/08

    A Message from the Staff:

    It has been brought to my attention that someone has been repeatedly begging Flying Omelette to update this site. I would like to point out that FO graciously offered to host our site on her domain because we used to be on 50megs, which had too many pop-ups and threatened to shut us down for using too much bandwidth, and then we moved to Geocities which was okay at first, but then they had those ads that took up half the screen and some pop-ups, too, and we feared the 15 megs allotted wouldn't be enough to archive everything we wanted.

    Anyway, we are all very grateful here at DHN for FO's assistance in our webhosting solution. She has permission from the site's main administrators, DH and James, to add anything to the site if she wants to. However, I would like to humbly, but very sternly request that you do not harass her about updating it. She is very busy with her own awesome website and other stuff in her life, and personally we would rather see her focus her efforts on the RAU Gallery and other parts of her site that are unique to her and not worry about archiving stuff that already exists on the internet somewhere in some form. That's our job. This site is the responsibility of the four people whose names are listed up there at the top of this page and me...Tyler/Bananaquit/Kain.

    Also, we keep an update log and whoever updates the site is required to make a log post explaining the update. If you are confused about who added something to the site, you can easily find it by going through the old updates here and in the log (see table to the left). And finally, just because someone archives something to the site, that doesn't mean they originally wrote it. All articles have been credited to the original authors of the posts, except in cases where the authors wanted to remain anonymous.

    So please, don't be emailing FO telling her that update she did here was great and to do more, because it most likely wasn't her who did the update. If you have something to say about this site, please use our site email (see table to the left again), or the Message Board (yup, table to the left).

    Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you continue to enjoy this site. I plan to add the infamous Psykosuma reviews soon.


    Update: 3/30/08

    Thanks to FO, our site now comes free with "AddThis" Bookmarking (see table to the left). I also fixed the URL to our message board so it doesn't have to redirect from ezboard to Yuku. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention this but about a month ago I fixed the extreme tracker. The old one stopped working for some reason so I upgraded it and it's been smooth sailing.

    So I'm talking to Sethra through email and we get on the subject of this site and how lazy we are with updating it, and I ask her why is it that she archived four of her Odes to BJ but never any of his retaliatory odes? I asked if there was a reason they didn't want them on the site and she said no, it's just that she never got around to doing it. Well guess what? They're there now! I also added an "Ode to Puddmann" that I found in the same place those came from. Maybe I'll add more later, too.

    It's too bad Magnus and Junus never wrote odes about each other so the cycle of Game Pond family rivalries could be complete.


    Update: 12/12/07

    Our message board has been upgraded from an ad-plagued ezboard to an ad-free somewhat less ad-plagued Yuku board. Check it out!

    ~James FP~

    Update: 7/29/07

    I was going through the "Lots O' Lists" forum at ye olde Game Pond and had completely forgotten that it wasn't just a bunch of "Favorite", "Beaten", and "Owned" games lists. There were actually quite a few humor topics that seem to have been compiled from emails people were sending and receiving at the time. DH and I got a good laugh out of some of them and decided to archive them to our "Humor" section here. We've started off with these 6 articles:

  • Things To Do At Wal-Mart
  • Confucius Says
  • Things To Do At Work & Then Some
  • Only in America
  • Rules of Chocolate
  • Top 5 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on the Internet

    There will be more to come eventually. We did some editing to clean up spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors and to remove duplicate entries.

    Update: 6/17/07

    Sorry for the lack of updates. We've gotten a little bit busy lately. My new Chevy is running just great, but DH's Grand Marquis had a little trouble. Anyway, that's fixed now, and I just wanted to note something:

    Somehow, DBDH Arena 2 recently went up a bit in popularity and it seems to have confused some readers. The "Bulma" in that sketch has nothing to do with the Dragon Ball Z character, except for the name, which is where the person that character represents took the name from. Likewise, "Psykosuma" is not a Dragon Ball character. He/she (whatever?) is a prank account that was used primarily by Daryn Versetti, aka, Minerva K Red, to get into arguments with lamers on message boards. The Psykosuma account usually had Flying Omelette's "Harken" character for its avatar, which is why it's described as a cat with a reaper hood and scythe. Anyway, "Bulma" in that sketch was just one of the many people Psykosuma got into arguments with and she had other usernames based on various popular anime and RPG characters, but Bulma was the one she was using the most at the time the sketch was written, so that's the one DH and DB went with.

    I have also heard that the Psykosuma prank account was based on a real person who was friends with Kiera and Daryn, but I never personally met or knew him.

    FO once told us that she felt DBDH Arena 2 was the weakest of the four DBDH Arena sketches. I'm actually inclined to agree. Most of us feel that DBDH Arena 3 was the best one. We are sorry that you may have been expecting a DBZ fanfiction and instead ended up with a parody of a 7-year-old message board argument, but hey, if you liked it, check out the others! ~James FP~

    Update: 6/9/07

    While FO is still wrestling with her DSL problems over at FlyingOmelette.com, we here at DHN have had some technical difficulties as well. I'd like to mention that all remaining staff members have confirmed that they have switched to using Filezilla for SFTP and we are all using either IE7 or Firefox, so hopefully the recent security problems at Dreamhost won't affect us.

    Speaking of remaining staff members, I've removed Morgannon from the list of admins at the top. If we ever hear from her again and she wants her staff position back I'll put her back up, but as it is, I don't see the point in having a "phantom" staff member listed up there, especially when BQ has been doing more work lately and he's not even listed. (Morg's still listed on the "About Us" page since she did contribute some work to the site, most notably, she did the original Guestbook archive.)

    I also added Crawl's site to the list of affiliates and bumped him up to the link-exchange section of the Links page. -SethraShnoo

    Update: 5/16/07

    It's been awhile, but we're back in style!

  • Three new pictures in the MS Paint Gallery.
  • A whole new page of Citizen James adventures.
  • A trip down the tunnel of love in Memory Lane. ~James

    Update: 5/2/07

    I've got five new pictures in the MS Paint Gallery! ~James

    Update: 5/1/07

    Hi, this is Bananaquit here! While James was busy reorganizing the front page, I reorganized DBDH Arena. I split the different types of archived posts there up into sections so now it's easier to find what you want and it looks cleaner and neater, too. I also took out that ridiculously stupid final stanza from "Ode to the NOAs". The only reason it was put there is because the original author of the Ode wants to remain anonymous, which meant we had to take out the original final stanza. It ends a bit abruptly without it, but trust me, it's better than what was there.

    Oh joyous rapture! I just noticed on the forums that FO made us a link-exchange banner!

