Bill (aka Parachu) has written a few funny game ideas. We only wish we could've seen more from him.

  • Harvest Pokemoon
  • Mario Retires 64
  • Muscular Beaver 64
  • Mushemon
  • Quest 64 2
  • Squish Beejy Weejy 64
  • Super Smash Bros. 2
  • Super Smash Bros. Snap
  • Wario 64
  • Wario 64 2
  • Write a Game Idea 64

  • Harvest Pokemoon

    In this game you play as Brock. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu find a small town. There is a PokéFarm for sale there. When they start to leave, Brock tells his friends he wants to stay, buy the farm, and become a Pokémon breeder. Now he must catch and breed Pokémon. He also has to find a wife. He also has to grow Pokéfood. Instead of having a dog, you have Geodude, and instead of a horse you have Onix. Bird Pokémon lay eggs for you to collect and sell. Sometimes Pokémon Trainers will come and battle you for a Boulder Badge.

    Mario Retires 64

    You are probably thinking, "WHAT! What do you mean Mario retires! Mario can't retire! You idiot!"

    It's sorta what I'm thinking. But we have to face the fact that Mario is old. He was in Donkey Kong around 20 years ago. How old was he in Donkey Kong? So he is old. Around 40 I think. Sometime he's just going to run out of continues. And we don't want Bowser to be able to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Peach without anyone to stop him.

    So Mario has finally married Peach and they have 4 children. It's so sad Luigi has died. I think I'll throw a party... I mean...cry. Now here comes the sad part. Get ready... I can't say it. I don't want to say it... ok I will.

    Wario... Wario... has gotten much thinner. No that's a lie. I'll tell you the truth. Wario... is dead. ~~Starts crying~~ I know it's heart breaking, but it's true.

    Now I'll tell you about the children. They are named Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Wario. Now you can either play one of them or Mario. If you play Mario you have to teach your kids to beat up Bowser. If you play the kids you have to learn all the stuff Mario teaches you. The stuff the kids have to learn is how to walk, jump, fight, throw fireball, and Mario will ask questions about all his adventures and they have to answer them. Then when your training is through Bowser comes and punches Mario, and runs off. It starts to play sad music. The kids run toward Mario. And Mario says, "All you people out there who have been my fans thank you." And he dies. ~~Starts crying again~~

    This is so sad! How can you stand to read this?!? Then Mario disappears and the words Game Over appear where he was. Then you see The Super Mario Kids crying. Then it tells you your score. It is 1-4 players. This game is sad! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Muscular Beaver 64

    Norburt and Dagget are sitting around watching T.V. Then 2 scientists come in.

    Scientist: We're scientists. See the white coats. We have top secret information for you weasel things.(They hand them a View Master.)

    {Picture of Scientist} This is a scientist. See the white coat.
    Boop! {Picture of scientist holding something} He made a Mind Control Gun. (MCG)
    Boop! {Picture of scientist holding MCG backwards} He wasn't a very good scientist. He shot himself with the MCG.
    Boop! {Picture of scientist} Now he's a mad scientist. See the black coat.
    Boop! {Picture of mad scientist shooting scientists} He shot us. Now we are mad scientists. See the black coats.
    Boop! {Picture of scientists shooting a beaver} Now we have come to shoot you.

    They beavers run as the mad scientists shoot at them. They shoot Norburt.

    Norburt:I'm Baron Once Bad Then Good Then Bad Then Good Now Bad Again Beaver.
    Scientist: HAHA! We got him. Let's go tell the boss.

    The scientists run off and Baron follows.


    Dagget puts on his costume and runs to find some other Super Heroes to help. He finds Treeflower, Bing, Stump, Beary, and the Shrew. They put on their costumes and go to find Norburt.

    You can play whoever you want. You go through a couple of levels and then find Norburt. You have to fight him and the Scientists. They will turn good again.

    Scientist: Thank you, weasel. Since you saved me I'll give you some more top secret information. The Mad Scientist is trying to find your worst enemies so they can defeat you. He has gotten Toeburt, The Large Splinter Thingie, Bunny Guard, the Lumberjerk, the Crawling Spleen, SPAWNing (Spashing Property and Womping Norb) fish, Rock, the Cricket, Edgar, and he was trying to get Baron.

    Muscular Beaver: Thank you, citizen. We must go stop that Mad Scientist. Villains are afoot, and I am justice's shoe. Now, I'm off like the wind, Whoosh!

