Crawl made a poll asking why nobody voted in his other poll. Unfortunately, the link to the other poll was dead and I couldn't find it. It looks like one of the questions was a multiple choice and the other was asking people what they thought his name, "Crawl and 1000" means. ~James FP~

Unfortunately, I can no longer remember what harebrained theory I had for the meaning of Crawl's name.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

God only knows what goes through Raven's mind that he would think "Crawl and 1000" has something to do with a man's love life.

Don't lose too much sleep over that, Kai.

Irish dance?!?! I mean, I can maybe see thinking it's a type of dance, but why Irish in particular? Are they especially known for crawling?

And Mitch da Bitch strikes again! Will his wonders never cease?

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