Anywho, I'm a hardcore gamer who has finally found the place that he wishes to discuss gaming. And discuss we shall!!! Mayyyybeeeeeee........... - MegatronNO


Not even *I* watch that crap. - cuttersDCut on "Survivor"

I heard there's gonna be a Celeberty Survivor soon. I hope it has Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken. - Hobbes


It's hard to eat cereal or soup with a fork. - CB007

nextbillgates: Pfft. For $2500, I could've built a PC that would've pissed all over the PS2.
robox: but you don't get to play ridge racer v.

MrTwig: who cares, Dreamcast version kicks what PS2 can come up with square in the nuts!
Tweeter911: Can someone translate what Marxist Twig said? I couldn't understand it....

*Holds up toaster!* *salutes toaster* - Benji

*puts a Lampshade on head, and dances around like fruitloop* - S R 2000

We're gonna party like it's 1999 :) I know someone's gonna kill me for saying that. - nextbillgates


Oh yeah! I Know you!? I forgot who you were a second ago, I couldn't put a profile to the name. Sorry. - S R 2000

I am kinda lost. Lack of chocolate I think. - IJzebel

Watch it Benji!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to post on your board. - IJzebel

I'm getting scared of you again.. - IJzebel

Benji: No one ever posts at my board any more... ESPECIALLY ME!
IJzebel: Sheesh....then start! Otherwise we'll only see winking all over the place!!!!
Benji: ANYthing but winking!!! I'll go post some stuff...Just no winking..Ah!

Ah, so friendship means you have sand in your eyes...HAHHAHAH! - IJzebel

IJzebel: Cheesy shoes...? That would be....gross...
S R 2000: Sorry, it just felt like the thing to say, You'll have to excuse me!

Flying Omelette: It's too bad we couldn't somehow get the ezboard staff to visit us for the bash!
S R 2000: Rubbin' shoulders with the BIG dogs would be cool. We would have to lock Tweeter in his cage though, wouldn't want any accidents!

I know this question sounds confusing, but that's because it's a rather broad topic, and I'm lousy at explaining what I mean. - BJ Strykes

Max, be quiet and STFU. I've had enough of your whining. - DeathBeforeDishonor to TermiteJr

Tweeter911: ACK! The beast himself!!! ahh!
DeathBeforeDishonor: I'm not a beast! I'm a *thinks of the word*... err.. ok, so maybe I am. But that's not the point! Termite is a bug, he's worse.

If anybody ever took a look at my site's picture gallery, without knowing anything about me or this place, they'd be very confused. - SethraShnoo

The Omni-Wonder of the Universe shall not forget this gesture of kindness when he takes over the world! ~evil grin~ - ErniePants

BJ Strykes: James, what in the world is with you, lately?
James FP: I don't know, Beej. Just go overboard sometimes, I guess! HohhoohohOHHOHOOHOH!

Sailor James works alone! - James FP

You leave me no choice...I will get out a weed-whacker and make cutoffs out of Mr. Pants and then burst Sailor James' bubbles...then I, the great DEVILRAYS, will rule everything. - Devilrays

I, Regis the Millionaire, could defeat you all easily...and that's my final answer, no lifelines about it. - Devilrays

YOU ARE ALL WRONG!! Sailor James is the prettiest!! HAHHAHHHAHHAHA! - James FP

Swallows DC, then spits him out cuz he is damn NASTY!* - Tweeter911

Not enough input..I'm Graet, but I can't read yo mind!! - Tweeter911

The democrats ate the chads. - cuttersDCut


James FP: A Chinese Man stole my Japanese lanterns, and a Japanese man stole my China!!
nextbillgates: So what did the russian man steal?
James FP: I'll have to ask BJ!

nextbillgates: I know there's a pessimist and an optimist, but what happens if you're in between?
Protocool: You'll be an Optopessimistic person... if there's ever such a thing.