    Now, you can play Baron. There will be a different ending for each character. There is also a battle mode where you can fight. If you don't like this game idea then you are a Stoopy Poopy Scaredie Beaver.


    This game is like Mario and Pokémon put together. You can play Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong. You must catch and train 151 Mushémon. You get your first Mushémon from Toad. You can have Goomba, Koopa Troopa, or Bob-omb.(Except in Mushémon Yellow. In it you get Spiny.) Each person has a different rival. Mario has Luigi. Luigi has Wario. Wario has D.K. D.K. has Yoshi. Yoshi has Peach. Peach has Mario. You catch Mushémon using a Mushéball, FlowerBall, FeatherBall, LeafBall or StarBall. You must also Defeat 8 Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. You would have to be insane not to buy this game.

    (I was going to write 151 Mushémon, but I couldn't think of enough.)

    Quest 64 2

    You are probably confused. You are thinking "I THOUGHT YOU HATED QUEST!" And I do hate Quest. I just feel like writing a game idea.

    When the game starts Brian is sleeping in his house. Then there's a knock at the door.

    Brian: Go away...

    "Knock Knock"

    Brian: Oh ok. Just a minute...

    Brian stands up and walks toward the door.

    Brian: What do you want...
    Bill: I have a message from the Grand Abbott.
    Brian: Who...
    Bill: Grand Abbott
    Brian: Who...
    Brian: Oh. Grand Abbott. You don't need to yell.

    Bill slips the message under the door. Brian picks it up. It says

    Brian! Come to the castle quick!

    Brian grabs his staff and runs to the castle.

    Abbott: Celtland is in great danger!
    Brian: It is...
    Abbott: YES!
    Brian: Let me guess. The fire crystal, water crystal, earth crystal, and wind crystal have been stolen.
    Abbott: Yes! And a lightning crystal and plant crystal.
    Brian: And you want me to get them.
    Abbott: Yes!
    Brian: Ok

    That's the story. In this Quest you can buy items. And you can get new weapons and armor. Some people that join your team are the princess of that second town you go to, Leonardo that kid in the inn in that wind town, Shannon, the scorceress from Larapool, and someone who wasn't in the first Quest, Bob. Bob is drowning in the fountain in Larapool. If you save him he'll join your team.

    Does this game sound as boring as the first one? Yes. But my game idea isn't over! I haven't told you the best part! In this game if you press the L button you will go into battle with whatever Brian is looking at. You can fight trees, rocks, houses, fences, mailboxes, animals, people and much much more! You can destroy houses or just put holes in the walls. If you kill someone the police will come and get you. But if you want you can run from the police or fight them. If you want you can kill a king and become ruler of Celtland. Or if you want you can kill everyone and become the last person in Celtland!

    Squish Beejy Weejy 64

    In this game you play Sethra, Camira, Kiera, James, Parachu, or anyone else who wants to squish BJ. BJ will run and hide. If you find him you can squish him. The more you squish him the more points you get. To win you must squish BJ enough so he'll give up and stop running and you get to squish him as much as you want.

    Super Smash Bros. 2

    In this game there are 2 ways to play. In one way you have to throw the people off the stage. The second way is you must attack them until their percent is a certain number. Here are the characters, 5 special attacks, and some other stuff:

    Thunder Jolt: Pikachu will come out and do this attack.
    Vine Whip: Bulbasaur will come out and do this attack. It's like Link's Spin Attack only with vines.
    Fire Spin: Charmander will come out and spin while breathing fire.
    Water Gun: Squirtle will come out and spit water.
    Sing: JiggelyPuff will come out and sing.
    Shield: Psycic Shield:Mew will come out and make a shiel, like that shield Mew has in Pokémon Snap.
    (For all the attacks above the Pokémon will come out of the Pokéball VERY FAST)
    Throw: He'll just throw you.
    NA (Normal Attack): Kick
    Taunt: I choose you: If the last attack he used was Thunder Jolt He'll say Pikachu, I choose you! If the last attack he used was Sing he'll say JigglyPuff, I choose You! And he'll do that for all the other Pokémon.
    Stage: Celadon City: You'll be on top of the Rocket Games building. When you first begin you will hear Jessie and James saying their motto. The when after they finish every couple of second they'll throw a Pokéball. If it hits someone they'll be caught and Jessie and James will start saying "We caught a Pokémon! We caught a Pokémon! We caught a Pokémon" Other people can pick up the Pokéball and throw it. If you you escape from the Jessie and James will say "Oh, those brats! They're always ruining our plans!"
    Entrance (How he enters the stage): Mew: He'll be in Mew's Psychic Shield and he'll float over to the stage.