    I've added it to the Links page. - BQ

    Update: 5/1/07

    No new material right now, but I reorganized the sections in the menu on the left. I alphabetized all sections, renamed "Site Stuff" to "Other Stuff", moved the "Ezboard Hall of Fame" up to the Community section, and I made a new section called "Creations" for the MS Paint Gallery, Shnoo's Eyerie, and DBDH Arena. I realize DBDH Arena skirts the borderline between "Community" and "Creations", but most of its content is more focused on written works by individuals, and I thought that if I ever try writing some of my own comedy sketches, that's probably where they'll go.

    Oh, I guess I did some slight alterations to the "About Us" page, but that's all for right now. ~James FP

    Update: 4/30/07

    I have a new section called the "MS Paint Gallery" in the menu to your left under "Community". I begin with my take on four of FO's RAU Gallery characters and hope she doesn't find my desecrations too offensive. ~James FP

    Update: 4/28/07

    We have more CITIZEN JAMES and MEMORY LANE goodness for you today!

    I also updated the links page again. ~James FP

    Update: 4/21/07

    I updated the links page. I changed the link to Sweetbee's Game Hive and added it to the link exchange section. I also revised the site descriptions to be more accurate, up-to-date, and informative. Sorry about the lack of updates the past few days, but we've got some stuff in store. Stay tuned. ~James FP

    Update: 4/15/07

    I added a bunch of stuff to DBDH Arena, including urobbie's Ode the N-Sider, DST XVII, and the "Purgation of GH64". I also gave that section a new background. It's one of the arenas from WeaponLord. -Bananaquit

    Update: 4/14/07

    Gaimeguy vs. TermiteJr in MEMORY LANE and some more CITIZEN JAMES silliness. ~James

    Update: 4/13/07

    I added FO's review of Harvest Moon 64 to the Game Reviews section. - Bananaquit

    Update: 4/13/07

    Two more MEMORY LANE articles.

    And some more adventures with CITIZEN JAMES.

    Update: 4/10/07

    Sorry that my grammar seemed to give out on me in the last couple of updates, as I left out words that made my sentences a little awkward. Anyway, a few things.

    "Memory Lane" got its own section with two new installments.

    Just a few more CITIZEN JAMES entries. ~James FP~

    Update: 4/7/07

    The GH64 Reviews are now in the Game Reviews archive! -Bananaquit

    Update: 4/7/07

    More fun with CITIZEN JAMES today!

    And I have a new Humor Article, The Clumsy Community. Found that topic while looking for Citizen James material and laughed so hard at it, I didn't want it to go to waste. Depending on how many topics I find that I feel are worth saving like that, I may make this a whole new site feature called "Memory Lane". But I don't want to make a whole new section until I have enough stuff for it, otherwise I'll end up with another "Rate the Game" disaster. ~James FP~

    Update: 4/6/07

    More wacky adventures in CITIZEN JAMES today! ~James FP~

    Update: 4/6/07

    DH and James here. We've made some slight changes to the organization to this site. Here's a breakdown of what we did:

    "Rate the Game" is defunct and probably won't be started up again. Since only one Rate the Game topic was ever archived, there's no point in it having its own section. We put the Super Mario Bros. RTG in the Game Reviews section and de-linked "Rate the Game" from the menu.

    I decided to make "Citizen James" its own section as opposed to a sub-section of "Humor". It's now accessible from the menu.

    Unfortunately, we've decided that we aren't taking submissions for the site anymore because we have enough of our own stuff to get done and we can't even seem to find time for all of that. Therefore, we deleted "The Crowe Bar" from the message board (Which was the forum for posting site submissions). All the old posts in The Crowe Bar were moved to the "Stairway to Heaven" archive forum.

    Update: 4/4/07

    By popular request, we have archived TermiteJr's infamous review of The Bouncer!!! Complete in unaltered form!

    Update: 4/4/07

    More delicious adventures in CITIZEN JAMES today! ~James FP~

    Update: 4/2/07

    Today, in the humor section, I begin a new feature on this site:


    A very highly-disturbing look into my sordid ezboard past begins...now.

    Update: 3/31/07

    I also managed to find Kiera's old review of Secret of Mana. I archived it and added screenshots. It's a bit amateurish (which she admits right in the intro), but still something nice to remember her by. -BQ

    Update: 3/31/07

    My god! O_O I managed to find DH's long-lost Urban Champion Review on webarchive.org! It was erased in the 2005 hacker attack and DH lost it off her hard drive, so it was believed to be gone forever, but there it is! I even added screenshots. Awesome! -BQ

    Update: 3/31/07

    BQ one last time tonight. I archived the ANGRY BEEF review of Mikie to the Reviews section, complete with all the screenshots. It's a great read! Funny stuff!

    Update: 3/31/07

    BQ again. I did a little bit of updating on the Ezboard Hall of Fame. I removed the comment about Ezboard's popups installing spyware because they actually got rid of that problem long ago. I also noted which boards no longer exist due to a combination of the 2005 hacker attack and Ezboard purging for inactivity. I kept the URLs in there so that they can be looked up on archive.org.

    Update: 3/31/07

    Bananaquit here! This place was in some really dire need of cleanup. First things first, I got rid of the Guestbook. Due to the high spam:legitimate entry ratio, I think we all can agree that keeping a guestbook is futile these days. We still have the message board if you really want to comment on this site that badly. I took all the entries that looked like legitimate ones and stuck them in the Guestbook Archive (and thanks to whoever posted that Devilrays one, that made my day!)

    I added myself to the "About Us" page. I also made a button for "The Ezboard Hall of Fame" and put it over in with the other sections (actually it's right where the Guestbook used to be.) That page needs some updating, but I don't really feel like doing that right now.

    Hopefully, I'll have some more stuff soon that isn't so boring, but if we're going to start updating again, it would be nice to look presentable.

    Update: 3/30/07

    Hi! My name is Bananaquit and I'm taking over Morgannon's job as the fifth Beatle...er, staff member of this site. My real name is Tyler Torrance and some of you know me better as ACC KAIN or James FP's brother. I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing just yet, but I'll figure it out. I started by reactivating the site's email address. So far, nothing but spam. *sigh* But I'll try to check it at least once a week. Maybe I'll do a "mailbag" section. Now that's an idea!

    Update: 3/29/07

    OMG! An update! I made an archive of all of Troy's Song Parodies:

    Troy Sings the Hits: HIS Way!

    I think I got all of them, but I'm not sure, so please send me any I may have missed. -Junus

    Update: 3/28/07

    Some general site maintenance. Fixed the links to the link-exchanged sites in the section table and added The 9th Key.

    James, great rebuttal.

    Junus, that's hilarious, but next time fix the image first. ~DH

    Update: 3/26/07

    Just to add my own 2 cents to this:

    Hey, Retrothinking! If you want to see something REALLY painful and unfunny, you needn't look farther than a guy whose idea of humor is calling himself "Mr. T" and talking in the 3rd Person.

    "T" wouldn't happen to stand for "Thawhidol", now would it?

