"I'm not sure our personalities go together very well. It's like pairing up Roger Ebert with Carrot Top." - Junus Crowe on the suggestion that he and Kairobi King work on a site together.

"You're one of my favorite people. You're just as grumpy as me!" - Deathamster to Crawl and 1000

"I sometimes think people will call almost anything an RPG, if they really want to. I remember a review of King's Knight that said it's an RPG just because Square made it. I guess that means Rad Racer, Rad Racer 2, and Einhander are RPGs, too." - Flying Omelette

"Reverse the polarity. It works every time." - Flying Omelette

"The only problem I had with the Real Ghostbusters cartoon (and I've had this problem with other cartoons, too *cough*Jonny Quest*cough*) is that sometimes the situation would be resolved in such a way that you'd have no idea wtf just happened. Then they'd have the "scientific" member of the group explain it in some technical mumbo-jumbo that usually has no real regard for the laws of science or physics, and is only meant to make us feel stupid for not understanding it." - ErniePants

"I still can't believe their method of testing is to go ahead and release the upgrade, then tell everyone, "Let us know if you find anything unusual!" Yeah, I did! Like...NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG IN ANYMORE!!!" - Junus Crowe on Ezboard upgrades

"I've dealt with the likes of Bugforest, GH64, Thawhidol, Spam King Poopman, Mader/Tader/Cader, those DCS CO LTD people, and Dark Knight2. And through all their spamming and idiocy, this board managed to survive (actually, that's probably about the only interesting stuff that's ever happened here, anyway.)" - Deathamster

"Has anyone else but me noticed that sometimes the ads at the top of the boards are a little...odd? Maybe, individually, they wouldn't be so weird, but it's a little odd when three or four in a row are for sausage." - James FP

"When going forward in life, be careful not to look back for more than an instant, else you will run into a tree." - Luxverum

"Troy will get us all killed yet, I just know it." - Junus Crowe

"The Glory Days of the Internet are gone. Many of the great people - both lamers and good people - have moved on. Only those that are bound to these boards by their true friendships and boredom are left." - Deathamster

"Well, we've all done and said stupid things. The thing about Troy is that he's actually proud of his stupid things." - Magnus Crowe

"I'm getting sick and tired of everybody always complaining about how FO ruins their lives or how much the Game Pond sucked and crap like that. Why does FO always get all the credit for annoying people? I can't keep using anti-FO and anti-Game Pond jokes over and over again. That's been @#%$ done to death!" - Deathamster

"I think I recall saying I loved you or something, but I had just drunk a whole six-pack of coca-colas right before posting that and was a little strung-out on caffeine." - Deathamster

"I don't really watch sports either. It's kind of embarrassing, because my wife and Sethra watch ice skating all the time, so I probably know more about that than anything else!" - BJ Strykes

"I just don't get ice skating. I've seen matches where a person falls all over the place and still wins, while someone who skated perfectly ends up in second or third. I just don't get it." - Deathamster

"I'd be more inclined to agree...or disagree with you, if I had at least some clue of what you meant by that." - BJ Strykes

"Man, that's one honkin' lizard tail you've got there!" - Troy Demetrius

"I have only one thing to say: HA HA HA HA HA HA!! That is all." - James FP

"I think if I see the word "fanboy" one more time, I'm going to throw up." - Kairobi King

"You should hear how the women at my workplace talk about anime. One woman was talking about a trip to Japan she had. She said that everyone there, even adults, liked anime. Another of my co-workers replied, "They need to get a life." Yes, I need to get a life. I need to end up in a screwed-up marriage, so I can complain about my husband, or ex-husband like they all do all the time." - SethraShnoo

"When all's said and done, these boards won't be around, forever. We all have to get something out of the time we have together, here, while we're here, and take what lessons we've learned to heart and apply them in our future endeavors." - BJ Strykes

"If you thought the DBDH Arena was bad, wait until you see this..." - Doveblob on Blabber Wars

"Whenever a new big-name RPG comes out, all you hear is, "The best RPG ever!!" How many times in the past few years has "the best RPG ever" come out?" - SethraShnoo

"'s an RPG...on Playstation2...made by Konami...I think I can save you time and tell you what GameFAQs scores will be: 9, 10, 10, 9, 10, 10, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 10" - Deathamster in response to someone who wanted to know the GameFAQs scores for Ephemeral Fantasia

