Some good and funny game ideas from our friend, Setzer the Great (whom James insists on calling "Mitch da Bitch!")
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  • City Connection 2
  • Scooby Doo vs. the Ghostbusters
  • Tornado Wrestling
  • Wild West Gambler RPG

  • 50% Off Sale 64

    With contributions from jup & Deathamster

    Warning: You are about to play the most terrifying game ever made! This game depicts a life-like scenario that could cause extreme feelings of horror to all those who play it.

    In this game, you are an average American browsing through an average American department store...when suddenly, a blue light starts flashing, and it's every man for himself! Your tasks will include:

  • Dodging a stampede of women shoppers, a la, Lion King

  • Trying to survive standing in the check out line for several hours, while people try to get in front of you or push you out of the way.

  • Grabbing an item that you want when it's the very last one in stock, and running for your life.

  • Trying to get out of the store without the damn security alarm going off.

  • Trying to avoid getting run over by shopping carts and baby strollers.

    There will probably be codes that make the swarms circle around and around worthless tables, or something. And, how can there not be a "Look! Up in the air! Is that a display? Is that a lighting effect? No! It's Super Shopper!" code, where your character can fly over the competition and get the best stuff by landing on the table/bin.

    There will also be shopping cart races and the ultimate test of endurance and courage - trying to find a parking spot!

    Due to how realistic and terrifying this game is, it will get a Mature rating and you must have proper ID to purchase it. Reserve your copy today!

  • City Connection 2

    This time, you have a map of North America and you have to drive across, connecting lines between cities, two at a time. The ultimate goal is to try to make a picture of something by connecting the dots. But you have to watch out for cats again, and this time there are also ducks, squirrels and turtles.

    Scooby Doo vs. the Ghostbusters

    Both the Scooby Doo gang and the Real Ghostbusters have been hired to rid an old mansion of some ghosts so that the owners can sell it. The two teams will compete against each other - whoever busts the ghosts first will receive $1 million dollars.

    You choose which team you want to be a part of, and then you have to choose which person on that team you want to be. The game is kind of like Resident Evil mixed with Luigi's Mansion and Maniac Mansion. Who you choose to play as will affect how you have to solve the game, but not that much, since you'll have help from your other team members. The Scooby Doo gang's mission will be more puzzle-oriented because they don't have weapons, other than Scooby Snacks to give them extra energy and super strength for a little while. The Ghostbusters' mission is more action-oriented because they have the proton packs and ghost traps.

    In addition to fighting the ghosts and monsters, you'll have to outwit the other team.

    The final boss of the game is Beetlejuice.

    Tornado Wrestling

    In this game, you attempt to ride tornadoes and wrestle them to the ground. You can choose to play as a cowboy, a ninja, a surfer, a robot, and a cow. You can play one of two modes: In the first mode, you try to wrestle the tornado away from houses, other buildings, farms, trailer parks, and other such properties. In the second mode, you ride the tornado and purposefully try to destroy those things for points.

    Wild West Gambler RPG

    I think it would be a cool idea for an RPG to have a Gambler/Gunfighter in the Wild West for a main character. The game could be set up in a chapter system. Each chapter has a different main goal and side quests. Like, one chapter could be stopping outlaws from robbing a train. I'm not sure what the battle system would be like, but I think timed hits would be a necessary inclusion, due to the gunfighting nature of the story. Some boss battles could be high noon stand-offs. Since it's an RPG, you can still explore around and look for buried gold and stuff. You'll win money by gambling and rustling up outlaws for the reward money. There could even be multiple paths, where in one scenario, you become an outlaw yourself, or you become the sherriff.

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