I am not about to go into what goes through PUDDMANN's mind, because honestly, I don't know. I don't even know what goes through my own mind. - Devilrays

Some of the nonsensical stuff I post is downright funny. I post it to be weird. Who the hell doesn't? - Devilrays

Now if you will excuse me, I think I will go down a bottle or six of Advil to get rid of this damned headache...perhaps brought on by the fact that I was driving for a few hours today in a car with no A/C in the hot sun wearing no sunglasses because I left them on top of an ATM like a loser? Umm...let's think here...uh...nah. Not possible. - Devilrays

What's next - you're going to claim that you invented the question mark? (No wait...I invented the question mark. No I didn't. Hold a sec...I didn't invent the question mark, but I DAMN SURE INVENTED THE VERTICAL BAR!) - Devilrays

No really, I understand that things outside the internet effect us and how we respond to things online. That's why I have the greatest respect for everybody, except for anyone who is a Fudge-budget, they SUCK! - SR 2000

I do not come here to start fights. Obviously a lot of people believe that I do. Some days I can't even get through a sentence without getting flamed mercilessly...AH, DAMN IT! WHY CAN'T I JUST FORGET THE WHOLE THING? WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH MY MIND? MAYBE I SHOULD JUST TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT AND BLAME MY MOTHER. - Devilrays

I never said you came here just to fight. But you'll have to excuse me if I find this a little funny. - James FP

I certainly have a habit of getting BBS admins PO'ed at me! First NOADANO, then Bugforest, then Never is a Promise, then VividImagination, now Dark Knight2. I find this last one particularly funny since I've never heard of him before this. - James FP

Well, I guess I am an asshole. And anyone who replies with this nonsense saying "No you're not an asshole" or "Snap out of it" just know I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO HEAR IT! I don't rant and belittle myself to get sympathy; I do it because it's what's on my mind. - Devilrays

Dark Knight = an idiot! For the record, I'm tired of dealing with idiots. - cuttersDCut

NOTE: Please ignore the jealous, psychotic, jabroni to your left! - James FP

**chews nervously on a phone cord semi-impatiently for no apparent reason** - Devilrays

Ezboard - We screw up your stuff so no one else has to. - Magnus Crowe

Um, I went to the Aquarium, but it's not like I actually dove into the tanks! - Flying Omelette in response to someone asking if she was almost eaten by sharks

That's WHY we watched it, because it was so stupid, we could make fun of it! I mean, c'mon! That show was funnier than Friends! - Minerva K Red on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

I think all any villain would need to do to catch the Thundercats is put a giant trap out in plain view with a sign on it that says, "Thundercats Trap: Please Enter!", and he'd have them caught within the first 10 minutes of the show! - James FP

Is it just me...or is this the most disturbing thing that has ever been made for any video game system?! I kept hearing all the hype about this game, but had no idea what it was. Well, I certainly wish I had never found out, because I've been officially scarred for life! Who the heck came up with this?! - Kairobi King on the Dreamcast game, Seaman

Heh, no one could ever beat this gutsy move of mine. I was in an IM chat with twelve diehard Gundam Wing fans, and I proceeded to tell each and everyone of them why the show disgusted me. It...wasn't pretty. - Kefkathe3rd

I once played through every single world in SMB3 in one game. I really had too much time on my hands, but it was fun! - BJ Strykes

I am chicken, so worship me!! - Kairobi King

I have seen one episode of Pokemon, and all I heard was...Pika Pika? - IJzebel

I think I'll make my custom title, "Year 2001 Swimsuit Model". - BJ Strykes

I can only make a limited number of posts each day. Quiz threads, nonsense...I certainly don't want to waste my time declaring loyalty to ErniePants. - Devilrays

I saw a UFO! - MrBlastoise
Uh...that was just me. I drove past your house the other day. - Troy Demetrius

I will send the Evil Shnoo from Heck after you! - HiRider
I only answer to the Evil Shnoo of Hades. - Flying Omelette

I mostly created this name because I was in a bad mood and was trying to think of something really funny to cheer me up. - Deathamster

I hate cheese. All kinds of cheese. Every kind! - flY3K
I'm not too big on it, either. But that may be just because I hate everything. - Deathamster