"What the hell....? They can't even make this 3-D game for the current system they have, and yet they're going to come out with an even more powerful 3-D system?! You gotta learn to crawl before you learn to walk, people!!" - BJ Strykes on the cancellation of Earthbound 64

"I have absolutely no fear of someone flaming me for my preferences. No problem there. The problem is that if I post something that isn't nostalgia/RPG related, it usually doesn't get any replies. In this case, silence speaks louder than words." - NextBillGates

"I manage to avoid these arguments because I don't have any opinions, whatsoever!" - BJ Strykes

"I don't know what an opinion is. 0o" - Troy Demetrius

"I honestly am not seeing where anyone around here is treating anyone else like a "numbskull" for liking N64 games. If you can point out the thread(s) where this is supposedly happening, I'd be more than glad to deal with the users in question in my own evil and sadistic little ways! >:)" - Kiera Lordens

"Life is an extremely short and precious commodity. If someone wants to waste valuable minutes of it posting messages about me or sending me stupid emails, then let them. Later in life, they will wish they could've had that time back. Trust me on that one." - Kiera Lordens

"There are no orange kangaroos in Denmark." - Magnus Crowe

"Now to return to my regularly scheduled banging of head against the cauldron." - Junus Crowe

"Everything reminds you of something relating to the Apocalypse, Junus." - Deathamster

"When they're acting normal and individually, most of the members of Team-VZQ aren't really all that bad. It's only when they band together with this "destructive" mentality that they become a pestilence. Five people aren't meant to share one brain." - Doveblob

"Sorry, but I refuse to give in to the faggy side of the force." - Deathamster

"And all I have to say about this is, if you come to propose a peace offering, bring the peace pipe. And don't bogard it." - Crawl and 1000

"No one can get rid of me THAT easily!" - Deathamster

"And I wonder...who would win in a fight: The Energizer Bunny vs. Toilet Duck?" - James FP

"Yogurt gives me the creeps. The stuff is alive, for crying out loud!" - BJ Strykes

"You can complain about me all you want in the Bite Me forum. That's what it's there for." - Deathamster

"Leave it to us to turn spam into a fulfilling conversation." - Deathamster

"I hope you guys keep it up this time. After all, this is only about the 3,000th time you've started a site." - ErniePants on the reopening of Deathamster's Nest

"I got rid of the damn thread because I'm sick of the damn subject and I don't want to hear about the damn thing anymore! And no, this AIN'T a damn freedom of speech issue, since I started the damn thread, therefore I have a damn right to delete it! DAMMIT!!!" - Deathamster

"You're swearing like Yosemite Sam." - Crawl and 1000

"I don't need but one sentence to state my opinion of rap; it's simply that they forgot the "C" when they were deciding what to call it." - urobbie

"Things must be getting bad if ErniePants and I are considered among the "sane"." - Junus Crowe

"The power of PsykoSuma flows strong with all of us. Until you understand it, you cannot hope to defeat it." - Minerva K Red

"James & Junus would be NOTHING without me! Well, it would just be...James, I guess." - Junus Crowe

"Since when has something being a dumb idea stopped us from doing anything?" - Deathamster

"It's funny how the people who write the best reviews are always saying how "bad" their reviews are and they're always trying to improve. But the worst game reviewers think they're God's gift to internet journalism." - Devlin Domaine

"Unfortunately, it seems like the idea of a professional game reviewer that doesn't cave into the "hype" would require too perfect a world." - BJ Strykes

"The voices who remain silent are those most worth listening to." - Minerva K Red

"Anyone who thinks the internet is ruining their life must not have much of a life to begin with." - ACC Kain

"I look like an egg." - SethraShnoo

"I am one of those people who gets in the way of my own happiness. If it was raining kisses, I'd be the only person with an umbrella." - IJzebel

"I actually prefer to be grumpy all the time. Smiling makes my face hurt." - Deathamster

"I think everyone on Dragon Ball Z looks and acts constipated! Maybe that's why everyone is so mad and blowing things up all the time." - ACC Kain