    -Junus Crowe

    Update: 3/24/07

    Hey! Check it out! I updated the Links page! And thanks to Flying Omelette for getting our midis working again. I didn't really care too much about them, and was going to delete the page, but since she went through all the trouble, I'll leave it as it is.

    In other news, a long, long time ago (we're talking like 1998 here) we had a small war with a site called "VividImagination". Because it was so long ago, DH didn't want to stir up any hard feelings and thus had all references to the place removed from this site. Well, now it appears the same people who made that site now have a new site called "Retrothinking", and once again their front page is a blank mustard-yellow page that you have to move the mouse pointer all over the screen for the links to show up. But it's hardly worth it since when you do find something, like VI before it, it is most likely to be pointless chatroom nonsense (and not the good kind, as FO might say.)

    The only reason I'm bothering to bring this up is because apparently, despite the fact that we had long-since forgotten about them, it appears they have not forgotten us and are still holding the grudge. I have a feeling it's because of DBDH Arenas #1, #2, and #3 in which three of their most prominent members got a virtual trashing (though one of the guys in #1 actually said he liked his sketch.)

    The thing I always find amusing about stuff like this is that any random person who happens to find DBDH Arena isn't going to know who the sketches are about, especially since two of the names (Bulma and ClaudeKenni) are just random anime/video game character names that probably thousands of other people have used on the internet as well. So if THEY WOULD JUST LET IT GO and not say anything, everyone would be none the wiser. But they can't, and in their minds, they feel they are winning a little bit of a war that was over years ago each time they go on a 5000-word rant about how much we still suck.

    VI, Retrothinking, whatever you folks call yourselves now, let this be our final words to you: We've all done really stupid things. We were all stupid uninformed highschool students at one time. There are people in this community who, at times in the past, you could not have put together in one room without them tearing each other apart. Today, we are the best of friends. Today, we can all look back on those moments of stupidity and just laugh it off. Perhaps "Retrothinking" is the best word you could use to describe yourselves now because your way of thinking still appears to be stuck in the head of a stupid uninformed highschool student. We've moved on. I just bought a brand new Chevrolet, I work a decent job, and live happily with my girlfriend, while you sit there like a drunk at the edge of a bar with one hand on his beermug and one on his forehead and berate people you don't even know because you were bested by a teenager almost 10 years ago.

    The bottom line is, you can say whatever you want about us. But no matter how bad things may get, we can all wake up feeling better knowing that we aren't you.

    ~ James Torrance

    Update: 12/20/06

    Message from the staff:

    Well, it's been over a year since this poor neglected site's been updated. We'd just like to make a few closing statements.

    When we created this site, we knew we were taking a huge risk. We knew that by archiving stuff from the tumultuous history of our community that we could possibly be opening up old wounds that would lead to repercussions. To keep things in good spirits, we only archived stuff that wouldn't be hurtful unless it was directed at people who really, really deserved it (ie, trolls and board flooders). Of course, we did get a few responses from people who weren't too happy about the idea of this site existing, but certainly not as much as we had thought. Generally, the overwhelming response was positive and we're happy that we were able to archive at least a small portion of the community's best moments.

    With that said, we understood full well when we made this site that it was not intended for a mainstream audience. It was about us and our community and we made it for us and for the people in the community. We knew that things like "DBDH Arena" and "Quote Corner" (among others) would probably be lost on people who were not part of the forums at the time all that stuff happened. I would imagine that most people who arrive at this site and realize after looking at a few pages that it isn't for them, probably just leave and move onto other things. However, there are the rare few who feel compelled to send us their thoughts before doing so. Aside from the typical "you suck" type of complaints, we also get accused of "alienation" and "elitism".

    Unfortunately, we can make no apologies for that. This site is what it is. We don't personally feel this site exudes any kind of "our community is greater than your community" type of attitude, but if that's how you feel about it, then make your own damn community website. That's the best we can tell you. As far as being "elitist", you would have a hard time proving that. We purposefully tried to include as much material from the community as possible, from as many people who participated as possible, even if we didn't know them that well, or if they didn't stay long, or if even we couldn't remember them. We didn't just single out ourselves and our close associates. We may have put a little more focus on ourselves, but hey, c'mon, we're the ones doing all the work here!

    However, as mentioned before, those are the "rare few". Generally speaking, we have gotten a lot of unexpected positive feedback from people who were not in any way involved in the community. Our most popular article by far is the "Funny Answering Machine Messages", which was cobbled together from a message board topic of the same title. This one actually led to someone donating money to keep our message board going a year longer than it probably would have. Also popular were the Game Ideas and the James & Junus reviews. We received so many submissions for game ideas that it was far more than we ever thought we'd get and we simply couldn't keep up with it. We sincerely apologize for not getting all of those wonderful ideas onto the site (some of the funnier ones really did have us laughing, though). We did have some naysayers on James & Junus, but we believe it was a unique approach to game reviewing that had not (to our knowledge) been successfully implemented anywhere else. We didn't get that many reviews done, but we're proud of what we have.

    Now to clear up a few issues that have come up over the past few years:

    1. Some people who have written us are under the impression that Deathamster writes every article on the site. While I might be able to fault us to a certain degree because the site is named after her, it's still quite puzzling when you consider that all the admins are listed at the top of the main page, there's an "About Us" page that explains who we are, and every article on this site is credited to whoever originally wrote it (be it us or someone from the forums). DH has actually written very little of the content on this site - most of it limited to the DBDH Arena, Blabber Wars, and her Game Ideas pages.

    2. It has since been pointed out to us that some of the quotes in quote corner actually originated with other sources, such as The Simpsons, The Real Ghostbusters, and Austin Powers. We apologize for any confusion.

    3. We do not know what happened to our fifth staff member, Morgannon, as none of us have heard from her in a really long time. We hope she's doing well.

    Sincerely, the remaining staff of Deathamster's Nest: SethraShnoo, James FP, Deathamster, & Junus Crowe

    Update: 9/9/05

    It's been recently brought to our attention that someone has been going around on certain message boards lately claiming this site to be his. We'd just like to make it clear that not only is this person NOT the owner, nor one of the staff members of this website, but is also not affiliated with us in any way.

    Sincerely, the staff of Deathamster's Nest:
    James "FP" Torrance,
    Debbie "Deathamster" Cosirus,
    Sethra "Shnoo" Kinov,
    and "Gengarian" Junus Crowe.

