"Anything against Game Informer's word is good enough for me." - Mercury Crusader

"Help me! My mind is about to explode with chocolate goodness or something." - Mercury Crusader

"RPG players should only play RPGs, because they're the only games that were made to be played +90 hours in one sitting without food, water, defication, sleep, or respiration." - Mercury Crusader

"I must be possessed, or the kid in me is taking over, or I'm really bored, or my brain has expired, or Kansas sounds like Scorpions to me, or Bryan Adams is both a singer AND a wrestler just like Sting, but I've been spending way too much money and time on that new-fangled technological doo-hickey called the "GameCube"." - Mercury Crusader

"What usually causes me to exaggerate my opinions is fanboy-like behavior from people who get angry with me for them." - Deathamster

"I also know people on the internet that think Final Fantasy VII is the greatest RPG in the history of forever, but they'd rather spend their time defending that opinion on the internet than actually play the game through again." - Mercury Crusader

"I should add that I think the idea of playing 3D games on a tiny screen sounds like utter crap." - Magical Yard Gnome

"It seems their quality control for GBA games might not be so high. On the other hand, Sony isn't known for having the best quality control with their systems, either." - Crawl and 1000 on Nintendo's "quality control"

"My head hurts and the future is pissing me off. It's a good thing I'm more accepting of things that have passed, like "The A-Team" and kidney stones." - Mercury Crusader

"In addition, this is only the seventeenth topic I made regarding the massive fanboy opinion that "Nintendo is dying", despite the fact that according to their logic Nintendo should have died several times over the past few years yet haven't." - Mercury Crusader

"I can't go to a video game website without seeing "totally awesome E3 news" thrown around the place like E3 is some holy gathering of the greatest minds in religion and politics, in which people yell at each other, shoot at each other, and maybe even explode into seven different flavors with an explosive result." - Mercury Crusader

"I don't know what I just said, but I think I insulted the Russians." - Mercury Crusader

"I'm not the most prolific up-to-the-minute dude in the world, let alone Internetland, when it comes to current trends in stuff. So, when somebody asks me about yesterday's episode of "Survivor", I say "what, the band?" and they look at me funny and leave." - Mercury Crusader

"I know everybody on the planet loves Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X, both of which I hate to the highest extents of the law." - Mercury Crusader

"It's my 18th birthday today. How's that for a crazy topic ender?" - RoyalRanger

"The world doesn't respect me; why should I respect myself? And don't try to tell me differently because I'll just go absolutely off on you about it with a long, boring, completely irrelevant speech about stuff you couldn't possibly understand, thereby causing your head to spontaneously combust!" - Devilrays

"If people really do have a right to say what they want, then should we also have a right to ignore what we want? It's not so much people whining, complaining, cursing, etc., that bothers me. It's the attitude that I should be reading it (and agreeing with it.) If I say something like, "I don't care what you have to say," I'm usually replied to with cursing and accusations of censorship. Well, I'm sorry, but if you can say what you want, then I have a right to say what I want, too, and if it's my opinion that I do not care, then I'm going to say I do not care. People can talk about whatever they please, but it should be my choice if I want to read it or care about it, or not. Imagine if we had to read and care about every single piece of information available on the planet. Every book, every newspaper, every magazine, every screaming politician, every TV show, every song, every website, etc." - Kiera Lordens

"Basically, what 2 1/2-D means is that the game has 3D characters in a 2D world, like the Donkey Kong Country games and Mischief Makers. It doesn't mean the games are automatically bad. Yoshi's Story would've been bad in any amount of "D"s." - Devlin Domaine

"Apparently graphics are the only thing everyone is worried about anymore!" - Kairobi King on the state of videogame developers circa 2000

"Is it not possible to have a healthy balance where 2D and 3D games can coexist in peace and harmony? And if so, why not? It sucks getting screwed out of excellent games because of Lara Croft's polygonal ass." - Magical Yard Gnome

"I have no clue how to make a website, and I couldn't figure out Homestead, either. God, I'm either very stupid or born way too soon." - SethraShnoo

"I could never take to Slimer. He just looks like a big green snotball, in both the movies and the cartoon." - SethraShnoo

"You and I...we've seen many boards come and go. How much attachment do we really have to ezboard? It's just another step on the long stairway to heaven. Let us pass over it, now." - Flying Omelette to BJ Strykes on the possibility of leaving ezboard

