This topic was originally a poll about the future of the Game Pond and gaming in general, and of course it turns into one of the Worst Threads Ever. This one was difficult for me to get through, but I have to spit my bile on it. ~James FP~

Interesting. Well, let's see here...

1. Not sure if the N64 ever beat the PS1 in sales.
2. Square did break off with the Wonderswan.
3. "Massive trend toward the NES" could be interpreted as the NES classics rereleases on the GBA and Wii virtual console.
4. Earthbound 64 was not released, although I don't recall any resulting riots.
5. Not sure about the basketball players. Don't follow it that much.
6. Not sure about Nintendo's bad decisions. Depends on who they're bad for.
7. There are probably way more than 5 highly-overrated PS1 and PS2 games.
8. FO and Crawl did meet, that one was a no-brainer.
9. Dolphin did get a name change (Gamecube). I can't remember when it was released, though and don't feel like looking it up.

Not bad, though some were easy predictions. Too bad not every post in this topic could've been this relevant, as we'll (unfortunately) see.

I think Suikoden 3 came and went and didn't make a splash at all.

Considering that he just said, "I like calling Kefka that", I would guess it's the guy who actually has "Kefka" in his username.

LOL @ Mr. Blastoise. Yeah, apparently he became popular enough with this crowd that I got labeled as an asshole just because he said so. (Not that I'm proving him wrong with this website, but anyway...)

Jesus Christ, Devilrays! The future is full of possibilites and the only thing you care to predict is who will be on your stupid quiz games. And how hard is it to predict that only the people who are capable of answering your goddamned sports trivia questions will be the ones to play them? Damn, fuck, shit, this guy irks me sometimes!

Humans have been overcoming this problem for years, Devilrays. Even in New Jersey:

RufuShinra's entry was innocent enough. It's what happens as a result of it that's going to plunge this topic right down off the charts and onto the floor.

Dr. Devilrays, message board marriage expert.

I wonder how stable it still is.

Personally, I wouldn't recommened getting those if you want a relationship.

Shut up, shut up, shut up! No, it's not interesting. Pondering the possibilities of the future can be interesting. Talking incessantly about someone's love life and offering paranoid, unprofessional advice is NOT!

Please, Bel, don't feed the troll.

This is what passed for conversation at this place. No wonder furry hentai Japanophiles like SlayerX are mad that we killed it.

How about game shows about sports? And sports where teams are comprised of game show hosts vs. game show contestants.

Please note: Three times this user made a post saying he was leaving the board forever because we were all such horrible, awful people. Yes. This user. Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I have the distinct feeling you don't even know what a "girl" is, Proto. Yeah. It's actually alive and it has thoughts. And feelings. And intelligence. That's why you're having trouble with them.

You sound like Two Face from the Batman Animated Series? Wow. I think I may have just gained back a little bit of respect for you.

Forget it, Rufus, this conversation forgot you ages ago.

If I had the authority or power to keep Devilrays and Proto Man 40 feet away from all women at all times, I would.

Fuck you both.

And FO graciously kills this topic with her random voice actor trivia. And I SWEAR I thought of the Two Face thing before I got to her post in this topic.

If you aren't starting to hate the General Conversation forum as much as I do, then I don't need to know. Goodnight!

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