Mambo #5 is what hell sounds like. - Hobbes

Well, people are allowed to like it or dislike it, but why should they go around singing the theme song if they hate it? My annoying brother sings songs out loud at me that he hates, and he gives the excuse that he's "mocking it." It makes no difference. - Devilrays

Ah joost ate me a big dinner an' I feel fookin' stoofed yeah. - Magical Yard Gnome

I didn't really have a problem with it being based on a cartoon. After all, how many games feature a plot about a group of football players who are transported back in time to become knights and save Camelot? As far as video game plots go, that's pretty original. My problem with it is that the game is so devoid of "personality". You have 12 knights, but not one personality among them. Not only that, but the game world is so devoid of life. There's plenty of enemies, but you rarely ever see another human soul! I'd like to think that the world I'm saving actually has people in it that are worth saving, and not just the occasional crazy old man in the swamp. And even when you do find people to talk to, they have all the personality of a cauliflower. - Flying Omelette on the Knights of Justice SNES game

How about a video game where u get to be Jet Li? - Aerra
Aerra, admit it, you'd pefer that "be" to be "do". - TermiteJr

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Cross Dressers will Rule the World!! - HiRider

I sure do keep alot of useless information in my head, don't I? - Pero the Cat

Maybe it's just me, but I really can't understand how anyone could honestly play RPGs just "for the stories", especially when you consider 99% of them are the same thing! Evil Empire/Sorcerer/Sorceress/Demon/Spirit/Empress/Emperor/King/Queen/Alien/Monster is threatening to take over/destroy the world. It's up to one brave hero/group of heroes to stop this evil [thing] from taking over the world. Will our hero/group of heroes prevail? During the course of this game, someone will get kidnapped, someone will die, someone will become a traitor, someone evil will become good, someone will turn into a dragon/monster, there will be some ultimate evil for the final boss (even if it has nothing to do with the rest of the game), a town or two will be destroyed, there will be some god-like being who will give our hero(s) special power(s), there is some ultimate weapon, etc. If you really are playing RPGs just for the story, then you only need to play one RPG. - Flying Omelette

Is finding a bad review on game faqs really news worthy? - Crawl and 1000

practice makes perfect, practice enuff u wont suck - TermiteJr

I think I might want a DC now! But then again, I want everything! heh heh! - Troy Demetrius

Begins comtemplating purchase of DC....wonders how much I would have to bribe Sega for the Hello-Kitty shaped DC....Wonders how many of those RPGs are actually gonna come to the US...falls asleep... - SethraShnoo

Xing is xong with the xind. - Junus Crowe

I must ask why do RPG players always exaggerate about the length of scenes from RPGs? For instance, I was always hearing people say Knights of the Round from FF VII is a 5-minute summon. It's only a little over a minute. I was hearing about FF VIII's grand, FMV 30 minute ending. It's about 10 minutes, 3 of which feature Squall walking. - Facilitypro

I say what I say about the X-Box, mainly because people get all bitchy about it really fast. It's kind of like that anti-Pokemon rash a long while back everyone was doing. I see more "anti-(kiddy)" jokes than I do "anti-(mature)", so in a way, I'm the innovator of pissing people off. Or something like that. - Mercury Crusader

X-Box has better multiplayer than PS2, though, so I'll probably be in the market for an X-Box in the near future. As of late, though, it seems the only real multiplayer game I'd want is Halo, a game with so much hype that you can piss in a cup, label it "Halo", and everyone in a seventeen mile radius will drink it AND like it. - Mercury Crusader

Then there's that whole 16-player multi-system linking multiplayer mode thing on Halo, which is a novel idea, but really, only college kids bored with AD&D can actually get something like that going. I'm bored with AD&D as of late. Good thing the die set I have is still good for other things, like slingshot ammo and stuff. - Mercury Crusader

X-Box Live seems great, in theory, but remember that only a small margin of people online actually have broadband capabilities, and that headset thing is actually a turn-down. I'm more tolerant of people yelling "LOLOL!!1111" on the screen with their keyboards than I am at listening to them shout "Yo, hizzay to da grizzay, wigadee word up home slice!" on the headset. - Mercury Crusader

