Ode to BJ Strykes Part 3

by SethraShnoo

Benjamin Strykes, he is my cousin
Benjamin Strykes, oh, how we love him!

He walks through the door, and promptly falls down
He skids 'cross the floor, and acts like a clown

Benjamin Strykes could sleep through a blizzard
Some people say he looks like a lizard

When we play Killer Instinct, I beat him with Jago
He drives down the street in his old Winnebago

Benjamin Strykes, he acts kind of fishy
Benjamin Strykes, he feels kind of squishy!

He could not win a game, if his life should depend
He'll always get beaten by his wife in the end

Benjamin Strykes, I know that you love us
But after you read this, you will want to club us

Oh, Benjamin Strykes, oh Mr. Strykolova
Aren't you glad, this poem is ova'?

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