    Capt. Falcon
    Falcon Punch
    Falcon Jump
    Falcon Kick
    Falcon Stomp: He'll stomp his foot on the ground and two flames will slide across the ground. Like Kiby's Final Cutter only one goe to the left and one to the right.
    Falcon Clap: He'll clap his hands above his head and throw 3 flames (One right.One left. And one up.)
    Shield: Falcon Shield: A round ball of flames will surround him.
    Falcon Toss: He'll just throw you.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Show me your moves: He'll say Show me your moves.
    Stage: Race Track: Car will sometimes come and hit people.
    Entrance: HoverCraft: He'll just drive up to the stage.

    Donkey Kong
    Giant Punch
    Spinning Kong
    Hand Slap
    Kong Roll: He'll roll on the ground.
    Banana: He'll throw a Banana on the ground and people can slip and fall on it.
    Shield: Barrel: He'll hide in a Barrel.
    Throw: Monster Toss: He can pick you up and carry you around.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Growl: He'll Growl.
    Stage: Jungle: It's a jungle. There's DK's tree house, Barrels, trees, and ropes.
    Entrance: Barrel: A barrel will fall and he'll come out of it.

    Dr. Wright
    Traffic: He'll throw cars at you.
    Pollution: It's like Ness's PK Thunder only there is a gray cloud instead of lightning.
    Flood: He'll throw water at the ground. People can slip on it. It is possible to flood some places.
    Crime: He'll steal your attack for awhile. You can't use it, neither can they.
    Earthquake: The ground will shake around him. It's like DK's Hand Slap.
    Shield: Nuclear Explosion: There will be an explosion around him.
    Throw: Tornado: He'll put you in a tornado and it will throw you.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Thunder Storm: Lightning will hit him.
    Stage: SimCity: It's a city. Lots of disasters happen there.
    Entrance: Fire: A smaal fire will start. It will go out and Dr. Wright will be there.

    Duck (Duck Hunt)
    Shot: He'll shoot you with one of those NES Gun controller thingies.
    Fly Away: He'll Fly up.
    Dead: He'll fall down. Like he's just been shot.
    Killed: He'll get shot and feathers will fly off of him and hit people.
    Clay Pigeon: He'll throw a clay pigeon.
    Shield: Grass: He'll hide in some grass.
    Throw: Fly: He'll grab you and fly up, then drop you.
    NA: Kick
    Taunt: Quack: He'll spead his wings and say...Quack.
    Stage: Duck Pond: There's a pond. You can jump in it and swim. Your percent will slowly go up if you're in the pond. There is grass on each side of the pond that you can hide in. That dog will also come out of the grass sometimes and you can...KILL HIM! There are also some trees you can climb.
    Entrance: Fly: He'll just fly to the stage.

    Blaster Shot
    Fire Fox
    Bomb: He'll throw a bomb
    Charge Laser: This charges faster than Samus's Charge Shot, but it's weaker and smaller.
    Shield: Barrel Roll: It's like Reflector, but it doesn't reflect.
    Throw: Throw: He'll just throw you.
    NA: Kick
    Taunt: Hey: He'll say Hey.
    Stage: Great Fox: It's the same only you can sea the people driving the Arwings. Each person does something different. Falco does damage to you. Peppy heals you. Slippy makes you fall asleep.
    Entrance: Arwing: He'll drive his Arwing up to the stage.

    Goose (PilotWings 64)
    Human Cannon Ball: He'll shoot himself out of a cannon.
    HangGlider: He'll fly up in a HangGlider.
    Copter Spin: He'll spin like Mario's Mario Tornado.
    SkyDiver: He'll start to fall real fast and before he hits the ground a parachute will come out.
    BirdMan: He'll flap his wings and blow people away.
    Shield: Cannon: He'll hide in a cannon.
    Throw: CannonBall: He'll shoot you out of a cannon.
    NA: Kick
    Taunt: I can Fly: He'll jump up and say "I can fly!"
    Stage: Sky: It's on top of a bunch of clouds. They disappear like the ones in Yoshi's Island.
    Entrance: Copter: He'll fly to the stage.

    Final Cutter
    Exhale: He'll Exhale and blow people away.
    Wheel: He'll turn into a wheel and drive across the ground.
    Shield: Needle: Needles will come out of his back.
    Throw: Pile Driver: He'll lift you high nto the air then come down.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Hi: He'll say "Hi!"
    Stage: Dream Land: It's the same.
    Entrance: Star :He'll be a star and then hit the ground. Then he'll turn back into Kirby.