One real objection I have to the XBox is that intelligent fans of the console are few and far between. - HonestGamer

What's funny is that I always hear people saying how "mature" the X-Box is, but the one game that would interest me the most is that one with the cat character. - Flying Omelette

I came to a conclusion, that X5 is pure crap, and that it is the WORST Megaman X game that was made yet. The stage design is as bad as my spelling. - Tweeter911

Bad translation doesn't stop people from calling alot of badly translated NES games the "greatest of all time". - Flying Omelette

I'm having a wonderful time, but I'd rather be whistling in the dark. - Devilrays

I won't bother with any lewd remarks to that. - HiRider

I'm pretty sure that England's national anthem is "God Save the Queen," which has the same tune as "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" (which, when I was a child, I thought was 'My Country is a V', which might appeal to ZapdosRocks). - Crawl and 1000

It must be a secret message, more crucial than we can even imagine. I'll start deciphering it right away! Our very lives may depend on it. - CB007

I suppose I have evolved alot, too...but there are still times when I bite my tongue. - Flying Omelette

This reminds me of Moonlighting. - Setzer the Great

I never say anything worse then what I see some people say, but when I do it, they're always the first to whine about it! - BJ Strykes

The gaming society of the internet has lost its soul. - James FP

I shall...have a new name...a name that will strike terror wherever it appears...a name that people will only dare to whisper...I want people to respect me...No...I want people to FEAR me!!! And I will DESTROY all those who stand in my way!! - ACC Kain

I never even knew there was anyone in the world who thought that Ganon was the Shadow in Zelda 2 until maybe 2 months ago. I don't know how anyone could get that idea except for someone spreading it around and everyone believing it. I should try to make up a preposterious videogame theory... Well, I have conjectured that Dracula became a vampyre during his fight with Trevor but there's no way in hell that any other person would ever believe that. - Crawl and 1000

I don't like to give huge reviews, because I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. - SethraShnoo
Well, Sethra, the point of giving reviews in an environment like this isn't necessarily to be original, but perhaps to turn your friends onto games you like! - Crawl and 1000

On an unrelated note, if you call me Crap Razer again, I will crush you with my evil pasta sticks. - Devilrays

Eggo will rule over bagel, I DECLARE THIS!!!! - Tweeter911

I know I probably just shouldn't go there anymore, but I read one review at Gamefaqs recently. It was for Soul Calibur, one near the top, titled, "The naked truth." The first line of the review is, in italics, no less

There's no such thing as a button mashing game

Wow, that convinced me. Surely he anticipates some disagreement, right, or else this would never even be an issue? So, how does he handle that? With the time honored internet logic that convinces people that they're wrong by insulting them. He says the only reason people call games button mashing games is because they suck, play a 7 year old, lose, and call the game a button masher. Again, yes, he convinced me: I suck, and there are no bad games. - Crawl and 1000

Personally, I thought Space Channel 5 was a waste of a good disc. All you do is hit certain buttons when they tell you to, and that's reallly boring. - Liontamer

It was so funny, because they'd show a giant monster falling over, and when it would get back up, instead of showing the monster standing itself back up, they'd just run the film of it falling over backwards! Other times, there would be scenes where a person was standing on top of a giant monster's head, and you could tell it was just a little plastic figure glued to the top of it! I swear, kids with a video camera, some GI Joes, and paint could recreate some of those scenes! And the classroom idiot characters (Bulk & Skull) were really funny to me because they acted EXACTLY like these two people I used to know, and they even looked like them!! I remember one episode where they made a video about recycling for class, and it was so hilarious because all you could see was trash bags flying through the air and soda cans rolling around. If those two people I knew had made a video about recycling, (or anything else for that matter) I can almost guarantee it would've looked pretty similar to that! - Flying Omelette on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I'm almost positive Rita was a spoof of Roseanne. - Pero the Cat

I can't believe how many people here actually watched...and liked...that show! >_< - Doveblob on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Wouldn't it make more sense if people would combine their efforts into hating something that's more worth hating, like Tomb Raider? - Flying Omelette

ANGELFIRE SUCKS!!!!!!! They deleted my rom webpage but not to worry, I'm signing up with another site. - RK Sparxster
I'm guessing because you had roms. - Crawl and 1000