Well, The Mighty V, no one can oppose it, it's a worthy thing it is. - Gaimeguy

...there are times when we've all said things that have annoyed or upset someone. It happens. Sometimes we say things that we think are harmless, but get horribly misinterpreted...the important thing is that both sides learn to get over it and move on... - SetzertheGreat

I put my own animation in the game. I turn the game on and cut out little people and color faces on them. I put them in front of the screen and go "hello how are you?" "I am good today would you like some candy?" "Why sure thank you." - Bugforest

P.S. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK MY LAMPSHADE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! - MrBlastoise

S R 2000: Someone needs to start a thread about Game Pond Couples, Past, Present, and Couples that should be!
Flying Omelette: Um, S R, why can't you just start the thread?
S R 2000: I dunno? Why?
Crawl and 1000: Because FO and I are undisputably the Game Pond's cutest couple!

six degrees of James FP! - robox

FatShnoo: I think your next poll should be, what do you think I look like?
White-Out Pen
Bar of Dove Soap
Just a Fat Bird
CB007: I might just do that.

While we're asking Kiera questions... Kiera, do you know Sethra's nickname for me? - Crawl and 1000

BTW, just wanted to know, am I the only person who goes to a highschool where people can NOT shut the hell up about DBZ? Man, it's all they F'in talk about all day long. It's a cool show and all, but man! - Deathspork

The only time I ever remember talking to DS on the N-Sider was one time I was being annoying on the Game Ideas board, and he replied and said, "I wish I could be as annoying as you." - Flying Omelette

I know one government that isn't corrupt: Lylat. - Crawl and 1000

There SHOULD be tough penalties for crimes. People shouldn't be allowed to get away with anything. Why is it that we allow spouse-battering, freelance rape, murder, and shoplifting in our country and never punish them with what they really should be hit with (death, death, death, and a severe beating, respectively) and while I know this sounds Draconian, well, TOUGH! - Devilrays

I don't know...cloning something that will hunt down and eat lawyers sitting on the toilet doesn't sound like such a bad idea to me! - Flying Omelette

Oh God...woolly mammoths in today's society? I don't even want to think about it. Similarly, two Jennider Lopez's would be pretty scary, though not like resurrecting the woolly mammoth. - Devilrays

I don't know... Two of me would be nice! - James FP

If FO and I hooked up, there'd be no stopping us. - Crawl and 1000

FO is so confused sometimes by all this backwards logic... - Flying Omelette

My keyboard once stopped working and I couldn't get on the internet. First \/ stopped working then all the other buttons stopped. I ne\/er realized how important the letter \/ was. - BillofHarvestMoon

Wait! We never answered the question: Who exactly is Mike Shaw?? - Minerva K Red

Uhhhhhhhhhhh.................. . . . nevermind. - Deathamster

I ate a jelly donut. - DevlinDomaine

Now, the good things about this post:
I ate part of a hoagie while making it.
It's not as long and boring as a DevlinDomaine post.
I am not Bill Clinton.
Now, the bad things:
My sinuses are bothering me.
I have never played Bubble Bobble.
I am not Bill Clinton.
Goodnight! - Magnus Crowe

Goddamn...That's the last time I click on this thread! This has become completely pointless! - Kairobi King
There WAS a point to this? - Magnus Crowe

*takes a shotgun and robs a gas station* - Tweeter911

My definition of an RPG: If it's boring the hell out of me, it's probably an RPG. - Pero the Cat

Who cares???????? Who REALLY CARES??? Speak up now, or forever hold your peace! - Tweeter911

So, the good points of this post:
We cleared up the barrel on what is and isn't an RPG...somewhat.
This still isn't as long and boring as a Magnus CROWE post.
I am not Al Gore.
The bad points:
Half of you probably don't know what Chinaland is.
I have never played River City Ransom.
I am not Al Gore.
This concludes our sermon. Incidentally, yesterday, I ate a powedered donut. Goodnight! - DevlinDomaine

Okay, Sethra, let's play a game called, "I am older than 2". - BJ Strykes

Today I ate a chocolate donut. - DevlinDomaine

Too many names, FO! You should slow down! Before you know it, you'll forget the password to every name! Lol, like that will ever happen to you! - Protocool

Lol...a new Coke? I need to get out more. - HellGrifter

This is a public facility, lil kids could come here!!!! Normally me & Steven Richards would say yes, but we are looking out for other people!!!! - Tweeter911

I wonder how corrupted our minds are... - HiRider

HiRider, I'm starting to worry about you... - Deathamster

Geez...these sounds like something would on CNN or Crossfire,or whatever... - Tweeter911


Tweeter911: I wish I could start conversations like this more often...
James FP: You're telling me. The conversations I start don't ever get that many replies, unless it's on the nonsense forum.
Tweeter911: I rarely start conversations at all...
Deathamster: The only conversations I start are DBDH Arenas and Blabber Wars.
Tweeter911: Which are entertaining...AND RECEIVE posts...
Deathamster: And surprisingly, not one has caused a real fight.