    Update: 6/18/05 - One more final note before we ride off into the sunset: The staff of Deathamster's Nest would like to dedicate this website and give special thanks to the following people who have been with our community in the past and in the present:

    Beam Yosho
    Bill of Harvest Moon
    BJ Strykes
    Camira Breen
    Crawl and 1000
    da dick
    Dire 51
    Fenrir X
    Flying Omelette
    Iron Ball of Destruction
    Kairobi King
    Kefka the 3rd
    Kiera Lordens
    Lord Vyce
    Magical Yard Gnome
    Magnus Crowe
    Mercury Crusader
    Minerva K Red
    Mr Blastoise
    Oh Sassparilla
    Pero the Cat
    Proto Man and Mega Man
    Red Clawbot
    RK Sparxster
    S R 2000
    Ultimate Chicken

    We're probably forgetting a few people, so thanks again to everyone for being a part of this website and community, and to those whose game reviews, game ideas, quotes and nonsense that we've archived here. The four remaining members of Deathamster's Nest can still be found posting at our forums and FO's Forums. It was a lot of fun and we all had a great time working together.

    *Everyone takes a bow*


    On the first part of the journey
    I was looking at all the life
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    There was sand and hills and rings
    The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
    And the sky with no clouds
    The heat was hot and the ground was dry
    But the air was full of sound

    Iíve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ícause there ainít no one for to give you no pain
    La, la, la...

    After two days in the desert sun
    My skin began to turn red
    After three days in the desert fun
    I was looking at a river bed
    And the story it told of a river that flowed
    Made me sad to think it was dead

    You see Iíve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ícause there ainít no one for to give you no pain
    La, la, la...

    After nine days I let the horse run free
    ícause the desert had turned to sea
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    There was sand and hills and rings
    The ocean is a desert with itís life underground
    And a perfect disguise above
    Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
    But the humans will give no love

    You see Iíve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ícause there ainít no one for to give you no pain
    La, la, la...

    (Music and Lyrics by America)

    Update: 6/17/05 - Hi. It's been a long time since we've updated, and we're sorry to say that this site probably won't be updated again for a really long time. All of us are still alive and well, except that we haven't heard from Morgannon in a really long time, but we assume she's alive and well and has probably just moved on with her life, as have most of us. It was great and I think we did a good job of archiving some of our community's best moments.

    And once again, the Deathamster's Nest community is proud to report that we have scored another victory against its sworn enemies, this one courtesy of the ezboard spam/flood-detect system. No matter what you Game Pond morons do, it won't change the fact that you lost over 4 years ago. We of the Deathamster's Nest/Port Saiid community would like to personally invite you to move on with your lives because you cannot win a battle that you've already lost. This community has and always will stand proud for truth, freedom, and justice. It is something no tyrant, lamer, or board flooder, no matter how big or small, can ever take away and that is what makes us proud to be or to have been part of it.

    Holy crap! Victory #2! FO has announced that she's purging all of the Moron Patrol's submissions from FlyingOmelette.com! You go, girl!

    Take the Long Way Home.

    Update: 9/23/04 - Five new game ideas. Hibernation 64 and R-Type Special Deluxe Edition were added to Crawl and 1000's page. "I Have No Mouth, But I Must Have Ice Cream" was added to Ultimate Chicken's page. "I'm Getting Too Old 64" was added to BJ Strykes's page. And Harvest Pokemoon was added to BillofHarvestMoon's page. I just have to get a few more archived from the forums and then I can start on the email submissions. -Junus C.

    Update: 9/15/04 - I have another Ode to Benjamin Strykes up! Laughs away! - SethraShnoo

    Update: 9/13/04 - Deathamster's Nest proudly presents: The Ezboard Hall of Fame! This is a small tribute to our various ezboards from over the years. These boards are mainly where Sethra gets the quotes for ShnooWorld Quote Corner. We also give a short history and description of each. Article by DH, James, Junus, & Sethra.

    Update: 9/8/04 - I added my review of Atari 2600 E.T. to the Reviews section. I updated it a bit from when it was posted on FO's forums. (The mistakes were corrected and I fixed a few other things.) I don't have screenshots yet, but I plan to have some up later today. I have to find a good Atari 2600 emulator and download the E.T. ROM and all. ~DH

    Well, I'm finally back and it looks like the idiot spammers have stopped sending those messages, so I've calmed down enough to continue updating. I added "RPG: The Video Game" to Mercury Crusader's Game Ideas page. I'll be adding lots more soon. -Junus C.

    Update: 9/7/04 - Yes, we're still alive. We've been helping FO update the Cameos Database at her site, and that's caused us to become somewhat neglectful of our own site. But I took a break from that today to add my review of E.V.O. Search for Eden to the Reviews Section, and I updated the Links page slightly. I also saw those icon links on the main page of FO's site, and I really liked that, so I did the same for the sites that linked back to us (it's in the table to the left below the site tracker). I had to choose an icon for FO's site because she didn't have one at hers, and I chose an egg, because of the "omelette" theme and whatnot. ~DH

    Update: 8/18/04 - We have a new James & Junus review up! This one for the NES classic game, Uninvited. ~James FP~

    Update: 8/17/04 - I added Flying Omelette's "Edge of Suicide" to the Shnoo's Eyerie. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 8/17/04 - Added "Ratchet and Ratchet" and "Optimus Primal Rage" to FO's Game Ideas page, and I started a new page for Mercury Crusader's game ideas. -Junus C.

    Update: 8/12/04 - Another thing I wanted to address about the "Kiera" emails is that most of them are spam. You are NOT to send spam to this site's email address. Site submissions and comments are welcome, but any email that sends spam to this address WILL be reported!

    To the people inquiring about the Game Pond, I'm sorry, but this isn't a "Game Pond site". Yes, a lot of our work is archived from the Game Pond, but that's only because that's where it was all posted. The truth is that the Game Pond is dead and never coming back, and that's all there is to it. And if you read around our message boards enough, you'd know that the popular opinion is that we're better off without it. We suggest checking out either Flying Omelette's forums and/or our very own forums ("Message Board" button to the left). In our ever-so-humble opinions, they are both better than the Game Pond ever was. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 8/12/04 - And now...News for the Mentally-Impaired: Our top story tonight (OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT!!) is that it's 2004 and the Game Pond is still dead (IS THAT IT'S 2004 AND THE GAME POND IS STILL DEAD!!) Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow (THANK YOU AND HAVE A PLEASANT TOMORROW!!)

    BTW, I added Organ Battle 64, Reggie-Lution 3D, and Rival Turd to Flying Omelette's game ideas, and I added ECW Wrestling to Deathspork's game ideas. I started Game Ideas pages for Facilitypro, Cloudbond007, and Magnus Crowe. I wasn't going to announce this update because I'm not finished with it yet, but I'm fucking pissed right now. So there! -Junus C.

    Update: 8/5/04 - Sorry, it's been awhile since I last updated. I added "Extra Innings 2" to Crawl and 1000's page, "Ezboard Frontier" to SethraShnoo's page, and I started a page for Ultimate Chicken. Um, I don't have much there yet, but I'll be adding more. I also created an archive page for the R-Type Game Ideas. -Junus C.