I wish I were Irish and in Britain, but I'm American in America. - Jazz
I'm Russian in a cuisin-art, floating around Trinidad and Tabago. - Troy Demetrius

Small, lightweight swords rule. - James FP

I think Aeris sucks. I was glad when she got stabbed in the guts. -Tweeter911

Yes, if I say I don't like a game, of course it's because I'm just targeting things someone else likes as something that sucks. I mean, it's certainly not like I've made a habit during my last 3 or more years online of always being straightforward with my opinions, regardless of what they may be. - Crawl and 1000

BTW, would someone tell me why this forum is all of the sudden being invaded? - Gaimeguy

Okay, ErniePants has officially lost his mind. - James FP

I know he's retarded! Why else would I hang out with him? - James FP on Bogus666

*Sees a DBDH Arena or Blabber Wars coming out of all this* - James FP

I'm sure this can be read in either IE or Netscape...SHUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUP!!!! - Bogus666

Scrolls screen down....scrolls down some more...even more...more...more...THUD! (Falls asleep) - James FP

Did you ever get the feeling that you're doing something that you've done before? - Flying Omelette

I hope you're having fun doing something pointless that won't end...ever. - HiRider
I like pointlessly talking about my butt! - Flying Omelette
That's the good kind of pointless. - HiRider
My butt has no point! It's perfectly round! - Flying Omelette

HiRider, no one's forcing you to read this. We're having a educated debate, and if you don't like it, don't read it. - Yoshee6900
How could arguing about something as stupid as this be educated? - Hirider

You're not getting anywhere with this stupid argument and you're not going to get anywhere, so shut up about it. - HiRider

Why does it seem we have this argument at least once a week? This is getting to be just as bad as the N64 vs. PSX wars. - SethraShnoo
Are we going to argue over the Back Button again? - Flying Omelette (Sethra and FO on IE vs. Netscape arguments)

For the longest time, I had no idea what ICQ was. People would ask me, "Got ICQ?" And I'd ask, "What's that?" Then they'd reply, "Oh, it's nothing." So, I figured it was some fancy i-net way of saying "Hello!" So I started asking people "Got ICQ?" And they'd say either "No" or "Yes, my number is #######, what is yours?" Man, was I ever confused... - BJ Strykes

Hello, and welcome to the Banana Creme Pudding captial of the Northern Hemisphere! - James FP

So, basically, if people are going to make up things about him that aren't true, then why worry that he isn't here? You can just continue to pretend that he's here saying things he never said and be happy as always! - Flying Omelette in response to complaints about BJ's absence from the boards

I paid off my debt to James Madison. I still owe a couple bucks to Thomas Jefferson, but that's beside the point. - Devilrays

Asking for people to keep images to a reasonable size in their sigs is hardly "whining". If you feel the need to express yourself that badly, make a webpage! Oh, and there's plenty of other, more incessant, "whining" that goes on at this board, and as much as I'd like to see it stop, we can't always get what we want, now can we? - ACC Kain

Nice communistic poll you have there. - Deathamster

Whenever my parents and I would get into an argument, they'd call forth my brother to take sides with them and insult and yell at me about things that were totally irrelevant to the conversation. Basically, I'm not allowed to have opinions of my own around them. - Kiera Lordens

Oh darn, now I'll have to play my PSX games on a PlayStation instead of some glitchy, constantly updated emulator. - Kefkathe3rd on the demise of Bleem!

It's like Crawl speaks a whole 'nother language... - Robox
LOL! Smoosh has been like that for years! - Flying Omelette

I think the time has come for the personality-less hero in RPGs and adventure games to STOP! - Kairobi King

And this game goes down in history as having one of the crappiest endings of all time, not that I could really care less about what happens to the hero, anyway. He had all the personality of a celery stalk. - Flying Omelette on Dreamcast's Record of Lodoss War

Not really dissappointed but a little let down by SotN and Bangai-O. SotN didn't feel like one of the greatest games ever; just a well made game, nothing extraordinary. Bangai-O, while fun, didn't seem to fill the "hardcore" description. Seemed too short and easy. - Robox

