Revelations: The Demon Slayer
(Game Boy Color)

Reviewed by Liontamer

Written 8/28/99

I recently got Revelations on GBC, and so far I'm impressed. It has elements of such games as Dragon Warrior, Pokémon, and Zelda: Link's Awakening. The map and menu resemble that of Dragon Warrior. You recruit monsters in a similar fashion that you catch Pokémon in Pokémon. The perspective and character look while on the map screen resemble Link and his perspective in Link's Awakening. I'd recommend this game to any GBC RPG fan, but you might have a hard time tracking a copy down.


You begin as a warrior sent to fight invading monsters. Along the way, you can recruit two other humans (the magically-inclined Kische and Uranus) and a plethora of interesting demons and monsters. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the evil, demonic forces that threaten the humans. Along the way, you are assigned such tasks as saving a prince who is thought to be kidnapped and collecting medicine for a hurt new ally.

During the course of your quest, your second human character Kische (once obtained) can magically fuse two monsters together to form a new creature. I found the story to be fairly interesting despite the fact that it isn't that original a concept. The religious overtones and Biblical allusions are interesting but can become annoying after several hours of play. While some elements of the game resemble those of Pokémon, the game has a more serious, less cutesy air to it.



The game consists of two differing sets of graphics: the overworld/map screen and the battle/action screen. The overworld screen contains landscape that resembles a more polished version of the landscape in the NES classic Dragon Warrior. Mountains and terrain look similar to that of Dragon Warrior, but they are updated and more visually appealing. Your party is represnted on screen by the presence of the person or monster currently leading the party (the one in the #1 slot).

The characters on the map screen also share similar graphics from a classic Nintendo game. Your human characters on the overworld screen resemble Link from the GB classic Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, right down to the colors utilized. Your human players are graphically unique enough that you can easily tell which is leading the party . However, all monsters are represtented by the same purplish gargoyle like creature on the overworld screen.

Color is utilized very well in the overworld screen, allowing you to easily maneuver your party. The battle/action screen contains much more detail than the overword screen. It shows a close-up of the person(s) and/or monster(s) that you are fighting or using magic on. The animation of the characters on this screen is detailed, well-colored, and on par with the animation of most animated TV shows. The human characters look very medeval and colorful. The monsters are well -drawn and aren more menacing looking than the cute and adorable Pokémon.The detailed battle/action screens are visually appealing due to their deatil and coloring, and while the overworld/map screen has less stunning graphics, it does have excellent color usage and serves its purpose well.


Well, that's all I have time for now. My ratings are based on a 10 point scale with ten being the best possible score.

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