    I added Rise of the GoBots to FO's page, and I also removed NES World Wide from the Links page because it would appear the site no longer exists. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/23/04 - I updated the Bloopers Archive. I added stuff for ActRaiser 2, Alundra 2, Casper, Chrono Trigger, EarthBound, Ice Hockey, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics 2. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/16/04 - I started writing a song called Youth is Forever a long, long time ago, but I never finished it. I kind of like what I already had, so I posted it to the Shnoo's Eyerie, even though I intended it to have a second verse which I never wrote. ~SethraShnoo

    I added Evil Bed to DH's game ideas page. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/15/04 - I finally added a page for Site Reader Game Ideas, and I've started off with three that were sent via email. Thanks much to all those who submitted entries! -Junus C.

    Added Cheese 64 to RufuShinra's game ideas. -Junus C.

    Kairobi King submitted his Earthbound review to us awhile ago, and I finally posted it to the Game Reviews section. -Junus C.

    Ummm...what the hell, Junus? You forgot to put my Cat RPG game idea on my page! Well, it's there now. ~SethraShnoo

    I just didn't get to that one yet, Sethra. Sheesh! Added Commando Game to Magical Yard Gnome's page. -Junus C.

    I started to add FO's "Punny Game Ideas" to her Game Ideas Page. There are quite a few new ones there. I didn't add all of them just yet because it got rather tedious. I'll finish it later. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/13/04 - I added one more game idea to my page, Yakov Smirnoff 007. Check it out for a HOWLING good time! ~James FP~

    Update: 7/9/04 - Hi, I'm back. Forget what I said about the "5 Game Ideas a day" thing. I was on vacation and couldn't get to it. Anyway, I started going through that "Punny Games" topic at FO's board and because they made me laugh so hysterically, I've begun archiving some of them. I started with Bomberguy's for no particular reason. Here's his page of game ideas. -Junus C.

    Update: 7/8/04 - Hi, y'all! I added two of my new game ideas to my Game Ideas page, X-TREEME Crossdressing and X-TREEME Curling. Check it out for some X-TREEME entertainment! ~James FP~

    Update: 6/17/04 - SethraShnoo's Quote Corner is back on-line. -Junus C.

    I added Blank Screen 64 to HiRider's game ideas, Greed 64 to Devilrays' Game Ideas, Pimpin' Mario to Kefka's game ideas, and 2 Tony Danza game ideas to Hobbes' page. I'm going to try to make it a goal to add five game ideas a day until I get caught up, but don't hold me to it. -Junus C.

    I added Nixxy Blayde's contribution to Rate the Game #1, but I didn't re-average the score yet. I'm hoping to get started on Rate the Game #2, but it's a lot of work. -Junus C.

    I added Beware of the Puma 64, Tony Danzaogears, Get Caught Crying 64, and Squirrel Dudes to Hobbes' game idea page, and I added Slinky Racers to James' page. These game ideas are getting funnier and funnier! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard during an update. -Junus C.

    I know I'm not ~supposed~ to update the Shnoo's Eyerie, but FO sent us the lyrics to Kiera's song, "Devil's Lab", and it's just been sitting in the inbox for some time now. So I added it to the Shnoo's Eyerie. -Junus C.

    I also added FO's "Rivers of Tears" to the Shnoo's Eyerie, because that was also sitting in the inbox for awhile. That's one less thing Sethra has to do, and she can get back to updating Quote Corner, hopefully. -Junus C.

    Update: 6/12/04 - And we are back on-line at our new location! The only thing that has not yet been uploaded are the Quote Corner pages. We are still in the process of reformatting them into the new look of the site. (Plus, DH has to go through and eliminate some quotes by request of original authors.) Once we are done with that, we should begin regular updates again. - The Staff of DH's Nest

    Note from Junus: I've completely redone the Game Ideas Archive (again). Game Ideas are now sorted by Author, rather than having one game idea per page, which I felt was a real waste of space. Hopefully, this will work out for the better.

    5/28/04 - A note from Junus: I am still currently quite busy transferring the Game Ideas. It's taking awhile because I cannot just simply download them all to my folder at school and then FTP them because I need to update each page so that the links and images will work, plus many still aren't in the new format. I have to do them one at a time, which isn't pretty.

    Also, I had to remove some of the game ideas as per the request of the original author(s). They have been replaced with some of our own game ideas. But as for the person who requested that we remove DBDH Arena...please...don't make us laugh. -Junus C.


    Not all the files have been transferred yet. If you're looking for something, and it's not here, check the old address at: http://www.geocities.com/jamesmendou/ for it. When we are done, we will officially announce the move on the old site, close it down, and then continue regular updating at this location.

    ~The Staff of Deathamster's Nest

    Update: 4/21/04 - I added another Ode to Benjamin in the DBDH Arena section! Hehehehe! - SethraShnoo

    Update: 4/9/04 - I finished Quote Corner Page 7 and added Page 8. Lots of new funny, good, and interesting quotes for you! - SethraShnoo

    Update: 4/8/04 - I added more quotes to Quote Corner Page 7. I also put some new quotes in the Nonsense Shrine because they seemed more appropriate there. I also added one new poem, "Riddle" by Kiera Lordens, to the Shnoo's Eyerie. I also added my cousin's review of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to the Reviews section. And, hehehehehe, another Ode to BJ in the DBDH Arena! - SethraShnoo

    Hi! I'm back! I've got several new game ideas added to the archive and there will be more soon! -Junus C.

    Update: 4/7/04 - Hey, look, I added an Ode to My Cousin, BJ Strykes, in the DBDH Arena section! Ehhehehehehehehehehe! -SethraShnoo

    Update: 4/6/04 - Links has been updated slightly. If you Link Exchange with our site, you get a button and a site description. Other sites only get a link. ~DH

    I updated the List of Games w/Questionable Titles. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 3/31/04 - Sorry for the lack of updates. We're working furiously to get everything updated into the new site formats. These new formats should be permanent, so we will never have to do this again. ~DH's Nest Staff

    Update: 3/26/04 - Check it out! I updated the Game Ideas Archive into the new format! Unfortunately, all the game ideas themselves are still in the ugly old format for now. -Junus C.

    Edit: Aw, crap! I keep forgetting that the school PC I work on is using 1024x768 resolution. I redesigned the Game Ideas Archive for that resolution and it looked fine. But as soon as I looked at it on my home PC in 800x600 resolution it looked like Total Crap!! I (hopefully) fixed this problem by removing the Game Idea #'s, adding a few "valign=top" tags, and shortening some of the games titles. It should look okay in either resolution now. -Junus C.