Super Mario RPG. It could've been the one RPG I would've really liked, but no, they have to give you lame crap like Mallow and Geno! Why not Wario, Yoshi, or Luigi? - Deathamster

It's taken a lot of thought, but I've decided that "!!!!!" best describes how I feel about this important issue that we are now facing. - CB007

I really like Gundam Wing, although I think Transformers are about 50 times cooler. Then again, I think Transformers are about 50 times cooler than most things. - Hobbes
Even Kool-Aid? - James FP
Hmmmm.... It really depends on which flavor. - Hobbes

My brother + HTML = Dangerous Combo. - James FP

James has bigger breasts than Jesse. - Benji
He even beats out alot of other anime women in that department. - Flying Omelette

This is the guys are coming onto the ladies here? It's always been the other way around, which explains my ongoing singleness perfectly. - Devilrays

Can ne1 put my crappy words in BETTER words? - TermiteJr

I once posted the whole entire Pokérap. Now THAT'S boredom. - James FP
Imagine the Pokérap once Gold and Silver come out... *sigh* - RufuShinra
Oh lord...I'll have to get to work... - James FP

And... man... I just watched the ending FMVs again, and I would have a hard time describing how much I hate it. The way the writers tried to jerk your emotions around is low. "Oh, Alex, I can't leave the tower of Althena or I'll die! And then the world will die! Oh, BOO-HOO!!" And, of course, she leaves and nothing happens - that whole set up had no purpose but to be manipulative. And then they tried to make us think Alex and Luna died, and actually expected us to care.. and... oh, look! They're really alive after all! It's so moving it could make me puke. - Crawl and 1000 on Lunar: Silver Star Story

I hate how so many people seem to think a good RPG can't be made on a cartridge...Uh, duh...only some of the best RPGs on the planet have been made on cartridges. - SethraShnoo

Almost everyone hates Ring King, but I liked it (uh, as long as you can ignore what goes on between levels...) - Agisuro

DOOM is being remade for GBA...(This is like, the 27th port of Doom...) - Tweeter911
I think that's what they should call it: "The 27th Port of DOOM". - Flying Omelette

""Game Over" isn't exactly an original phrase to begin with." - Flying Omelette in response to Team-VZQ's complaints that someone ripped off their "Game Over" slogan.
Sethra's Note: This is my abosolute *favorite* quote of all that I've seen so far. *Only* Team-VZQ could put 5 heads together, come up with a slogan as unoriginal as "Game Over", and then upon seeing it used elsewhere, claim that it was ripped off of them.

"I used to live in Texas, and the women there hated me." - Magnus Crowe

"You know, this is my favorite ezboard outside of the Game Pond. There is always something "otherworldly" going on here." - Pero the Cat on DH's ezboard

"We came. We saw. We got bored. We left." - Texaschick

"Losers? Well, I guess we have a few losers in the Collective. But they are at least losers with distinctiveness. Something completely lacking in yourself." - Texaschick

"'Condensation' is another word people never seem to use right. If they even knew what it meant, they'd probably find little use for it." - Flying Omelette

"I hope OoT wasn't supposed to be realistic. If so, those ridiculously exagerrated Atari 2600 sound effects didn't help." - Crawl and 1000

"That sounds like one of the Game Ideas at Kiera's board come true." - James FP on Crazy Taxi

"Okay, that's a pretty big leap in logic. Ignore me, I'm being stupid." - Fenrir

"You know how Pokemon became really big, and it was "cool" to like it? But then it became so big, that the "cool" thing to do was rebel against it and hate it? Well, now so many people are rebelling against it and hating it, that the "cool" thing now, is to rebel against them and like it again! This is a vicious cycle that could just keep going on forever and ever..." - Junus Crowe

"I actually thought that was pretty corny after I posted it, but oh well!" - Morgannon
"As if the other posts in this thread are so much more sophisticated!" - Deathspork

This is how various ezboard people connect to the internet (thanks to Flying Omelette for this)

"I think Crawl browses from a Tandy Color Computer 2 using a modem he made from sticks, a few wires and some coconuts!" - Deathspork

"No, that would be me. Crawl has a toaster oven connected to a Commodore VIC 20, with two cups and some twine for a modem!" - Setzer the Great

