"DEVILRAYS immediately picks up a snow shovel and hits himself over the head with it to subdue himself." - Devilrays

"By the way, it's CLOUDBOND007, not CLOUDBOND." - CB007
"Yes. He's not an adhesive!" - Minerva K Red

"It feels like we're being blamed for something that's going on in a galaxy far, far away." - Flying Omelette

"There was a time when I thought it would be great to inherit the Game Pond as the new Head Admin. But now, I just feel like I'd be inheriting a bunch of problems." - Flying Omelette

"A lamer that is ignored is a lamer that doesn't exist." - BJ Strykes

"Sometimes there can be more than one side to a truth..." - Flying Omelette

"Sethra, I eat plenty at work. You're skinnier than me, and you eat constantly!" - BJ Strykes

"I am...more evil than most people know!" - Kiera Lordens

"People have reviewed all sorts of things in here in the past, like, FO's butt for example." - Deathspork

"No, I just hate all of humanity and feel that either the world goes, or I go... That's all." - Puddmann

"I wouldn't expect someone to know off the bat that I am a female, but when I tell people and they reply, "It's a MAN!" that puzzles me." - Deathamster

"I guess I had a Mid-Internet/name/life crisis!?" - SR 2000


"To me, it kind of looks like an upside-down lightbulb." - Morgannon

"At any store where they sell office supplies, in the same aisle you find Wite-out and pens, you can find a Wite-out pen, which is a bottle of Wite-out in pen form. There is a bulge in the center of it in roughly the same shape of Shnoo." - Devilrays

"It's changed shape, so it looks more like a bar of soap, now!" - Kiera Lordens

"The way her belly hangs over the perch, it looks like she's welded to it." - SethraShnoo

"If I am confusing you, just remember that it doesn't have to make sense." - Devilrays

"Story of my life. They all hate FO and want her to leave, yet they do a good job of acting just like her when she does." - Flying Omelette

"The really sad thing is that ESS is still complaining about "off-topic shnoos"." - Magical Yard Gnome

"FO, once I rule the BBS, my first order of business is to put you in a mental home. And that's pretty dramatic, since my first order of business forever has been the legalization of catnip and a memorial to Pogo." - Devilrays

"I've been too busy, lately, and my ISP connection sucks, and my school blocked some of the servers. Isn't life grand?" - Deathamster

"I was pretty old before I learned why it was that birds never urinated." - Crawl and 1000
"That's fascinating, Crawl. I'm sure most people don't learn that at all." - SethraShnoo

"Regardless of whether or not Square is "milking" the Final Fantasy series, I doubt they'll be able to complete those requirements for so many games, particularly since RPGs is one genre that has very, very little innovation over time, so much so that when you get one that plays differently, like Tactics Ogre, the innovation made people consider it to be in a different genre than RPGs altogether, strategy RPGs. Can you imagine if Bionic Commando was considered to be in a different genre just because you can't jump? Old action games had a lot more differences between them than RPGs." - Crawl and 1000

"I think seeing isn't believing...but rather believing is seeing what can't be seen." - SethraShnoo

"People just bash it because of how popular it is, without really knowing what it's all about. And, in a way, it's hard to blame them, because the stores and media shove it down everyone's throat." - Kairobi King on Pokemon

"You don't have to be the smartest person, the best gamer, the best artist, the most articulate writer, etc. Just be yourself. That's the one most important thing to always be." - Flying Omelette

"If you put up a Kiera Board and start calling me squishy, I might start to wonder about you..." - Kiera Lordens's reaction to the "Beejy Weejy Board" at ShnooWorld

"I just read through 2 game concepts where the basic idea is to beat up people and inanimate objects.. Maybe I'm not the scary person around here, after all.." - BJ Strykes

"As I get older, I get dumber." - BJ Strykes

"Come on, where's your imagination? Mine's in the gutter right now!" - Kefkathe3rd

"I admit FO is a skilled poet but I wish she would harness her skill toward something a little more likeable. You don't see me harnessing my writing to try to get it on with Kiera, do you?" - Devilrays on Flying Omelette's "Odes to Crawl and 1000"

"I meant that FO was seeming normal by EZBoard standards for a while (of course, that may not be that normal.)" - Devilrays

"God, FO, ur more perverted then when me and some friends went to the lesbian chat." - TermiteJr