    Update: 3/22/04 - We're working on a new site design. Please be patient while we work out the "bugs". ~DH

    Update: 3/19/04 - Two quick notes: I added ErniePants's submission to Rate the Game #1. I also changed the background in the guestbook because the Mega Man 4 background only works if the background is "fixed", and it appears you can't change that property of Geocities' guestbooks. ~James

    Update: 3/18/04 - I'm experimenting with a new format for the poems in the Shnoo's Eyerie. You can see what the first one looks like here. It'll be awhile before I get all of them into this format, though. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 3/17/04 - I have finally brought back the thing that originally started this site in the first place - Rad Razor's Rate the Game! The first installment has been put up (link is to your left). Go there to find out how you can participate! I also added my infamous game idea "Fall Down Stairs 64" because I noticed it wasn't in there and I don't know where Junus is and when he'll update that section again. ~James

    I added more quotes to Page 6 of Quote Corner, and I added a new Page 7. In case you're wondering how I decide when to make a new page, each one has 150 quotes total. I also added three new songs to the Shnoo's Eyerie: "Just Me and You" and "Taken From the Heavens Down" by me, and "Voyage of the Doomed" by Kiera Lordens. Finally, I added "Do Don Pachi" to the list of Games w/Questionable Titles courtesy of Rushifell and everyone else who's made jokes about that game's title. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 3/15/04 - We have a new guestbook. It doesn't look as nice as the old one, but it'll do. - Morg

    Update: 3/11/04 - I made an archive of our old guestbook because 50megs is threatening to delete it. I will put up a normal Geocities guestbook soon, but Geocities is acting all screwey right now and I'm unable to do so. I'm lucky I'm even able to get into the file manager. - Morgannon

    This is James checking out the problem with Geocities File Manager and the Guestbook issue that Morgannon reported. It seems we are having some technical difficulties. If we cannot create a Geocities guestbook we'll look into other options soon. In the meantime, I organized the sections to the left so that it doesn't look like such a huge freakin' mess. I also fixed the update table to make it look slightly nicer. (The paragraphs aren't all the way over to the left border anymore.) ~James FP~

    Ugh, I see what everyone means. I had to refresh about 50 times to get in here. I separated the Game from the Non-Game Humor in the Humor section, and I updated the article "Games & Accessories w/Questionable Titles". - SethraShnoo

    Well, the good news is once we actually get into File Manager, everything appears to work fine. I might consider looking into getting a domain, though. I had entertained the thought in the past, but I just didn't think this site was big enough for a domain. We'll see how things go. In other news, I purchased CSC Gold for the ezboard. In a day or so, all ads should be gone bye-bye! I also added one new entry to Game Bloopers for DoDonPachi. ~DH

    Update: 3/1/04 - I updated the Humor Article, "Games With Questionable Titles". I also added a new article, "All Your Base Parodies". I added four new songs to the Shnoo's Eyerie, all courtesy of Flying Omelette. They are "Aftermath (Stranger's Land)", "An Odd Circumstance", "A Time For Letting Go", and "Tolling Bells". I also added a sixth Quotes Page with lots of new quote entries! - SethraShnoo

    I updated the Nonsense Shrine. ~James FP~

    Update: 2/20/04 - The following has been updated:

  • Humor Article - Games & Accessories w/Questionable Titles
  • Quote Corner Page 5
  • Nonsense Shrine

    It also looks like Junus (or somebody) added some more Game Ideas to the archive but didn't announce it. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 2/19/04 - I updated the Game Bloopers section with new entries for King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Metal Gear Solid, and SaGa Frontier. ~DH

    Update: 2/16/04 - I was going through some old articles, and I realized the picture was missing from the DBDH Arena Commercial Break. Sort of ruined the whole joke without it being there. It's been restored. ~DH

    Update: 2/14/04 - Yay! We have another review added! Pero the Cat submitted his King Arthur and the Knights of Justice review to us. As he said:

    I'm sorry I turned down your offer to be a staffer because I just don't have time or motivation to work on a site right now. However, I unearthed this old review, and thought I'd go ahead and submit it before either I lose it or the ezboard where I originally posted it gets deleted or something. Ciao! And good luck with the site! - Pero

    Also, thanks to Flying Omelette for providing us with screenshots and a Captain N screen capture for Pero's avatar. ~James FP~

    BTW, in case you're wondering what happened to that second review I said that my cousin BJ submitted, he said he wants to fix it up a bit, as he's replaying the game he reviewed right now. He said the Albert Odyssey review can stay as it is because he's never going to play that game again. In other news, Quote Corner has been updated, and I also added a new humor article, MTV Acronyms. - SethraShnoo

    I added a few more Game Ideas to the archive. -Junus C.

    Update: 2/13/04 - Agghhh! It's Friday the 13th!! I added a midis section. ~James FP~

    Update: 2/12/04 - I added some more game ideas to the archive. -Junus C.

    I added two new humor articles, Funny Answering Machine Messages and ErniePants's Rules of the BBS. I also updated Quotes 4 and added a new page, Quotes 5 in Quote Corner. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 2/11/04 - I updated the Links page. ~James FP~

    Update: 2/6/04 - We, the dedicated staff of Deathamster's Nest, have a very important announcement to make:

    Lunar sucks because you can't play it with a keyboard and mouse!

    We are very proud to bring you this important information. That's all for now, folks! - DH, James FP, Junus C., SethraShnoo

    Update: 2/3/04 - SUCCESS!! If you search "Game Bloopers" on Google, our page is the first thing to come up! (For now, anyway). To celebrate, I added some more bloopers to the archive for Dark Savior, Goldeneye 007, Karnov, Super C, and Super Punch-Out!!. I also added two more Game Ideas to the archive. -Junus C.

    I've updated Quote Corner with a few more quotes on Pg. 4, and I added a new article to the Humor section, Names You Wouldn't Want to Have. This was based on a message board topic I found and there was too much stuff in it to put in the Quote archive, so I gave it its own page. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/30/04 - The Nonsense Shrine has been updated yet again. ~James FP~

    I've added more quotes to the Quotes Section. I also added one more poem to the Shnoo's Eyerie, "Feathers in the Ocean" from Flying Omelette. I wanted to thank FO for featuring the Shnoo's Eyerie on her site's main page because we're getting a lot of hits from that. In case you didn't realize, FO is a really good lyrics writer, even if she won't admit it, and "Feathers in the Ocean" is one of my favorite songs that she's written. I also managed to convince my goofy cousin, BJ Strykes, to submit two of his game reviews to us. Unforunately, I only have time right now to upload one. So, there is now a review of Albert Odyssey in the Game Reviews section. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/24/04 - The "James is Unicron!" stuff was moved to the Humor section. I also added some more quotes to Quote Corner. - SethraShnoo

    The Nonsense Shrine has been updated. ~James FP~

    Update: 1/15/04 - Amazing as it sounds, James and I finally got another review up, this one for Castlevania 2. -Junus C.