Played EVO once a long time ago. Could not beat the giant shark at the end of this cave level in the first chapter. End of story. - DevlinDomaine

I got an e-mail from a guy (I think) called Luke Skywalker. There was a link to here on his board (which, at last count, is a graveyard.) And now I am a jelly donut. - Devilrays

I never really expected this place to grow like it did. I thought it would always just be the ten or so people who originally came here. - Kiera Lordens on the Game Pond's explosive popularity

Personality? Where? Where can I get a personality? Has anyone seen John Wayne so I can get mine back? - Devilrays

I think I've been acting pretty bland for the last few months. - Magical Yard Gnome

I use a text based browser on my badass 286. - NextBillGates

Can you imagine Inspector Gadget with a woman? "GO GO GADGET.....ummmmmmm" - ErniePants


Must be able to post and let everyone see how CUTE I am. - HiRider

To answer the original topic of this post, no, there are no cool games out. Sorry, but that's the way it is. - Crawl and 1000

Do you think owning 78 psx games is too much? - SkyLord
No, but me playing FF6 for 46 straight hours is. I was really tired after that... - Kefkathe3rd

Well Ack (Greenlick) is just a stupid bastard. - Tweeter911
Greenlink is a drunk bastard, get it straight. :P - cuttersDCut

Yeah man, what's up wit 'em people asking for admin/mod powers in their first post on a board? - robox
Someone who goes from board to board asking for mod without engaging in conversation...umm, this makes DCS CO LTD look like a swell guy. - Devilrays

Sometimes, James reminds me of the Mike Meyers character on SNL that was this kid who was tied to a jungle gym with a helmet on his head. - Kiera Lordens


I'm "late", too, but it's a message board. It doesn't matter. - Bogus666

Me hate'm sticky poo poo posticons. - S R 2000

I prefer parties outdoors. There's less chance of me knocking curtains down onto people! :D - BJ Strykes

I'm the one with the most handsome mug. - Bugforest
I'm the most scrumptious! - James FP

Well, the internet would be better for people who aren't comfortable talking on the phone. I personally hate talking on the phone. - James FP

I agree with that article. The Pokemon games are the only recent Game Boy games that are any good. Olsen Twins? Deer Hunter? Elmo? What's the Game Boy world coming to? I guess we'll just have to wait for the Zelda games to come out. - SethraShnoo

I stockpiled 10,000 macaronis and ketchup packets in the broom closet! - James FP

Frankly, your obsession with these quiz shows is starting to scare me. - Liontamer to Devilrays

Sometimes I think sneezing could cause the stock market to go up or down. - SethraShnoo

FO is obviously less scary than GARDENHO. - Devilrays

Devilrays: What is the most important attribute of a video game console and why?
James FP: It's ability to defend me from the invading bluecheese.

Graphics and special effects don't mean a flip unless you've got something fun to go along with them. - Hobbes

I have a wife. Nobody else looks attractive. - BJ Strykes

The only pics I find annoying are the ones that are taller than the screen, like the ones Termite Jr. used to post. - urobbie

Do you believe the American education system is actually designed to make kids too stupid to become politicians, thereby keeping all the upper-class persons in power? - Devilrays

Watching those games is almost more fun than participating in them. - Junus Crowe
Except that with watching, you can't win admin powers or Arena points. - Devilrays
Who cares? Watching you interact with PUDDMANN is worth more than all of that! - Junus Crowe
Enjoy it while you can; PUDDMANN may shortly be banned. - Devilrays
PUDDMANN is far too funny to ban! - SethraShnoo
Whatever...I think he's a jerk...but then again, he isn't your brother, so you may see him differently from how I do. - Devilrays
He's not as bad as my sister. Trust me. - Doveblob
Hmmm...who's more annoying: PUDDMANN or DEATHAMSTER. - Devilrays
Phuf! Try having GARDENHO for a brother! - Junus Crowe

I'm beginning to get really, REALLY sick of the Coca Cola polar bears. I am also sick of those "The Holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!" Coca Cola commercials. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come up with new material each year, folks! - BJ Strykes

Devilrays: What kind of preparations have you made for Y2K?
NextBillGates: I have a box of Saltines and a 24 pak of Coke.



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