"How did this turn into a lesson in grammar?!" - BJ Strykes

"It's kind of hard to tell if he went crazy, or if he was always crazy to begin with, and just kept it hidden for awhile." - James FP on GH64

"That's nothing compared to my army of Ketchup Packets and Lima beans!" - James FP

"Yeah, this unlock stuff has gotten way out of hand. It's only a matter of time before you'll have to unlock the darn title screen!" - Oxnard Hamster on unlocking extras in games

"I hate amusement parks, in general. I don't find much "amusement" at them." - Deathamster

"Pictures of people on roller coasters are always scary. That one place I mentioned before has cameras somewhere on almost all the roller coasters, and if you want to you could buy a picture of yourself after the ride. I can't imagine why anyone would want to. After seeing the first few pictures of myself on a rollercoaster I didn't even want to see any more pictures like that, let alone buy them." - Crawl and 1000

"Exploding Virtual Boys would be fun!" - Flying Omelette

"Sethra would like this game! The character looks like an egg!" - Flying Omelette on the Genesis game, Crusader of Centy

"I got trapped in a stupid craft store, once! It was awful!" - Deathamster

"Well, I hope you never end up with a job you can make fun of as much as I did with Steak n Shake one should have to live through that." - Devilrays

"Just when I thought I've heard the last possible mispronunciation of my last name, someone always manages to surprise me!" - BJ Strykes

"The best rioting weapon is a Giant Banana!" - James FP

"Being hard in a way that's challenging and puts your skills to the test is good. Being hard in a way that's insanely cheap and only gives you the chance to win by luck is not good." - Flying Omelette on game challenge

"I don't know what a "ture expert gamer" is, but I do think of myself as a true gamer, though not necessarily an expert." - Oxnard Hamster

"mebbe lern some grammer and i weel go two yoop's messege bored!11" - Tornado8 in response to a spammer with bad grammar

"Hell, if you looked hard enough, I bet you could make a case for any game being a rip off of a previous game." - Oxnard Hamster

"Well, everyone should know by now that my favorite game is Star Fox. Well, I think this is kind of funny: All NES, SNES, and Game Boy games have these little ID codes printed on their labels. For NES games, it's usually something like NES-ZL-USA, which is Legend of Zelda's ID code. SNES games are the same way, except "NES" is replaced with "SNS". Well, the ID code for Star Fox is SNS-FO-USA!!" - Flying Omelette

"Pokemon proves that games don't have to be in 3D to be successful." - Devlin Domaine

"I won't be impressed until I see what good 2D games there are going to be for it." - Deathamster on the Nintendo Gamecube

"I'm telling you, there needs to be a spoof of FF6 with all the characters acting like the original cast of Newsradio!" - James FP

"I have two cats one who looks like a teawarmer, and another who is just weird. I have a dog who is....weird. And I have birds whom are weird." - IJzebel describing her pets

"Looks like someone forgot to pay the electric bill!" - said once by Kiera Lordens and again by Flying Omelette in response to an ezboard's images going down

"When I leave, and they realize just how much I was doing for them, they're gonna get EXACTLY what they deserve!" - Flying Omelette on leaving her job

"I'm just getting a little tired of everyone always acting like they know what I think, what I feel, what I do when they're not looking, and acting like they always have to know what I'm doing...sheesh! I get enough of this from my mother!!" - James FP

"I'd rather explain what really happened, before any more "urban legends" start popping up." - James FP

"I had to stare down my worst fears to do what I had to this past summer. There's no way I can be intimidated by much else, anymore." - James FP

"You still can't have my Bud Light." - SR 2000

"Too much talk on an action show begins to bore me. I mean it's a cool fight and all, but does it really have to last a month???" - Liontamer on Dragon Ball Z

"I know, I know, it's dumb to get this emotional over what is essentially a cartoon, but I can't help it! This series is my favorite!!!! And there won't be any more!!" - Kiera Lordens on watching the third and final Tenchi movie

"To be able to put up with me, you must have A LOT of patience!" - James FP

"Is it just me, or is "Whole Lotta Love" an absolutely horrible song? I guess people think it's cool that Jimmy Page plays his guitar with a violin wand, but to me it sounds like a cat dying." - Deathspork

"One fallicy I see in reviews a lot is that more moves makes a game deeper. No, getting the most of the moves that exist makes a game deeper. Granted, if you don't use those extra moves, you can ignore them, but then they are at most a neutral feature of the game." - Crawl and 1000