    Update: 1/14/04 - There are plenty more quotes in Quote Corner, and I added a fourth page. - SethraShnoo

    I added two more entries to Game Bloopers for Ninja Boy and Super Ninja Boy. ~DH

    I added some more game ideas to the archive. - Junus C.

    I added some more Nonsense Posts to the Nonsense Shrine. ~James FP~

    Two new poems are up in the Shnoo's Eyerie. "Needless Ties" by yours truly and "The Legend" by Flying Omelette. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/06/04 - Oooops! I mistakenly credited Flying Omelette for "Lover's Last Stand" in the Shnoo's Eyerie section, and she has informed me that it was not her who wrote that one. It was Kiera. That's what I get for being so disorganized! >_< Anyway, I fixed that mistake, and I reorganized that whole section a bit. I'll have the rest of the submitted poems added before long, but I don't have time today. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/05/04 - Where have all the staffers gone? O_o I don't really know, but I'm still plugging away here. I added one more of Kiera's poems to the Shnoo's Eyerie as well as three poems submitted by Flying Omelette. I also added some more to the Nonsense Shrine, but that's all I've got for now. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 1/02/04 - We've got lots and lots of new quotes in Quote Corner for you! I've redone that whole section a bit and added a third page. I also added two more of Kiera's best poems to the Shnoo's Eyerie. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 12/26/03 - Because Pero the Cat and Kairobi King have both turned down repeated offers to become staff members here at Deathamster's Nest, we have gone ahead and signed on Morgannon as our fifth and final staff member for now. Morgannon, who you may recall was featured in DBDH Arena 4, was a member in good standing of my old ezboard, the Paradise Resort. Deathamster's Nest will not be accepting any more staff members at this time. ~James FP~

    Oh yeah, I also fixed the broken links in the Shnoo's Eyerie. There should be no more broken links on this site at all. Let us know if you find any. ~James FP~

    Added three new game ideas to the archive. - Junus C.

    Hi! I don't know exactly what I'll be contributing to this place right now, but I've always wanted to work on a website, so I'm thankful to have this opportunity! ^_^ I've added my own section to the "About Us" page, but that's it for now. ~Morg

    Update: 12/18/03 - I fixed most of those back links, I think only the ones in the Shnoo's Eyerie are left, but I don't have time to fix those right now. I also added a couple of links and rearranged them so that they're all alphabetized. ~DH

    Update: 12/17/03 - I added some more stuff to Quotes, the Nonsense Shrine, and one new humor article submitted by Flying Omelette. I also added one more game idea and a "Classic Argument" to the DBDH Arena section! - SethraShnoo

    Update: 12/16/03 - I added stuff to Game Bloopers for Albert Odyssey, Bio Hazard Battle, Chrono Trigger, Goldeneye 007, HyperZone, and Super R-Type. ~DH

    Oh crap! I just realized Junus made a critical error in moving everything to sub-folders...none of the "back" links work anymore. I'll have to go through all the pages and plug in the code to make those links work. Until I get them all done, I won't be doing anything else. ~DH

    Update: 12/15/03 - This update doesn't affect you, the reader, but it does affect the staff. I've moved the stuff for the Game Ideas Archive, the DBDH Arena, and the Shnoo's Eyerie into subfolders. It was getting way too cluttered with having everything in the main index folder. So if anyone finds a broken link, let me know, but I'm pretty sure I got everything working. -Junus C.

    Good work, Junus! That'll help make things easier to update. I added a ton of great quotes to Quotes Page 2, and I took Daryn's advice and added the new quotes before the old ones, instead of after. I also added one more poem to the Shnoo's Eyerie submitted by Flying Omelette. - SetraShnoo

    Update: 12/12/03 - I added more to the Game Ideas archive. -Junus C.

    Update: 12/11/03 - Sorry about the lack of updates. I haven't had much time for anything with all the holiday fuss. I did get three new game ideas added to the archive, but that's it. Don't know what's up with the other staffers, but I'm guessing the holiday buzz has them preoccupied as well. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 12/04/03 - I added a ton of stuff to the Game Ideas Archive. -Junus C.

    Update: 12/03/03 - I added more stuff to the Game Ideas Archive, and one entry to Game Bloopers for Metal Gear. -Junus C.

    New quotes have been added to Quote Corner (and I started a section page because the first one was getting a little full), and more stuff has been added to the Shrine of Nonsense. I also added three new poems submitted by Flying Omelette, and one more of Kiera's best poems. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 12/02/03 - I added more stuff to the Game Ideas Archive. -Junus C.

    Update: 11/29/03 - I removed one quote from the quotes section about GameFAQs, and I ask that the rest of the site's staff not archive any more quotes from me about GameFAQs (although I left that 9,9,10,10,9,etc. quote in there because I thought that was too funny to remove). It's not that I'm copping out. I still don't like that site. But I just don't particularly care to get a million emails clogging our inbox along the lines, "U sux b3cuz u g3nul1z3 g4m3f4cks! LOLOLOLOL!!1!1!1!1! aol r0x0rs!" And I don't want emails from people suggesting GameFAQs pranks because I'm just not into that shit anymore (and that means you, too, Troy!) ~DH

    Sheesh! It was just a silly quote, DH, but whatever. You're the boss. Anyway, I added more quotes to Quote Corner, and I added two of Kiera's poems to the Shnoo's Eyerie. These are two of her best works, imo. And, yes, FO, I fixed the problem with your poem, "Enchanted". Try looking them over a few times before submitting them from now on, okay? >_< Oh, yeah, I also added some Nonsense Posts to the Nonsense Shrine, even though James is the main one for maintaining that section, I don't see why I can't contribute now and then, too. ^_^ - SethraShnoo

    Bottom line is, Sethra, this isn't a Gamefaqs site, and the quote wasn't that funny anyway. But enough about it already. ~DH

    Update: 11/27/03 - I added two new poems to the Shnoo's Eyerie, and an "Ode to the NOAs" to the DBDH Arena section. All were submitted by Flying Omelette. I also added more quotes to the Quotes Corner. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/26/03 - I added five more game ideas to the archive. - Junus C.

    Added more quotes to the quote section. - SethraShnoo

    I rearranged the major sections so they're listed alphabetically. I also added a new section, the Shrine of Nonsense! Cheese Whiz for everyone! ~James FP~

    Update: 11/25/03 - I added more to the quotes section and I fixed your typo, FO. I also spotted a typo in DH's ode, so I fixed that, too. - SethraShnoo

    I added four more game ideas to the archive. - Junus C.