"Emoticons are okay....I just don't like it when people use them in place of actual words and expect you to understand what they mean. If I see a post that's nothing but emoticons, I ignore it." - BJ Strykes

"Most game reviewers are so biased towards the positive that virtually no flaw could justify disliking a game. They'd rather waste my (as a game fan and consumer) money on a subpar game than hurt a game designer's feelings." - Crawl and 1000

"At the N64 General board, when someone would declare that you couldn't say anything bad about any games and that you had to love all systems equally, a number of people would vocally disagree with that. Some of the more vociferous members of the community might even proclaim that person to be crazy. But nowadays, that mentality is predominant, and people worship it." - Flying Omelette

"A teacher may give a paper an A, but that doesn't make it a great work of literature." - Flying Omelette

"What would happen if my pants fell down?" - ErniePants

"I haven't seen anything this horribly unplayable since Michael Bolton's last CD." - Flying Omelette on the NES game, Ring King

"Caesar and Napoleon were a little more than mere mortals; you see, while the flesh is dead, their spirits still cat told me all about this, and she apparently learned it from the Godfather, whoever the hell he is." - Devilrays

"The thing we have to ask ourselves is, are we here to be on our best behavior, watch every little thing we say and do, for fear that a newcomer who may or may not stay at the board will take it the wrong way and become "scared off"...or are we here to be ourselves and have fun?" - SethraShnoo

"I would much rather have a small community of people saying what they want to say, than a large one of people just following rules all the time." - Kiera Lordens

"When I was young and stupid, I once wrote down all the screen text to Little Ninja Bros." - SethraShnoo

"Is it just me, or does emoticons sound like some new team of Transformers?" - Deathspork

"I don't need emoticons. I change my name depending on my moods!" - James FP

"Trust me. You don't want to eat my clothes." - BJ Strykes

"Look out kids, you'll tip the domino!" - Magical Yard Gnome

"Sometimes I think there are two distinct groups of people in the world: Those who spend their lives trying to be something, and those who spend their lives trying to do something." - SethraShnoo

"I just find your complaints funny, considering that they're coming from the person with the reputation for being "the #1 insultist in Port Saiid"." - Camira Breen to Junus Crowe

"If you've really mastered that game like you claim you have, then you have my permission to say whatever you want about it. Poochy won't go there." - SethraShnoo to Flying Omelette about Zanac

"Well, we've all known for some time that DH isn't human." - SethraShnoo

"Just now realized...after stopping by two or three times to look around that this is not "Death Master's Nest" and finally made the connection to all of the hamster pics..... I feel so stupid now." - Dolbytone

"Yeah, who needs protection from people who want to destroy your board when you can have emoticons and thread ratings?" - Deathamster on Ezboard upgrades

"Someone believed the "Snake in the Ballpit" story? HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's just a story the older kids tell the little kids to scare the crap out of them!" - Deathamster on the spread of urban legends

"Another one I was taught was that if you didn't open up all the windows in your house or car during hot weather, pressure would build up and the windows would explode. My dad was obsessive about opening up all the windows in the house and cars on hot days because he believed that was true. This subject somehow managed to come up when I was working my very first job, and my supervisor just about doubled over in laughter. I couldn't figure out what was so funny." - Flying Omelette

"Your Jedi tricks won't work on me, boy." - Crawl and 1000 on IE5 bombs

"How I went from being called "Sofia the 3rd" to "DEATHAMSTER" is truly the 8th wonder of the world." - Deathamster

"If this conversation gets any more outta here, I'm gonna start thinking you guys are really me, incognito." - Aushirot

"I'm all snuggly warm in my jammies." - Flying Omelette

"After awhile, nothing around here disturbs me, anymore." - Magnus Crowe

"I'm completely oblivious." - Doveblob

"I just change colors naturally. Today I am Lemon Yellow. Yesterday, I was Burnt Orange." - James FP

"A box with a red X is always a bad sign." -cuttersDCut on the X-Box controller

"And speaking of Ransom, I think that anyone who saw that movie and didn't like it should've left the theater and said, "GIMME BACK MY 7 BUCKS!" - Flying Omelette

"FatShnoo is not scary. Anything that can attain that size and shape is a thing of beauty!" - SethraShnoo

"I once dreamt that 10,000 macaronis landed on my head!" - James FP

"Anyone who wants to create a "Shrine to the Great Giant Banana" is probably someone you don't want to give admin to." - Deathamster

"Sometimes, I'm about to make a post, when I realize I don't have enough to say to make a post. Then there are times when I realize that a post does not need to be any more than two sentences long." - Crawl and 1000

"Sometimes, a post doesn't need to be more than one sentence long." - Deathamster

"If there's anything I've learned...It's that people only put you on a pedestal so that they may one day tear you down from it." - Flying Omelette

"I thought it was because of our overwhelming tendency to act like we're drunk." - Minerva K Red pondering the reason of the "bar" theme at Port Saiid.