"Can someone help me? I seem to have lost my bagels." - Doveblob

"I don't mean offense to anyone, but I'm tired of seeing kids on message boards writing top 10 lists that look like:
10. Super Mario Bros. 2
9. Super Mario Bros.
8. Super Mario Land
7. Mario Party
6. Mario Party 2
5. Mario Party 3
4. Chrono Trigger
3. Super Mario Sunshine
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
1. Super Mario RPG" - CodieKitty

"Nerves of steel,
Heart of gold
Oh, may you be
Forever bold..." - Flying Omelette

"All Nintendo characters are neutered." - SethraShnoo

"He looks like he just paid the prostitute if you ask me." - Liontamer on the Pikachu N64

"Remember that Saturn commercial everyone complains about that showed an N64 being used as a clay pigeon? Had it been THAT N64, I wonder if people would've cheered, instead..." - James FP on the Pikachu N64

"Actually, Crawl and I do have the exact same opinions on games...we just have them for different games!" - Flying Omelette

"You're such a rollercoaster of emotions, FO." - BJ Strykes

"Don't try to stand in the way of our love!" - Crawl and 1000

"Everytime I'm about to reply to a post I see "I love FO!" as the topic! WTF is with that?" - WhatAboutRaven2


"We have to stop Rosie O'Donnell from eating my flower garden!" - CataTonic9

"I guess we should work harder if we want to get the monkey out of the couch cushion, eh?" - Benji

"Can someone please explain what this line from Zelda: Ocarina of Time means? "Without a fairy you're not even a real man!" - Mido" - Flying Omelette

"Forbes? Isn't that that crazy guy who ran for president awhile ago?" - Yujiko

"Andrew Vesteel said of CC: "It may not have had the biggest budget, but it has the biggest heart." I think it would be more appropriate to say, It may not have had the biggest budget, but it had a pretty freaking huge budget anyway. I think R-Type Delta packs the biggest heart/budget ratio. That game had, like, 10 people make it." - Crawl and 1000

"I'd rather do something pointless than nothing." - Shadow Villgust

"Here's what I propose: All the people at the Game Pond who don't have an ezboard, like me, NBG, Setzer, Kairobi, Aussie, and some others should all get together and become co-admins of one ezboard called: "The Ezboard No One Will Ever Use!"" - Pero the Cat (eerily prophetic in retrospect)

"I miss out on all the good stuff..." - Fenrir

"If I can hold a Burmese python, I can handle a slug." - Flying Omelette

"After all, that board always has been good for a laugh." - Flying Omelette on the Team-VZQ Headquarters ezboard

"Errghh...I didn't think it would be THAT big..." - SethraShnoo complaining about an oversized picture that sounds really funny when you don't know what it's referring to

"Please, oh please, someone tell me that the Fire Emblem series originally invented that, because if I start hearing what a great game Fire Emblem is for having that system, while Kartia continues to go unnoticed, buildings will burn down." - Flying Omelette on the Fire Emblem's "paper-rock-scissors" system

"I'm not gonna update my profile every time ezboard feels like screwing it over." - Junus Crowe

"Trust me, once you get to know me, you'll never forget me, no matter how hard you try." - Magnus Crowe

"I miss the good ole days of ezboard. The no-frills ezboard, without all the emoticons and fancy crap, before the pop-ups, before they took away the ability to post with any username while logged in." - SethraShnoo

"Expressing yourself is overrated." - Deathspork

"I think when people are drawing Hentai, they aren't that worried about the character's face." - SethraShnoo responding to complaints that characters in hentai drawings are often ugly

"There's a lot more bad smells than good ones in the world." - SethraShnoo

"I usually don't think of myself as a weak-stomached person, but when I see a brown spot on a banana I really have to surpress a strong urge to involuntarily vomit." - Crawl and 1000

"Right now, this overwhelming numb feeling just came over both of my feet, and they feel like 10-ton weights that have firmly planted themselves into the floor." - Magnus Crowe

"I don't want to see anyone's meat." - Kairobi King

"Dammit, man, I told you not to spread the chocolate with the same knife you spread the peanut butter with. But all you hate me cuz I keep leaving half eaten raw meat sandwhiches in my bed. And cuz I sleep in all your beds and leave raw meat sandwhiches in your beds, too." - Proto Man and Mega Man

