Here are a few well-thought-out game ideas by MiyamotoLover.

  • Final Fantasy: The Hero's Legacy
  • Game Pond vs. Sluggy Freelance
  • Kiera Yin Cat's Bowling Quest
  • Pokemon Battle System
  • Pokemon Pinball Arcade
  • Saturday Night at the HoloRena
  • Super Smash Bros. Starring Gex
  • Super Smash Bros. Starring Goemon
  • Trick or Treat
  • WCW Fans: Revenge

  • Final Fantasy: The Hero's Legacy

    A bunch of characters from all the Final Fantasy games in one fighter/RPG. At the start, you pick your character and level him/her up, fighting imps and other usual Final Fantasy grunts. At first, you can only use regular bare-fisted attacks. But once you have enough Gil, you can visit Training Halls to learn techniques and Limit Breaks, Armories to buy weapons and armor, and Materia Shops to learn spells. You travel around the world, fighting the other characters, as well as accomplishing mini-quests that pop up from time to time.

    Game Pond vs. Sluggy Freelance

    Okay, what if we were in a "VS." fighting game? Who would we cross over with, and what moves would the fighters have? Personally, I'm picturing "Game Pond vs. Sluggy Freelance." I wouldn't mind teaming up with Aylee and kickin' butt!

    Kiera Yin Cat's Bowling Quest

    With contributions from Kefka the 3rd, SethraShnoo, Devilrays, & Deathamster

    This came to me at the spur of the moment while I was bowling today. Yep, it's just another bowling game. But this one has us in it! Also, each character can use a special move to either improve their game, or hinder thier opponents'. It has four modes: Story Mode, Vs. Mode, Tournament Mode, and League Mode.

    For 1 player. The story goes like this: Kiera has opened a bowling alley, and it's a smash hit. NOA Dano is furious that someone who openly disagrees with him is now popular, so he hatches a scheme to discredit her. He kidnaps her friends (ahh, video game cliches), brainwashes them, and turns them against her. The game starts in Kiera's alley, where you can learn the basics and enter tournaments against generic bowlers. If you win, you can earn tokens to play mini-games in the alley's arcade. Once you're through here, you can move on to the Map Screen. From here, you can go to other bowling alleys. Like Kiera's, they have arcades and tournaments. But they also have one of Kiera's brainwashed friends, who will challenge you to a game. If you win, they will snap out of it and become playable. Once you've feed all of Kiera's friends, you can go after Dano.

    VS. MODE
    For 1-4 players. Pretty self-sxplanatory. You can play one-on-one, or with teams of 2-4 members.

    For 1-4 players. You can set the number of participants(4-16) and your opponents (they can also be chosen randomly).

    For 1 player. Pick a team of four characters and go through a season. Special moves can't be used. Battery back-up.


    M.L. hangs out at the Little States Bowling Alley, very remote and cool under pressure, he makes a very intimidating opponent. His left arm is cybernetic, giving him LOTS of throwing power. On the flip side, his ball control suffers. His special move is the Boomball, which explodes upon contact with the pins, ensuring a strike unless it hits the gutter.

    Very good bowler who has been bowling for 12 years. Right handed. Bowls at Forum Bowl in Grand Prairie TX. Has 190 average, good ball speed, and masterful ball control. Hates the 10 pin with a passion. Is thinking about going pro (Professional Bowler's Association) when he turns 20. Highest game = 285. His special move is the dreaded "Bowling Ball of Judgement", which annihalates the pins. In this game, he would be the "optional boss that is very very hard", like Ruby Weapon or Emerald Weapon.

    She looks like an egg. She doesn't need a bowling ball, she just bowls with herself! But that ball return hurts...She has flying for a special move. She can only fly in a straight line. Great for picking up spares.

    Has the power to "take over" the pins, but tends to miss his mark or make a wrong step or some other clumsy mistake. Hones his bowling skills from playing a bowling game on his graphing calculator; also, tends to bowl better at 3 AM for no apparent reason. Special move is the Death Ray; this sends the pins racketing at the speed of light outward. However, it is very hard to control and very error-prone, and works best if aimed at the headpin. His arch-rival is GARDENHO, and his average score is a 195. His best score is a 230, so he consistently shoots right around his average.