    Update: 11/21/03 - Back by popular demand, I've reinstated "Ode to the N-Sider Lamers" in the DBDH Arena section! I previously had an ode up that was partially written by me and partially by someone else, but that other person requested I remove her part of it. Here is the original ode that I wrote several years ago, tweaked only slightly for clarification and corrected spelling errors. ~DH

    Update: 11/20/03 - I added some more quotes to the Quote Corner, and a new Game Idea to the Archive. I also added one poem submitted by Flying Omelette to the Shnoo's Eyerie. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/19/03 - James missed a couple of "Stupids" in the Game Idea archive, so I killed them. Nothing else new yet. We're working on some things. - SethraShnoo

    Oops! Forgot to mention: I decided to update Game Bloopers. We have new stuff for Conker's Bad Fur Day, Equinox, Final Fantasy 6, Harvest Moon 64, Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Shadow Man, and Super Mario Bros. 2. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/18/03 - I have added a new section called "The Shnoo's Eyerie" (an eyerie is a bird's nest, in keeping with the "nest" theme of the site ^_^). This section is for poetry and other creative writing. I've added one poem I've written. - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/17/03 - We have a new section for Video Game Bloopers! Send us your bloopers! Email them to us at jamesmendou@yahoo.com or post them on our message board. ~James FP~

    To everyone at FO's board who asked us to link, we have linked everyone's sites who has asked to this point. ~DH

    I added some more to the Quotes Corner and a new submitted humor article from ErniePants. If you know anything about ErniePants, then you probably know what to expect. *sigh* - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/15/03 - I added more quotes to Quote Corner. There will be lots more to come! ^_^ - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/13/03 - We FINALLY got rid of all those "stupids" from the game ideas archive. Thank you for making us do that! Thank you straight to Hell!! ~James FP~

    I've begun a new section called "Quote Corner". It's where I'll be archiving some of the best and funniest quotes from our ezboard web community from over the years. Check it out because some of these are really good. ^_^ - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/07/03 - No new material, but we do have a new staff member - SethraShnoo! More coming soon... ~James FP~

    Sorry, I'm not that good with HTML, despite how long I've been on the internet. Well, anyway, I decided to clean up a bit around here. I fixed the links page and added a few links. I also added my own section to the "About Us" page. ^_^ - SethraShnoo

    Update: 11/06/03 - Added an Update Log and moved some of the old updates to there. We cleaned up the main page a bit, and we're still working on removing all those "stupids". Grumble...~James FP~

    Wow! Can you believe it? We added another James & Junus review! This one is for Earthbound. Check it out in the reviews section. ~James FP~

    Update: 11/05/03 - Eh...We added the humor section. Not much there, except one submitted article from SethraShnoo. Don't expect too much real soon because it's going to take us awhile to remove the word "Stupid" from all the game ideas pages. Next time you decide to take offense to something, please don't wait until we're over 40 pages into doing it before you ask us to change it! ~James FP~

    Update: 11/03/03 - I added some more game ideas to the Archive. We changed the name of the Archive and took "Stupid" out of the title. Some people took offense to us calling it "Stupid", even though most of the game ideas in there are jokes. We weren't implying that anybody was actually stupid and didn't mean to insult anyone. But, we'll be nice and change it. We've also begun work on a humor page and some other stuff. Stay tuned. ~James FP~

    Update: 10/30/03 - Junus may be gone from the internet for awhile, so I added 5 more entries to the Stupid Game Ideas database. Damn, I was really quite an asshole on some message boards in the past. It's rather disturbing to read old posts of mine where I don't sound anything like what I sound like today. Thank goodness people mature (well, some people, anyway.) ~DH

    Hey, I figured out how to do a site tracker! I know Geocities has a built-in one, but I saw the one at FO's place and liked that more, so I made one for this site, too. ~James FP~

    Update: 10/16/03 - I just wanted to let everyone know that I reactivated the email address for this site. All emails sent to this site prior to today have been lost, so if you emailed something, we don't have it. That's because Yahoo deactivated the account while we were on hiatus. But it's activated now, so if you want to email us something, go ahead. I'll try to check it every other day or so. -Junus C.

    Update: 10/9/03 - I added three more game ideas. One thing I've noticed is that most of the game ideas I've recently added are pretty dumb and meant as jokes, but there are a few I've seen that aren't really all that stupid. Some of them are actually quite good ideas. Maybe, we should award a star or something to game ideas that actually sound plausible. -Junus C.

    Hello! Added 5 more game ideas! BTW, this site looks like crap if you view on a higher resolution than 800 x 600. I didn't notice that until today when I got on a PC with a higher resolution. The background fits just perfectly on 800 x 600, but it's all screwed up on anything higher than that. Sorry, but I don't see any plausible way of changing it. -Junus C.

    Update: 10/6/03 - Hey, it's me, Junus! I've finally been given access to the site! I've decided to clean up a bit around here. I fixed the links page, and I've deleted some stuff that we didn't really need or want lying around anymore. I don't know if I'm going to do anything else with this site at this time, but I might if I can think of something worthwhile. -Junus C.

    Hey! I actually updated the Stupid Game Ideas Archive! I added four new ones. Hey, why not? We're not doing anything else around here. -Junus C.

    I added three more! Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky? Yes, Brain! They should've given Junus access to the site earlier! For once, Pinky, you're right! -Junus C.

    A Message from DH: I know this might disappoint some of you, but I'm afraid I have to announce that this site is on indefinite hiatus. First of all, in case you didn't figure it out, this site was mainly created as a joke, but I think it's served its purpose. I have removed all "odes" and "rants" about the Game Pond, because I have a feeling this site has contributed a lot to the current "fad" of Game Pond-bashing, and quite frankly, I'm just getting tired of it. It's been 2 years now, we won, it's over, and it's time to move on. I will, however, leave up the DBDH Arena sketches, Blabber Wars sketches, and the Stupid Game Ideas, as well as James and Junus' review of Yoshi's Island. In fact, if they wish to continue updating those portions of the site, they can, although they haven't done anything in so long, that I wouldn't hold my breath. But don't expect to hear from me anytime soon, although I'll still post occasionally on ezboards. ~DH

    Update: 12/06/02 - Okay, DH, you've had your fun. Now we can concentrate on our own business here. I added five more game ideas to the Stupid Game Ideas archive. ~James FP~

    Update: 9/10/02 - I added some more game ideas and fixed some mistakes on previous pages. ~James FP~

    Update: 9/7/02 - I archived all previous installments of DBDH Arena and Blabber Wars. I added an "About Us" page, and I uploaded James and Junus's Yoshi's Island review, since the old site it was on was hacked. I've also begun work on the Stupid Game Ideas Archive. ~DH

    I added a Links page. ~James FP~

    Update: 9/6/02 - Okay, okay, time to get serious and get the ball rolling here. I have moved the site to Geocities, because I'm sick of all the pop-ups at 50megs.com. Also, James and I decided to combine our sites into one. This site will now be updated and maintained by myself AND James FP, with contributions from Junus Crowe. ~DH

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