"I bought Ring King a long time ago, because I liked Punch-Out!! so much, and I thought, "Oh, good! Another NES boxing game! Those are fun.." I was so young and naive." - Kiera Lordens

"Basically, you can do whatever the hell you want there, because it's dead!" - Deathamster about her ezboard

"And remember that you have to eat Pokemon to understand the power that's inside." - Flying Omelette

"How about "what does Cloud Strife look most like"?
A. Guy with a Zapdos on his head.
B. Long lost member of Flock of Seagulls
C. Banana tree
D. Looks like Square was short on ideas when they came up with him" - Deathspork

"I guess the Emoticons are sorta neat. Though I don't think I agree with what some of them promote. I mean, just look at this guy. I'm thinking ez-board has teamed up with the tobacco industry on this one. And just what the heck is this guy smokin? Some of his "medicinal plants" I assume. This guy has some anger issues he needs to work out with his parents. And these guys just really need to see a doctor." - Ash35

"Maybe, instead of forever condemning people for the mistakes they've made, we can learn from them. Try to look really hard at what they're doing, and see if you see a little of yourself in it. We cannot change people. They can only work to change themselves. Unfortunately, some people really do see themselves as being above doing anything wrong, and they're probably never gonna change. But what's important is that we don't sink to their level and allow ourselves to become that way. I've learned that from you guys. I have become a lot less shy and intimidated since coming to the Game Pond. I've also learned to gather a new sense of humor about myself. I realize I'm not always right. I do get angry, sometimes. I get upset. I care about people and things. I have every right to. That's who I am. But, I have tried my best to use those emotions in a constructive, rather than a destructive way." - James FP

"And why is it that every single damn time I get on the internet and surf over to this board, THERE'S ERNIEPANTS! It doesn't look like he posts every day, or even every week, but it never fails, the moment I get on, there's f****ing ErniePants!" - Junus Crowe

"When Beetle Adventure Racing was due to be released, people started talking about it, but they'd always abbreviate it as "BAR". Since I never heard the actual full title, I honestly thought that was the name of the game - "BAR" in all capital letters, and I thought it was either going to be a game about nightclubs or gymnasts." - Flying Omelette

"I remember when I first got on the internet, everyone would refer to games as acronyms and I could never figure out what people were talking about when they'd discuss things like "SotN"." - SethraShnoo

"Imagine my disappointment when I made a wish at the end of Zelda: ALttP for 10,000 macaronis to land on my head, and it didn't come true." - James FP

"When I saw "Shnoo" as the title under my name I thought I had changed into an alblino, egg-shaped bird. Imagine my disappointment when... pfft, I'm sick of typing this crap." - Crawl and 1000

"It's not really cool being only 11. You don't get much respect." - Doveblob

"Magaboy, is the "j" broken on your keyboard?" - James FP's observation that Magaboy never used the letter "j" in his posts

"Don't worry, Pero. If the Game Pond ever really did "rise again", we're all set to launch ICBM's at it." - Junus Crowe

"I take great pleasure in knowing that people like that hate me." - Nixxy Blayde on the Game Pond administration

"Why do people seem to WANT me to think they're dumb?" - Flying Omelette

"I was thinking that one of the cliche plots of 80's cartoons was the old "People can change" episode. Personally, I don't think that people really can or do change that much. Sometimes, they'll just hide their true selves from you when it's to their advantage." - Flying Omelette

"Is this the board for people with bizarre afflictions?" - Flying Omelette

"I realized something weird was going on because one of the DOVEBLOBs knew why her other name had been deleted, and the other one didn't." - SethraShnoo on how she figured out two different people were using DOVEBLOB's N-Sider account

"I have admin at some boards that I don't even recognize. It's kind of scary to think about all the boards I've left my mark on in the past that I've long since forgotten about." - BJ Strykes

"I rarely go into my control center, but every time I do, it seems there's more boards in there then there was before." - Deathamster

"And somehow, it will probably all tie in to Kevin Bacon." - Flying Omelette

"I think Kaze Kiri should be a game about an insane fruit." - Crawl and 1000

"One thing I like is that you not only review well together, but your scores make sense. I think it's very important that two critics who review together have the same standards for their scale. We know how a lot of game reviewers will say a lot of really negative things about a game, but still give it an 8. If either of you did that kind of thing, I can just imagine a review where one of you likes the game and the other doesn't, but the one who doesn't scores it higher than the one who did." - Flying Omelette to James & Junus