"Why do people even care? What's the point? Just buy the system with the games that you like the most and shut up already!" - Junus Crowe on console wars

"Over Horizon - Over Lord....there's a coincidence in there somewhere, I think...Oo" - SethraShnoo

"Don't most lamers sound alike?" - Deathamster

"I think one of the biggest problems with game reviews is that reviewers aren't really being honest with themselves. Too many hand out 9s and 10s without really thinking about it. Something is not right when someone gives both Urban Champion and Castlevania the same score." - Deathamster

"At one point, Hal Emmerich (Otacon) says, "I didn't become interested in becoming a scientist to make bombs, you know," and Snake replies in a gruff voice, "That's what they all say!" LMFAO!! "They" say that because it's true!" - Crawl and 1000 on Metal Gear Solid's dialogue

"Hey, if you want to sound stupid, it's none of my business. I just thought I'd point out your error." - Liontamer

"Junus, this is my impression of you making a post: Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh" - Magnus Crowe

"There are certain things that will turn me away from message board communities. These arguments include: (1) What is your favorite Final Fantasy game? in which all replies seem ignorant to the fact that there were Final Fantasy games before 7. (2) Which is better, N64 or PSX? in which most of the replies are "PSX, because CD games are superior to cartridges". (3) Or Top 10 lists that consist of 9 Squaresoft games and Metal Gear Solid." - Flying Omelette

""Egg" is not the normal shape for a parakeet." - Kiera Lordens on FatShnoo

"You two are making so little sense that I can't make less sense then. So I should congratulate you on your ability to make less sense then I could ever make. And thus, I give you the "Less Sense Than I Could Ever Make Award of Senselessness"." - HiRider

"I'd wish for something, but I learned long ago that wishing doesn't make things so." - Crawl and 1000

"Complaining to someone because you lost an argument to a 13-year-old? HAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA! Now I've seen everything!" - Magnus Crowe

"Well, I pretty much suck, too, but I don't beat myself over it." - James FP to SR 2000

"The purpose of meaning is simple! Without meaning, there would be no onion dip or tartar sauce, which would completely uproot the foundations of society as we know it!" - James FP

"What the hell good is all the security in the world when people can't log in or can't even use the boards at all! That's like...installing a virus program on your computer that protects against all virii, but completely disables all your applications." - Junus Crowe on Ezboard's security upgrades

"Maybe we should all join forces and take over the world that way." - Devilrays

"I have this thing about being very fortunate and very unfortunate at the same time." - FieryPhoenix

"Why the hell don't they turn into a Ranger in the first place? Why do they get the snot beat out of them before they decide to "morph"??" - Flying Omelette on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

"I can't figure out the character designer's obsession with asses, because that's what's staring you in the face for most of this game!" - Flying Omelette on the Pirates of Dark Water game

"Maybe I should post my old reviews, so that everyone can see how horrible they were, and no one will feel so bad about theirs, anymore." - BJ Strykes

"FO's right. Most of the conversation here su><0rs! We need to build a bigger squash!" - Junus Crowe on the old topics at Deathamster's ezboard

"I don't see the point in spending time on a message board if you're not gonna be yourself." - Flying Omelette

"It's probably best not to try to figure Junus out. None of us have been able to." - James FP

"I think that studying Junus would be a great value to science." - Flying Omelette

"Well, just be glad that you guys only have to deal with him on the internet and not in real life, too." - Magnus Crowe on his brother, Junus

"There's always something weird going on around here. So, what else is new?" - SethraShnoo

"Oh, shut up, or I'll make FatShnoo sit on you!" - SethraShnoo

"*Checks to see if is taken* Nope...looks like there's hope for me to make a website yet." - Junus Crowe