    Uses Thawhidol's head for a bowling ball, and all of GH64's multiple personalities for the pins.

    Pokemon Battle System

    I was playing Pokemon recently, And I thought to myself what a pain the battle system can be at times. If you're trying to catch a certain kind of Pokemon, you have to hunt through a sea of other Pokemon to find it. Also, battle against weaker POkemon can be lost simply because of missed attacks. Then I thought of EGM's Pokemon Stadium review. They complained that there wasn't enough of the RPG aside from the battle system. So I thought of a way to improve ont he battle system for a 3D Pokemon to add a little more skill.

    You start out in the overworld, in front of a patch of grass. But, looking inside the grass, you see the Pokemon that inhabit the region, with their level numbers above their heads. So, if you're at Route 9 and you want to catch a Level 17 Voltorb, you can actually find and engage the Pokemon of your choice instead of wandering around in the grass and hoping for the best.

    Now, the battle begins. Like in Quest 64, the Pokemon battle in closed-off areas, but that's where the similarities end. Like in Pokemon Stadium, each C-Button designates one of the Pokemon's attacks, but here they happen in real-time. You can also move your Pokemon around like it's Z-Targeting the other Pokemon, making it easier to avoid attacks.

    Pokemon Pinball Arcade

    I just got Pokemon Pinball, and it rocked hard. I got an idea for aa actual pinball machine with a Pokemon theme. Files are saved, as with other such arcade games, with PIN numbers. You can also choose tables. Choose the Red Table, and red lights will turn on, followed by Diglett, Dito, Voltorb, and Bellsprout. Choose Blue, and Blue lights will light up, followed by the table's Pokemon. When you get a new Pokemon, the machine dispenses a bean bag toy version of the Pokemon you just caught. This would probably be difficult, what with space and constant refills. Feel free to decide for yourself.

    Saturday Night at the HoloRena

    I was playing Tron: Deadly Discs ony Intellivision emulator, and I got this idea.

    It takes place in a retro-'80s sci-fi future. Teens get their kicks by going to the HoloRena, a holographic arena where they battle holograms and each other. Their weapon is a discus which can return to them like a boomerang, as well as block attacks. Games are won or lost when a players' "Contact Meter" is full. The meter is filled by contact with discuses or holgrams. The HoloRoom and be set to a variety of motifs, with a variety of enemies:

    Jurassic--Rock-throwing cavemen and raptors will dog you. The cavemen are dumb and slow, but very strong. The dinosars are agile raptors. They hunt in packs, each led by a single, differently-colored raptor. Defeat it and the others will become less organized, and thus easier to beat.

    Horror--The zombies here are unique in that your discus saws off their limbs and goes right though them, allowing you to damage several at onc. There are also ghosts that can't be defeated. Instead, your discus makes then temporarily turn into a mist which can be safely passed through.

    Camelot--Knights and dragons are the enemies jere. The knights can block your discus, but they also try to attack dragons(that's what knights are for!), so hit them while they're distracted. The dragons' fireballs can't be blocked. Fortunately, they're among the slowest enemies in the game.

    Pirate--There's noothing spectacular about the pirates. However, passing ships will launch cannonballs at you.

    And more!

    Super Smash Bros. Starring Gex

    I recently completed Gex: Enter the Gecko, and I got an idea fo turn him into an SSB character.

    His special attacks are as follows:

    B: 360-Degree Tail Swing
    B+Up: Helicopter Tail Swing
    B+Down: Tail Bounce
    Throw: Gex grabs opponents with his tongue and flings them away.

    Gex's damage meter symbol is a TV remote. His alternate costumes are a secret agent suit, a martial arts gi, and a Stormtrooper uniform. His taunt varies with each costume:

    Buck-Nekkid: "It's tail time!"
    Secret Agent: "Pardon my tongue, darling."
    Martial Arts: "The art of fighting without fighting, Gex."
    Stormtrooper: "One small step for Gex..."

    And of course, his witty banter is heard throughout his fights. He also brings with him a new item: the Fly. Walk up to it, and it will buzz around you and protect you from damage for a short time. Gex's stage is Kung Fu Theater, in the rooftops of Chinatown. Ninjas appear and throw shuriken, a dragon flies by and breathes fire, and cannons can be used on your opponents.