"Sorry, I deleted a post because someone had a pornographic icon. Amazing, that during all the time a certain search engine had this listed as a p0rn site, that we never got anything like that, before!" - Flying Omelette on the Paradise Resort's accidental listing as a porn site on some search engines

"This is like a cold empty corner of cyberspace. A place for the outcasts, the weary, the down-trodden, and the broken-hearted. Or perhaps those lost in confusion, searching for an answer, can find themselves here. It is like a small pitstop along the crossroads of change...a haven to rest before moving on down that road, from which there is no turning back." - BJ Strykes

"I really don't get these videogame character hatred obsessions." - BJ Strykes

"Square's just full of crap." - Deathamster

"Sometimes I think the universe just waits for me to get cocky." - Deathamster

"No g-nus is good g-nus, unless it's Gary G-nu's." - James FP

"I have yet to actually see one of these image bombs. (And please, no demonstrations.)" - SetzertheGreat

"Jeez, I could almost swear I don't even know what is going on 50% of the time in this forum!!" - Red Clawbot

"I have to be me!" - Deathamster

"Thou shalt not put a picture of a small ribbon in thy signature, but pictures that are so large that they cause people to have to Tab 50 times to read the post are perfectly acceptable." - Deathamster on the Game Pond's hypocritical signature rules

"This isn't life in the fast's life in on-coming traffic!" - IJzebel


"I could scream for mercy in nineteen languages, and just scream in another forty-four." - IJzebel

"When life gives you lemons, SHUT UP and eat the damn lemons!" - flY3K

"Don't wait for the person you can live with, wait for the person you can't live without." - flY3K

"You're wrong about that, you should try and convince people to think exactly as you do. I'm right about that." - Deathspork

"Ah yes, the fun factor with I-net idiots...some are so dumb it's funny, while some are just annoying." - Devilrays

"I think one of the worst fears I ever get is the thought of having to dance." - BJ Strykes

"Have I mentioned the benefits of an all-cheese diet?" - Drakee

"Why do we need a separate forum for acting stupid, when most of us act pretty stupid as it is?" - Deathamster

"And there's enough sponges to go around for everyone!" - James FP

"Why is it always the "son" who goes to avenge the "father"? Why do you never hear of a daughter?" - SetzertheGreat

"Isn't it funny that it seems like the only video game villain who isn't a virgin is Bowser?" - Kairobi King

"Congratulations, people. This is now the longest and most boring thread in the history of the Game Pond." - Magnus Crowe

"I think Microsoft owns some part of everything." - cuttersDCut

"I hate it when the mainstream media covers anything game-related." - Devlin Domaine

"I'm not even gonna tell you about the article I read in Time Magazine today concerning the X-Box and Gamecube. If there hadn't been other people in the cafeteria, I would've ripped it up." - Flying Omelette

"You know, all that therapy for hearing that song has gone out the window now." - cuttersDCut in response to people posting the lyrics to a Barenaked Ladies song

"Did this have a topic to begin with?" - James FP in response to a complaint about being off-topic

"Have you ever sneezed with food in your mouth? I was eating peanuts and sneezed with my mouth full! It's all over the place and I have to clean my keyboard, monitor, and everything! GROSS!!!" - James FP

"I think Cherry Pepsi is the greatest thing on the face of the planet!" - James FP

"It makes no sense why Conker would be one way in DKR and Pocket Tales, then suddenly be this R-rated character in another game. What's next? Naked Mario becomes reality?" - Junus Crowe on Conker's Bad Fur Day

"Does this T-Rex make me look fat?" - Flying Omelette

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but it's also the first to be replaced...I always say!" - Flying Omelette

"Sometimes, I think that it's important to say what you have to say in the time you have to say it...Suma taught us that, but I didn't truly learn it until Kiera drove the point home." - Flying Omelette

"I am the pink bunny slipper that drives away in your car." - James FP

"I am the string bean that hides in your soup!" - Sedgewick

"He is the Great Oz. Nobody can see the Great Oz. Nobody!" - Brigade Delbrack on BJ Strykes

"According to ezboard, all boards that hadn't gotten any posts for the past six months were supposed to have been purged on the 29th. Maybe the Paradise Resort is "The Land That Ezboard Forgot"." - Nixxy Blayde on the Paradise Resort's mysterious survival of the ezboard purge of inactive boards

"HINT: You know you're running out of ideas when you have to resort to the "get a life" argument. That's not just the bottom of the cliche barrel, that's through the bottom of the barrel and 10 feet into the ground below." - Flying Omelette