    Spin Attack
    Sling Shot: It's not very strong, but after it hits someone and lands on the ground other people can step on it and fall.
    Arrow: If it hits a wall it will stick there and you can stand on it.
    Shield: Shield: He'll hide under his shield.
    Throw: Hook Shot
    NA: Sword
    Taunt: Sword: same
    Stage: Hyrule Castle: same
    Entrance: Blue light: same

    Super Jump Punch
    Mario Tornado
    Veggie Toss: He'll pull a vegetable out of the ground and he can throw.
    Shell Kick: He'll kick a koopa shell
    Shield: Tanooki Mario: He'll turn into a statue.
    Throw: Swing: He'll swing you around in circles and throw you.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Super Mario: He'll grow.
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom: It's the secret stage.
    Entrance: Pipe: He'll come up through a pipe.

    PK Fire
    PK Thunder
    Magnet: It will pull some one closer to him.
    Get Away: It will push somone away.
    Shield:Block: He'll just block.
    Throw: Psychic Toss: same
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: O.K.: He'll say "O.K."
    Stage: Onett: Meteors will hit the ground.
    Entrance: Lightning: same

    Charge Shot
    Screw Attack
    Ice Beam: Will freeze the person who's shot and do a little damage.
    Spazer Laser Beam: It will shoot out three lasers.
    Shield: Armor: It's like that itty bitty ball she turns into, only MUCH BIGGER.
    Throw: Grappling Beam: same
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: Gun: same
    Stage: Planet Zebes: same
    Entrance: Transport: same

    Tetris (He's made of a bunch of Tetris squares)
    Gun: He'll shoot a line a Tetris squares.
    Rotate: He'll spin and go up.
    Fall Down: He'll fall down.
    Square Bomb: He'll throw a square and it will explode.
    Tetris Toss: He'll throw a "L" shaped Tetris and it wil slide across the ground.
    Shield: Block: He'll turn into a square block.
    Throw: Throw: He just throws you.
    NA: Kick
    Taunt: He'll shrink into one small Tetris square then grow back.
    Stage: Tetris World: Tetrises will fall down and if they make a complete row, that row will disappear.
    Entrance: Fall Down: He'll fall down from the sky.

    Body Slam: It is the normal attack Wario does in his games.
    Super Jump Punch: It is like Luigi's
    Ground Pound: He'll do a Ground Pound and shake the ground. Like DK's Hand Slap.
    Wario Roll: Wario will roll.
    Shell Throw: He'll throw a koopa shell.
    Shield: Ghost: He'll become almost invisible. It's like when you use a ghost in Mario Kart 64.
    Throw: Grab: He can pick you up and carry you around.
    NA: Punch
    Taunt: I'm Wario: He'll say "I'm Wario"
    Stage: Wario's Castle: It's a big castle. There are small red buttons on the ground and if you step on them something will happen. One will make fire shoot out of the ground somewhere. One will shoot water out of the ground and it might push someone off the cliff. One will make a huge rock roll across the castle. One will make a hole in the ground and someone might fall in it.
    Entrance: Ground Pound: He'll fall from the sky Ground Pounding.

    Egg Throw
    Ground Pound
    Fire Spit: He'll spit out fire like in Super Mario World when he spits out a red shell.
    Shell Spit: He'll spit out a Koopa Shell.
    Shield: Egg
    Throw: Eat: He'll eat you and spit you out.
    NA: Kick
    Taunt: He'll wave his hands and say "Yoshi!"
    Stage: Yoshi's Island: same
    Entrance: Yoshi Egg: He'll pop out of an egg.

    There is also an RPG mode that you can play in this game.

    Super Smash Bros. Snap

    If you have Super Smash Bros. you already have this game. Make some computer characters fight. Then when the fight starts press start. You will see one of the characters. That is your picture. If you try you can get Link smelling a fire flower. Or Jigglypuff crying. Or a black Kirby with BIG eyes. (This happens when he's shot by Samus.) And many other cool pictures. It's fun!

