I originally wasn't going to archive this topic because old conversations involving anime usually make me foam at the mouth. But FO convinced me it wasn't as bad as I had thought, so I re-read it and decided it was okay to archive after all. She's right that it didn't turn into a serious fight and only has a few moments of "WTF" that I'll address... ~James FP~

Ugh, Post #2 by Mr. Unregistered is exactly the type of anime-based post that makes my head spin.

A. Sailor Moon's animation could only be called "excellent" if you consider still pictures during battle scenes, reused (obnoxiously long) stock animation, and still pictures with nothing but a (badly-animated) mouth moving "excellent".

B. My third favorite thing about anime is the music, right? No American cartoon would have those things.

Thanks once again go to Crawl for being the Savior of Sanity. While Crawl is often known for being the Voice of Dissent Reason, it still surprises me that as bad as Ronin Warriors was he was the first to say anything negative.

C'mon, DS, let the bile flow.

I get the distinct feeling that some people didn't have anything nice to say about it, but instead of escalating a debate, they just posted some factual observations. SAFE!

Better question: How can you be so surprised that someone would find it boring?

Yeah, Kai, but the problem is nothing happens between the fight scenes. Seriously, both of those shows were boring.

I've seen the scene in question (viva la YouTube!). You'd have to be a serious prude to be upset by that. It's about as worth getting upset over as Janet Jackson's breast. Oh wait...

Ugh. I don't remember much about the New Adventures of Johnny Quest, but the old ones were boring as hell and slightly racist, too. I think people on this board just liked boring cartoons.

Yeah, Kiera, but you're an adult. Pokemon's mostly aimed at tiny kids. (True, I was a teenager when I was watching it, but.. *cough*)

So did I.

FO's link:

Crawl's link:

9 years later, FO and Crawl do a great job of righting this wrong before I had a chance to.

That's pretty hilarious. Why even make the show before the manga was finished?

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