    Super Smash Bros. Starring Goemon

    I was playing Goemon's Great Adventure, and I got an idea for making Goemon a character in Super Smash Bros. Goemon would enter trough the platform that takes him to the Teahouse in Another Dimension. His B Button attacks are:

    B: Coins(Hold it down for the Medal of Flames)
    B & Down: 360-Degree Pipe Attack
    B & Up: Sudden Impact Jump

    He throws enemies by grabbing them witht he Chain P[ipe, and flying into them. His stage is Oedo Castle, which is on fire like in GGA. Burning beams fall on unwary fighters, Jets of flame shoot out of holes, and Impact sometimes appears to punch parts of the level, as well as anybody who's standing on them. You can see his shadow where he's about to punch.

    Trick or Treat

    It's Halloween in Green County, USA, and six friends are out trick-or-treating. They have reached the house of old Mrs. Crawley, who is rumored to be a witch. As they ring the doorbell, the streets are suddenly filled with masked men, stealingo ther trick-or-treaters' candy. Six of the assailants corner our kids, who smack them upside their collective heads with their candy filled sacks. They grill the scumbags, and learn that they're working for Rodney Robertson III, the rich kid living across the town, who wants all the candy for himself. Mrs. Crawley watches the kids intently, and decides they have "the right stuff" to save Halloween. Yep, the rumors are true. She's a witch, and the official representative of Halloween in the UAH(United Association of Holidays). She imbues their costumes with magical powers to help them, and sends them on a quest spanning Green County to stop the rich brat.


    Bobby the Vampire: The most well-rounded character. He can fly by turning into a bat(natch).

    Glenda the Fairy: She's weak physically, but very fast and a pretty good jumper. She can shrink to fit into small places. When shrunken, she's too small for enemies to notice her, but she can't attack.

    Luke the Spaceman: He's pretty strong and a good jumper. He can use a laser gun. It's rapid-firing, and has great range.

    Lucy the Kangaroo: She's fairly fast, and the best jumper. She can execute super-jumps which allow her to reach high places, and cause enemy-damaging tremors when she lands. She can also hit enemies with devastating punches.

    Sophie the Dragon: She's the slowest character, but also the strongest. She canuse fire breath, which has a short but wide arange, and is VERY powerful.

    Jack the Football Player: He's strong, but somewhat slow and a lousy jumper. However, his magic power is charging at high speed to hammer enemies and break down weak walls.


    Rodney's Gang: A bunch of bullies who like to steal candy. They're easily subdued.

    Trick-or-treaters: They're so desperate for candy, they're willing to mug kids for it. When they see you, they go into a frenzy, and dont' stop until either you lose them, or they beat the tar out of you. The easiest way to avoid them is with Glenda's shrinking or Jack's charge.

    Dogs: Dogs are like trick-or-treaters, except they can actually be beaten.


    Candy: It's either found lying around, or obtained from defeating enemies. Collect all the candy in a certain level, and you can give it to trick-or-treaters so they won't attack you.

    Apples: They restore your strength. Hey, candy rots your teeth!

    Razor Apples: Avoid these! They damage you. Examine apples for razors before you grab them.

    Eggs: These can be thrown to damage enemies.

    Toilet paper: Throw it at enemies to tangle them in it and slow them down.

    Flaming bags: Like TP, except it makes enemies stop for a short time.

    Buttons: Mrs. Crawley's pet cat. You'll find him floating on a broom at the beginning of each level. Mrs. Crawley can contact you through a crystal on his collar to give you advice or save your game. You can also use him to go other levels, or back to Mrs. Crawley's house, the only place where you can switch characters.

    UAH Transmitter Pieces: Find all of these, and Mrs. Crawley can call in the other UAH representative, which then become selectable characters.

    WCW Fans: Revenge

    You are a WCW viewer, and you are fed up with talentless no-sells like Hogan and Sid Vicious running rampant. It's time to take back the WCW. Make Hogan plead for mercy! Give Rey Mysterio Jr. a mirror, so he can see how stupid he looks and go back to the mask! Force Nash to give up his booking power and job in house shows for the rest of his career! Never forgive, nor forget the crimes against athletic and wondrous wrestling!

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