"Team-VZQ, where our motto is, "You suck, WE RULE!!!"" - Troy

""Spam-Be-Gone" is when we either don't approach psychos at all, or if we do, we don't flame them back, but rather we reply with intelligent, insightful, well-thought-out posts that make their heads explode, thus reducing their little routines to the equivalent of an internet circus sideshow that becomes the fodder of DBDH Arena sketches." - Flying Omelette explaining the "Spam-Be-Gone" technique of dealing with lamers

"I don't mean to sound like an ass, but...*FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!*" - Minerva K Red

"I never got high on anything but Smoosh!" - Flying Omelette

"They're too damn addicting! I went to get a piece of cheesecake and came back with three clementines, instead! Damn!" - SethraShnoo on clemetines

"Most of the great conversations can come about when people throw a wrench into the works and make you look at things a way you may never have done before." - BJ Strykes

"This is one of those topics that just goes all over the place, and you read it, entirely fascinated by how we get from one subject to another so seamlessly. We've got it down to an art." - Deathamster

"If those people are really psychic, why do they have to ask for your name?" - Flying Omelette on "psychic friends" networks

"If you've NEVER seen DH act like this, then you haven't spent a lot of time around her." - James FP

"Apparently, the best way to piss some people off is to do absolutely nothing." - SethraShnoo

"I remember when Crawl's hobby in his profile was "sleeping". I think some of us should take up that hobby, too!" - James FP in response to a conversation about insomnia

"Note to self: Thawhidol has finally lost all sense of coherency." - Deathamster

"When people get this upset about a lack of red blood in their videogames, I can't help but become reminded of my lack of faith for the positive progress of the human race." - Xonorc

"Have you tried placing a see-thru piece of red plastic over the GBA screen to see if it helps?" - jup in response to complaints about the lack of red blood in the GBA version of DOOM.

"My NES is filled with blood, but I don't know whose it is." - Hobbes

"Unfortunately, I can't say I've ever indulged in the pleasure of trying to stick soap to the ceiling." - James FP

"You guys better update soon, or I'll forced to do something." - Flying Omelette to the Deathamster's Nest staff

"Having curse words censored almost defeats the whole purpose of this board." - Deathamster

"Has BJ ever gotten jumped by Steve Irwin?" - SetzertheGreat

"Just ignore the insane cat over there." - SethraShnoo

"You cannot hunt my ass down, for it is impossible to hunt an ass when there is no ass to hunt - I am an immortal spirit from beyond the Astral Plane...I have no real physical form....MORTAL!!" - ErniePants

"AHROhoaHreohrohaorhoeahOrhoAERHoheoRhoeAHrohOHO!" - Flying Omelette

"*Stares at the board as it lays motionless on the operating table* It's dead, Jim!!" - Flying Omelette on the Moonside ezboard

"I used to get picked on because I used my lunch period to do homework rather than socialize. I never could seem to get it through to people's heads that I wasn't "obsessed" with schoolwork, it's just that I hated having to do schoolwork at home." - Magnus Crowe

"The answers are always so easy they are right in front of you...But they are so simple you can never find it." - flY3K

"Those who think themselves to be above others are doomed to stay there for eternity." - SethraShnoo

"Only those who live with fear die with regrets." - BJ Strykes

"Being ignored is probably the number one reason why I'd leave a message board. I don't really care about being flamed, but being ignored is boring." - Crawl and 1000

"What is it with you RPG players...just don't get it. I see your point; there are wackos out there that think they're awesome because they've played some stupid import game nobody's ever heard of that probably sucked polluted water anyway. But still...bragging about what games you've PLAYED? How about what games you've MASTERED?" - Devilrays

"I keep coming to ezboard, and I don't post much...and I don't think I have a crush on anybody. I don't really know what it would feel like, so maybe I do and don't realize it. I don't know." - Magnus Crowe

"Puh-lease, Crawl, I'm not his type. I don't drink out of the toilet." - Kiera Lordens on Thawhidol

"Zombies just don't have the same effect when they look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy." - Crawl and 1000 on the canceled Game Boy version of Resident Evil

"My wife has a dog that's really annoying, and I don't know what it is, either. It looks like the end of a dust mop with a nose and tongue. You can't even see its eyes, and all it does is yap yap yap! She named it Mr. Frimpet. Women. Go figure." - BJ Strykes

"Thou must send me a pair of your favorite underwear." - Troy




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