"Onions and bagels! We need more onions and bagels!" - Doveblob

"Cheesecakes and nurse's hats for everyone!!" - James FP

"I should probably be glad that people are finding this funny instead of annoying (with the exception of DEATHAMSTER)..." - Puddmann

"Fuck brotherly love!" - Puddmann

"All these teachers think that the only class that exists is their's. More often than not, I get assigned 1 hour of homework by at least 3 of my classes every day. That's 3 hours plus 6 hours is 9 hours, x5= 45 hours." - NextBillGates

"The Ironhide and Ratchet toys scare me. They're right up there with Dancing Darunia and the Michael Keaton Talking Snowman on the list of things that I could swear I see laughing at me and running down my hallway at night." - James FP

"I'll say what I want and if you're going to argue with me about it, I'll argue whatever way I want. End of story!" - Devlin Domaine

"When a group of people are all acting like assholes, it's not my job to sort you out nor be specific in naming names if I even bother to address what's going on." - Deathamster

"I wouldn't have thought there was such a thing as real-life cartoon villains, but there you go." - Flying Omelette on Team-VZQ

"If someone is gonna attack the boards, I say bring 'em on. We'll smash'em like flies under a cinderblock, just like all the others. No one can withstand the powarr of PsYkOsUmA!" - Minerva K Red

"Perhaps Loro speaks what you are afraid not to." - Brigade Delbrack

"Some people, like FO said, aren't capable of doing better, and they're always going to revert back to their elitist ways no matter what happens. Sucks that they have to let their attitudes get in the way of not only everyone else's fun, but their own fun, too, because if you look back through older posts, you can clearly see there were times when everyone could get along and enjoy each other's company." - Nixxy Blayde

"Most people go to your board because of a love for or interest in games, whereas most people went to the Game Pond because they wanted to be an admin or mod." - Devlin Domaine to Flying Omelette

"I just don't like feeling that I'm purposefully being used as a wedge between two groups of opposing forces." - Flying Omelette

"I just want to know that when you post, the words coming out of you are from Benjamin Strykes and not Ezboard Moron #542." - Flying Omelette
"I'm actually Ezboard Moron #533, but close enough!" - BJ Strykes

"It's not people who can't think that make those sort of mistakes. It's people who don't want to think." - Flying Omelette

"I was made out to be a bastard who hated all message board communities but my own just because I expressed what I liked about Renuldar-Star in a topic that specifically asked what were your favorite message boards and why. I didn't say anything that could've possibly been interpreted as insulting to any other community, yet somehow they managed to do it. I'm not sure if it takes extreme retardation or extreme genius to pull that off." - BJ Strkyes

"Arguing over who said what at a message board that doesn't even exist anymore is not my idea of "having fun"." - Flying Omelette

"As much as I'm getting tired of reading about Game Pond crap, I sort of think it's become a running joke that's never really going to go away completely. I still see GH64 and Thawhidol jokes now and then. It's just part of our internet heritage." - Deathamster

"Stop turning every fucking thread into an anti-Game Pond bashing brigade! We've all had our fun! We've all joked about it, talked about it, ranted about it, but to paraphrase Roger Ebert's review of Alien Resurrection, I'm all Game Ponded-out! There once was a board called the Game Pond. It sucked and everyone hated it. The End" - Flying Omelette

"What part of "I don't give a crap" do you not understand?" - BJ Strykes

"I refuse to be a part of a spineless community." - Setzer the Great

"He was always complaining that he no longer liked his "Setzer the Great" if he ever comes back, I suggest we tell him to change his name to "Mitch da Bitch"." - James FP

"Well met noble Paladin! I wish you well on your, ugh, text messages here and whatnot." - Sonydragon

"IGN sounds like Robin breaking one of the Riddler's asinine riddles on Superfriends." - Deathspork on IGN's method of figuring out what the Gamecube's official name was before its release

"It's not like I have a Dreamcast, anyway, but I suppose I'd better get one, soon. Problem is, every time I try to look at them in stores, the clerks usually tell me, "Dude! It's a dead system! Get the PSTOOOO!"" - Devlin Domaine

"Braving Funcoland for any reason is pretty X-Treme, if you ask me!" - Junus Crowe

"Sometimes cold hard facts are the only way to keep information straight." - Bomberguy221

"I am an outcast and very, very proud of it. I don't want to be a part of anything. I decided that long ago...even before I got on the internet." - Flying Omelette