    Wario 64

    In this game Wario is bored. He's not allowed in the Mushroom Kingdom. He really wants in. He has come up with 15 plans to get into the Mushroom Kingdom. They are:

    Plan A: Dress up like Luigi and walk in.
    Plan B: Shoot yourself out of a cannon and try to land in the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Plan C: Tell everyone you are having a Wario Party at your castle. Then when everyone gets there sneak out the back door and walk into the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Plan D: Dress up like a ghost and scare the guards then walk in.
    Plan E: Fly a plane over the Mushroom Kingdom, jump out and parachute down.
    Plan F: Change your name and wear different clothes. Then hope they don't know it's you.
    Plan G: Dress up like Peach and walk in.
    Plan H: Break the wall surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom and walk in.
    Plan I: Dig a tunnel underground to get into the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Plan J: Kidnap Peach until they say you can stay.
    Plan K: Pay Bowser to kidnap Peach then bring her back and say you rescued her.
    Plan L: Set the Mushroom Kingdom on fire. Then rescue everyone.
    Plan M: Tell them you will hold your breath until they let you in.
    Plan N: Have something step on you and become Flat Wario. Then sneak in.
    Plan O: At night sneak in and spray paint the houses and castle, throw Yoshi eggs at the houses and castle, Toilet Paper the houses and castle, plant Piranha Plants beside all the doors, let loose 64 Goombas in the castle, set a Bob-omb in the middle of the Mushroom Kingdom and set it to blow up at 12:00pm, or if anyone touches it. Then lay a note on the ground that says: Let me stay, or BOOM! -Wario

    All these plans won't work, except the last one. The Bob-omb will start walking. It will walk to Wario's castle. Then it will blow up and throw Wario into the Mushroom Kingdom. He will land in front of Mario.

    Mario: Ok. If you clean up this mess you can stay.
    Wario: THANK YOU!

    Then you have to clean the Mushroom Kingdom. When you finish you walk up to Mario.

    Wario: I'm done!
    Mario: Ok. Let me show you your new home.
    They walk into the castle.
    Wario: WOW! I get to stay in the castle.

    Then Mario throws Wario into the castle dungeon.

    Mario: See you in 5 years, Wario.
    Wario: 5 YEARS! NO, MARIO! WAIT!

    Wario 64 2

    5 years after Wario was put in the dungeon he is let out. Wario is mad, so he doesn't want to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom. He walks to his castle. When he gets there...HIS CASTLE IS GONE! The Bob-omb blew it up. Wario starts to cry. Then he sees a castle far, far away. It's Bowser's castle. Wario decides he's going to steal Bowser's castle. Now he must go through 1,000 levels to get to Bowser's castle. There are 10 worlds. They are:

    Wario's castle: The castle is gone, but there's a lot of pieces of the castle there with monsters hiding under and behind them. In this world there is also Wario Stadium and Battle Canyon.

    Yoshi's Island: There are lots of Yoshis. Wario can't ride them unless he eats a poisonous Mushroom and becomes Small Wario.

    Tall, Tall Mountain: This Mountain is like the Tall, Tall Mountain in Super Mario 64 only bigger.

    Booster's Tower: A very a large tower. When you get to the top you have to fight Booster and Valentina.

    Duck Pond: This is a HUGE pond. You find a Duck that will give you ride across the pond. The Duck is named DuckyLucky.

    Green Forest: It's a forest. You can climb the trees.

    Haunted House: A huge Haunted House full of every ghost you can think of.

    The Sewer: A very smelly sewer full of bugs, bats, and lots of monsters.

    U.F.O.: Wario is abducted by aliens. He must find a way to escape.

    Bowser's castle: Bowser's castle is guarded by Goombas, Koopas, Bob-ombs, Shy Guys, and any other monster you can think of.

    Wario can transform into small Wario, fire Wario, wet Wario, puffy Wario, huge Wario, frozen Wario, zombie Wario, crazy Wario, plant Wario, flat Wario, asleep Wario, and others.

    After Wario defeats Bowser, Bowser runs away. Wario starts looking around his new home and finds someone in a dungeon. He opens the door.

    ???: Oh, you have come to to rescue me!
    Wario: ?????
    ???: I'm Princess Daisy.
    Wario: Uh? Yeah! I have come to rescue you!
    Daisy: Thank you!

    Wario releases Daisy. 2 days later Daisy comes back.

    Daisy: How can you live here? It's full of monsters. I'll have my servants build you a castle.
    Wario: Ok.

    They build Wario a castle and Bowser moves back into his.

    You would have to be crazy to not buy this game.

    Write a Game Idea 64

    In this game you sit at your desk and try to think of a game idea to write. When you think of one you write it. Then you think of another. Then write it. You do this untill you get bored.

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