Robox has some good game ideas here. Both very plausible, with a little bit of humor.

  • Controller Idea
  • Game Boy Advance Carts
  • Jet Force Gemini 2
  • Mario Artist Polygon Maker
  • The Price is Right! 64

  • Controller Idea

    It's not really a game concept but an idea for controller buttons, hence the title.

    Well, if anybody is familiar with the racing controller made by Interact that has a wheel on top of the thing that you can turn, and looks skinny, it also has a trigger beneath where when you push one way, it triggers the 'A' button, and if you push the opposite, it triggers the 'B' button, for example. I think this feature should become a standard feature on controllers as a shoulder button, with "pressure sensitivity" of course.

    Example of its usage? I tried playing Monaco Grand Prix on the Dreamcast and found that one button was used for gas, the other for brakes. So why not combine the two into one button? And the other button could be used to change gears, too. ;) I don't think its use could be limited to racers, like fps's could used it to scroll through weapons or use as a secondary firing mode.

    I think developers could be more creative with its use. However, I think there is a downfall in that there could only be two of them to be comfortable, since if you're like me, my middle fingers aren't that, how do you say, dexterous. I still think it's a cool idea though.

    Game Boy Advance Carts

    I feel like sharing an idea I have, but I don't want to make a long and complicated post, so I'll try it anyway.

    My idea for GBA carts would be to make it bigger, if required, yet still be able to slide in normal GB carts into the same slot. My idea would have the GBA carts the same thickness, but extended out toward the sides for extra contacts in the slot. The bigger carts would have a small groove to allow those plastic lengths of things to slide in. (Plastic lengths used to hold normal GB carts in place.)

    There should be dust covers over the extra area when playing normal GB carts. Anyway, I'll probably have to draw a picture or something.

    Jet Force Gemini 2

    Less exploration, more boss battles and refined gameplay.

    Mario Artist Polygon Maker

    With the new machines as powerful as they are now, wouldn't it be cool if you, the common person, could do some half decent rendering on the machine, like the Mario Artist series. Now it seems there is a helluva lot of things you could do with more polygons, lighting effects, and just general effects and whatnot.

    Conclusion: This is actually a more sophisticated and flexible Mario Artist polygon maker or something or other.

    The Price is Right! 64

    There should be such a game. It's easy enough: 4 controllers, 4 players. At each round the 4 players are shown an item up for bids, the person closest to the actual retail price without going over gets to play one of the many minigames and maybe a chance to win A NEW CAR!! After a few rounds it's on to the big wheel to determine who gets to go on to the showcase showdown. The number of rounds you win is used to determine how many times you get to spin the wheel, if you're playing with 4 players. Once you win, you get to see your prizes! Whoopee!

    The game will feature numerous games for you to play and many, many more items for you to guess the price on. A polygonal Bob Barker and his virtual hoes will be there to present them all.

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