"I wish radio stations would play anime music, I think a lot of it is better than 90% of what's played on the radio anyway (the same goes for game music)." - Magical Yard Gnome

"I have better things to do in the gaming world than to just sit around capturing monsters all day." - Flying Omelette on the "monster-catching" RPG trend

"The most horrifying dream I ever had was one where 10,000 macaronis landed on my head...but then after that I realized it wasn't such a bad dream after fact, now I wish it would come true!" - James FP

"Oh, yay! A thread that makes me look like the total idiot that I am! That's sooo funny, brother!" - Magnus Crowe

"I'm just a fat dove where there used to be a person. I was deleted, and came back as a dove. Now all I do is eat bagels all day." - Doveblob

"I am not just a mere pair of pants. I am the Omni-Wonder of the Universe. The human eyes cannot see my true form. If you were to ever lay eyes on it, you would spontaneously combust. Therefore, I must appear in a form that the human mind can grasp - that of a giant pair of talking pants! Now, say your prayers, Earthling!" - ErniePants

"Look, I'm talking to a pair of pants!" - SuperNova in a conversation with ErniePants

"It's all part of our diligent research to bring you completely pointless and totally useless information." - SethraShnoo

"I think PETA does more to harm animals' rights causes than it does to help. Because of them, no one can take animal's rights seriously anymore." - SethraShnoo

"It was a really long time ago, but someone once got really pissed because I said I liked chicken lo mein." - Kairobi King
"It was probably someone working for PETA." - Deathamster

"Yippy Tai-Yai-Yay." - Devlin Domaine

"So, in other words, Team-VZQ is both fascist and elitist. By Game Pond Logic, they are also probably overreacting, hypocritical parrots." - Devlin Domaine

"I don't think Team-VZQ quite fits the description of "skilled l33t hackers"." - Flying Omelette in response to someone's overstated description of Team-VZQ

"I find it amazing that the only person who ever successfully copied my maniacal laughter was S R 2000." - Flying Omelette

"Sometimes, I hate you people. I really, really do." - Deathamster

"Junus, you've made your point (more than once, in fact), and I think it's time you ended this whirling dervish of madness before you lose what remaining level of journalistic credibility you think you still have." - Magnus Crowe

"I'm not sure who is dumber. The people I banned, or the people who are still here." - Deathamster

"If it's Buddy Bears that are your problem, you're going about it all wrong by banning them. The solution is to order a pizza for them and then ask them to decide on the topping." - Flying Omelette in response to DH always referring to lamers as "Buddy Bears"

"I don't need no Anti-Opinion Buddy Bears telling me what sites/boards I should/shouldn't like, what people I should hang with, what opinions of what games I should have, or how I should express my opinions or argue with people, or for what reasons I should have those opinions. And nor do I need people flooding my board or hacking my accounts. Especially people that can't even spell common English words!" - Deathamster

"They're gone? Oh darn. I wanted to laugh at them, too!" - Sedgewick

"Well, just don't anybody break into "Paradise By the Dashboard Light", or else I'll have to strange y'all!" - Flying Omelette

"Do you ever notice that people who never use the spamming forum to advertise, almost always have a "No-Spamming" rule on their own board?" - Deathamster

"Could have a double meaning there. Ever wonder about Barney and Fred?" - Deathamster on the line "We'll have a gay old time" in the Flintstones theme song

"People believe what they want, because they aren't stupid enough to fall for your retardedness." - DH to Thawhidol

"I miss phonographs and Rubix Cubes..." - Mercury Crusader

"Last thing I want to see is another RPG with a storyline filled with angst and enviro-terrorists and crazy violent hippies and other weird crap." - Mercury Crusader

"Dire 51's Top 100 is actually what mostly inspired me to do my own. It was only a Top 50 at the time, but it was the first Top Game list I had read that didn't, at any point, make me want to vomit." - Flying Omelette

"I guess it helped that I actually listed games that I've loved for years, rather than just the newest kewlest OMG ROFL games that were out, eh?" - Dire 51's reply to the above comment from Flying Omelette

"I visit Portal of Evil's news page and forums every day. It would take a lot more than just saying you don't like some people's Top 10 lists to offend me." - Flying Omelette

"I may not be the toughest critic around, but I think I have fairly decent standards." - Flying Omelette

"I did like Metal Gear, but I didn't have high hopes for MGS because of all the cutscenes and other crap (half of Ebert's movie laws apply to MGS, especially the "Last words" one)." - Facilitypro

