Ode to BJ Strykes Part 4

by SethraShnoo

Benjamin Strykes, there is quite no other
Benjamin Strykes, he acts like a mother

Although he is Russian, he isn't a Commie
Now if he would only stop being a mommy

Benjamin Strykes spends half his day eatin'
Benjamin Strykes spends the other half sleepin'

His snoring's so loud, it gets my head hurtin'
He slept close to the window and inhaled the curtains

Benjamin indulges in childish matters
When making pancakes, he stuck his face in the batter

Benjamin Strykes, now I don't want to spoil it
But a long time ago, he got stuck in a toilet

He drives like a maniac on his way to work
He cuts people off and they call him a "jerk"

Now, Benjamin Strykes, you know that we care
So once in a while, please change your underwear

Benjamin Strykes, before this ode is through
You'll just have to face it, you can't beat a SHNOO!

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