"I like smaller boards better because they're easier to conquer! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" - ErniePants

"Sorry, I should've thrown in some words like "Z-buffering", "framerate", "anti-aliasing", and a C+ program from my last college course. What was I thinking?" - Flying Omelette on accusations of not being intelligent enough in arguments

"I think the lamest argument in the world is saying something is "offensive". If someone tells me that something I said is "offensive", what is to stop me from saying, "Well, I find you're getting offended at me to be offensive"? So, I'm made out to be a bad person because I offended someone, but then I make him/her out to be bad because he/she offended me, so now we're even." - Flying Omelette

"And we all know that whenever any man is trying to make a large anything, what he's really compensating for." - Nixxy Blayde

"FO was like Moses parting the Red Sea." - Minerva K Red on Flying Omelette's role in the victory over the Game Pond

"I like nachos." - Oxnard Hamster

"Oh well, I guess being a "pussy" isn't so bad... only you have to learn not to be surprised when people try to screw you." - urobbie

"I may act crazy, and I probably am, but I don't see why that makes me any different from anyone else here, considering that on the Game Pond, people that are more crazier than me are MODS!!!" - Puddmann

"If you would stop acting like a hilarious version of GH64, people would actually take you seriously." - Devilrays to Puddmann

"I would just think, "Oh, cool, this guy's a jet!...And this guy's a fire truck. And that one's a train, but he can also become a space shuttle, and look, those are dinosaurs! And this guy, I don't know what...Hey! A flying car!" Basically, that's what I was like watching the show." - Doveblob on the Transformers cartoon

"They're like villains in a Home Alone movie." - ACC Kain on Team-VZQ

"You get a piece of paper. Draw a picture of Mew. Cut out the picture of Mew. Roll it up. Cut a small hole in Pokémon Yellow. Put the picture of Mew in the hole. IT REALLY WORKS! Other people have said to hit Pokémon Yellow with a hammer then put Mew in and glue it back together. But that doesn't work. Use Scissors!" - BillofHarvestMoon's reaction to people asking how to get Mew in Pokemon

"Someone needs to make a law so that it's illegal for squirrels to run 3/4 of the way across the road, then turn back and run the other way." - Flying Omelette

"Bad Austin Powers impressions are horrible. I am right now pushing for legislation that forces you to have a license to do an Austin Powers impression." - Thawhidol

"The thing that depresses me the most about it is that a Data Processing degree is practically worthless. All it means is that you're prepared for a life behind a cubicle." - Flying Omelette

"What I think is worse are these pop-up ads for a "ninja" camera...I mean, c'mon...that is really stretching the definition of "ninja", now." - Agisuro

"I'm finding out more and more there are an unhealthy amount of people out there who are in love with the Autobot Prowl." - Flying Omelette

"Why do I get the feeling that if you put these people alone in a room with a garbage can, it wouldn't be too long before they'd be accusing it of raping their wives and selling their children into slavery?" - Kairobi King on various ezboard lamers

"I just think it's absolutely amazing that I post pictures from that site on my board and the reaction is that they're funny but I post it on their own board and the reaction is that it's offensive." - Flying Omelette on being kicked off a Transformers board

"Yeah, it's one thing to have to take orders from a moderator - but there's no way on earth I'll take ANY orders from a moderator who barks like a dog and makes posts that say "*wags his tail*" and little else." - Flying Omelette

"One can never have too many funny pictures of Team Rocket James in drag." - Flying Omelette

"Well, at least that will keep Junus occupied and his mind off of blowing things up for awhile." - Flying Omelette on Junus's promotion to the DH's Nest staff

"I have to admit...if ever there was a way to close down a board, THAT is it!" - Kiera Lordens on the Paradise Resort

"Every day you're alive is like a middle finger in the face of those who hate you." - Magical Yard Gnome

"The one I always hate is when you think something is really bad, like a movie or song or cartoon or game, etc., and someone says, "Well, let's see YOU do better!" Well, I'm not being paid to do it better, and nor do I have the resources. I realize not everything is meant to be a masterpiece, but if people didn't criticize stuff that stinks, then things would continue to get worse and worse." - Magnus Crowe



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