"Well, I'm using a calculator hooked to a vaccuum cleaner, and I connect to the internet by sending smoke signals!" - Troy Demetrius

"I remember a lot of people from the Other RPGs board would always be talking about how crappy their systems were. The way they made it out, I got the impression they were melting sand into a glass screen, creating a vaccuum tube out of a grapefruit sliced in half, hooking it up to a typewriter as they used some NES chips broken in half linked together inside a slim jim can for a CPU, and a modem constructed out of thier alarm clock." - Deathspork

"I'm using a popcorn popper for a CPU, post-it notes for a keyboard, and the rearview mirror off a '57 Chevy for a monitor. I'm connected to the internet by my grandfather's hearing aid!" - James FP

"I got a whooping 6.87 genies running my computer!" - robox

"I use a Genie Lamp!" - BJ Strykes

"I use a pickle!" - Magical Yard Gnome

"I have a dorito as a main processing chip." - Deathspork

"I have a lizard for my monitor, a piano for my keyboard, and Eric Estrada for my chip!" - Morgannon

"I think I used to have a He-Man Viewmaster. Which would make it the Viewmaster of the Universe." - Magical Yard Gnome

"All I know is that I had a SMB 2 Viewmaster reel that called him Birdo, and I don't think something called the Viewmaster would steer me wrong. Maybe if it was called the Viewamatuer or the Viewhobo, but not the Viewmaster, no sir." - Hobbes

"The plot doesn't seem to make too much sense. Why is Baloo delivering stuff to a baseball field and a cave???" - Flying Omelette on the NES TaleSpin game

"Don't you hate it how people try to make you buy warranties for every stupid little thing, anymore? "Hello! Do you realize you can buy a 2-year extended warranty on those thumbtacks? It'll only cost you $49.95!"" - Deathamster

"Yay!" - Crawl and 1000
"Gabby Jay couldn't have said it better, himself!" - Flying Omelette

"Every time I visit this forum, I could swear it feels like the room gets cold." - BJ Strykes

"A well-drawn cartoon character can tell just as much, if not more, about a person as a photograph." - BJ Strykes

"Liz reminds me of BJ, and I'm not sure about Ard... he looks like a big clumsy idiot who Liz just likes to poison." - Protocool
"HE'S TROY!!" - SethraShnoo

"Whenever I see any kind of reference to a lizard, I think of BJ...That's all I could think of when I was fighting Reptilicus Maximus in Alundra." - Flying Omelette

"Oh, and siib is short for Ultra Super Isometal Ionic Mega Hyper Hover Explosive Blaster Beam AI Equiped Cannon MKVII." - Bengaley
"Oooookay...then wouldn't the initials be: USIIMHHEBBAIECMKVII?" - James FP

"I know who I am, I know what I am doing, I know where I am doing it, I know when I am doing it, and I know how I am doing it. If I ever find out WHY I do it, I'll be the master of the universe." - Bengaley

"Obey me, or I will sic my plot holes on you!" - Bengaley

"Oh, man, the things you find in these old threads..." - SethraShnoo

"FO, are you feeling okay, or do you transform on Halloween?" - BJ Strykes

"Until the day someone learns how to go back in time and prevent them from ever creating 3D WorldRunner, all Square games won't suck." - James FP

"Sometimes it gives me a headache to have to come up with meaningful replies or things that don't make me sound completely off from what I actually mean." - BJ Strykes

"Although I think Mario's running and jumping control, once accustomed to, is just about perfect in SM64, his flying control is trickier. Once he starts losing altitude, it's about as easy to get him to go back up as it is to get your leader's alignment to go back up in Ogre Battle once it starts dropping." - Flying Omelette

"Every time I get into the slightest argument or disagreement, I feel like kicking myself, afterwards. It's like talking with a brick wall." - Flying Omelette

"Thanksgiving...the food is great...everything else that goes along with it is...not so great." - Kiera Lordens

"I wouldn't mess with the board! I'd mess with their minds! People are their own worst enemy, you know?" - Deathamster

"I have to wonder if some people haven't been experimenting with illegal substances, lately. Or maybe even legal ones..." - James FP




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