"Run, Jump, Run, Turn, Jump, Shoot. Run, Jump, Run, Turn, Jump, Shoot. Run, Jump, Run, Turn, Jump, Shoot. That's not a strategy, that's a tongue twister." - CodieKitty

"My oldest game memories are playing Combat on Atari 2600 and Galaga in the local arcade. After that, everything becomes a blur." - Troy Demetrius

"There was also a period of time where we couldn't find out what the point of Luigi was. Someone would choose 2 Players by accident and when Mario would die, no one knew what to do with Luigi. That was pretty dumb." - Hobbes on his first experiences with Super Mario Bros.

"I like the NES as much as anyone else here, but I knew these people on a message board to whom you could just not say anything negative about anything NES-related to. If you said you disliked an NES game, no matter what reasons you gave, they'd leap on you and act like you're the harbringer of the "gaming apocalypse". But then after Seanbaby's NES Site gained momentum, I thought I'd post a link to it for all of them to see. I thought for sure their heads would explode, but instead, they actually said they liked the site and thought it was really funny. I guess, in their eyes, you're only allowed to say negative things about NES games if you're Seanbaby." - Magnus Crowe

"Seanbaby is funny. What is not funny are the gazillion game reviewers and websites that try to imitate him." - SethraShnoo

"Individuality is bliss." - Flying Omelette

"I don't know what they're like as characters, but I swear that "Roy" and "Marth" are two of the dumbest names I've ever heard for RPG characters. That sounds more like the name of a new duo for Sesame Street." - Flying Omelette

"The only thing more annoying than spammers are people who act like they're the "Spam Police"." - James FP

"Milli Vanilli would blame it on the rain, but I'd blame it on Milli Vanilli." - Magnus Crowe

"I think it is highly hypocritical that when leaving a job, you have to give 14 days notice, but you can be fired without any notice." - James FP

"The nighttime supervisor was reporting every little thing I did to my manager. If I bent over to pick up a pencil off the floor, they'd find some way to turn it into, "Paul was acting like an enraged psycho!"" - Pero the Cat

"There was a rumor that I could breathe underwater.....Buuuu.u.uuu.ut, IT WASN'T TRUE!!!" - SR 2000

"Everyone in school calls me gay because I don't chase after everything wearing a skirt." - NextBillGates

"WTF?? People review action figures now??" - Troy Demetrius

"My eyes!! The googles do nothing!!" - Crawl and 1000

"I usually wait until I'm done eating to commence squishing of BJ!" - Kiera Lordens

"That's awesome, ANGELFIRE SUCKS!!!" - SR 2000

"I like smashing into things, face-first." - James FP

"Ohio must be full of internet junkies..." - SethraShnoo on the disproportionately large number of people at ShnooWorld who were from Ohio

"Once I went to an N-sider's board and someone wondered what my name meant, so I decided to tell a ludicrous lie about it. I said when I signed up for N-sider I accidentally put my username and password in the reverse places, so my username was crawland1000 and my password was, "SuperMarioSuperStud"" - Crawl and 1000

"Well, it's true I do like to make omelettes, but that isn't really how I got my name. One time, I had a really bad cold. This was around the time I first got the internet. I was bringing up mucous left and right. It was all yellowy and it looked like egg yolk. So one time, I sneezed, and a bunch of it shot out! I said it looked like a flying omelette!" - Flying Omelette

"I certainly hope James can get an actual photograph of himself up on the internet someday, because I would really like to see someone who claims to look like a living anime cartoon character." - Kiera Lordens

"Who else would name themselves after an anime man who looks like he could be a woman?" - James FP

"I do remember someone with an Alucard name who was always fighting with me because of those dumb "Super Mr. Frimpet" jokes I made. He insulted me, and I replied with, "Thank you very much!" Then he sent me a message calling me something I can't repeat here, and again I replied with, "Thank you so much for your compliment! Your input is appreciated! Have a nice day!"" - SethraShnoo

"I generally don't like most RPGs I've played, but one thing I liked about Earthbound was being able to name your favorite food and favorite thing...all sorts of possibilities opened up there." - Deathamster

"What is the big deal with liking Final Fantasy games all of a sudden? It's not any different than liking or disliking anything else that's out there." - Flying Omelette on strange Final Fantasy "paranoia"




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