Devilrays: What is the most important attribute of a video game console and why?
Kiera Lordens: Of a console? That it can play games.

I'd vote for BJ cause commies rule! ;-) - Liontamer

Devilrays: Will the stock market go up or down if an NFL team that is neither old-NFL or old-AFL wins the Super Bowl?
James FP: I believe that all the pickle jars in America will spontaneously explode!

All saucepans lead to Rome! - James FP

Damn the frozen yogurt!! Tables are crossing the street!!! - James FP

Come on! Let's beat 100 replies! Prove how, um, how...much free time we have! - FieryPhoenix

Weird is all we get here. - HiRider

Why is it that my board is forever condemned to be compared to a board I know little to nothing about? I really hate it when people say "both boards" and mine is included. From now on, when people say "both boards", and they are referring to my board, I will assume the other board is ShnooWorld. - Kiera Lordens

My legs are so bee-yu-tee-full! Don't you think?! (bats eyelids) - James FP

First she insults me, then she makes me a mod at her board, now she's back to insulting me again. I'll never understand you, DH. - Magnus Crowe

We used to joke about getting on Jerry Springer, cuz a lot of people SHOULD be on there. - IJzebel

Besides, I am bored...better be careful before this turns into a ramble...Ok...I am stoppinggggggggg NOW! - IJzebel

In see this guy who's supposed to be Sylvester Stallone like in the movie, but he looks nothing like Sylvester Stallone, running down a mountainside. Then you see him get bowled over by rolling logs. The End. - Kairobi King

In Shaq Fu, you see bouncy stick figures, which are supposed to be alien creature/people-things, jumping around and beating up another bouncy stick figure that's supposed to be Shaquille O'Neal. This game has nothing to do with basketball, and I'm not even sure it has anything to do with anything! - Kairobi King

Oh, and I thought this was rather interesting...Humans are closely related to yeast. THAT explains it all! Hah! - Darkwing Mewtwo

As the owner of the board, I am concerned for its users. It just seems like every time I can't come to the board for a few days, something always happens. The last time I left for a little while, I came back to find DarkKnight2 happily bombing the forums because someone disagreed with him over baked potatoes, or something like that. - James FP

Still...if I could make the cut, you certainly can! (And you wouldn't be the only admin with multiple personalities...) - James FP to HiRider

Congratulations! You are now a kumquat! - James FP

Would someone please tell me why they're still making Power Rangers games? - SethraShnoo

I really don't see why Pikachu gets so much attention! No one is cooler than Gengar! - Junus Crowe

And the best part is that there are no hidden references to Dennis Miller to be found. - Hobbes

Stop it, BJ, or I'll sic Sam the skunk on you! - Gaimeguy

I always make the naive mistake of saying to myself, "I don't have to buy this item in this town right NOW, I can just come back later. *smiles and walks off* *does stuff, comes back*... Strange, this pile of rubble is exactly where that nice town was. I always do that on the first time through, and it always makes the game much harder. - Bomberguy221

Incidentaly, right now I'm using QBasic as my brosSwser, and evern though it looks like crap and I can't tleSSell what I'm typing, I suppose it means that if my hard drive ever dies I could just run this rSfrom my flooSpply... - Crawl and 1000
Yeah...but all your posts will look like they should be in the nonsense forum... - Flying Omelette

That's no trick camera, it is...the evil that is FO! - Deathspork

Well, how nice...I am a Pootyhead. ErniePants is going to pay for this... - Devilrays

Properly balancing games really is an art, which is why I appreciate it so much when it's done properly. - Crawl and 1000

Having unlimited continues in Strider 2 does seem like a very bad decision. Of course, you could say to yourself, "Well, I just won't continue then", but that's obnoxious, and it should be up to game designers to balance a game, not players. - Crawl and 1000

I personally have no idea what the hell you're talking about. - Liontamer

Follow me, little Shnoos! For tonight, we shall take over the world!! BWA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAA!" - James FP

I think Yoshi's Story was made the way it was on purpose. That way, Nintendo could neglect 2D games and if their fans complained they could say, "But we made a 2D game for you - Yoshi's Story! - and you complained about it!" - Crawl and 1000

But just about every game nowadays is multiplayer, and it sucks when a company will spend too much time on the multiplayer part and make a sub-standard 1P game. - Deathspork

Thou art not affected by my drunken brain! - RufuShinra

So, it's Mama Mia, now? What happened to Aye Caramba!? - Deathamster
It left with "Kiss my hamster hinie". - Pero the Cat

It's almost as though companies have just forgotten how to make good games, or just aren't interested in it, anymore, since the public pretty much accepts anything as being "great", or just wants to see something in 3D, regardless of whether the gameplay is good or not. - Flying Omelette

People don't really care about the difference between games that are "good" and those that are the best. That's why so many games get 10s from fan reviews. If people really cared about that distinction, only the best games would get 10s; instead, games that are simply good get them (and I realize there might be some arguement whether a game I think is good is really great or vice versa, but I'm talking about the pure preponderance of 10s). I don't even know if most people even think, or care, about the differences between a great or good game. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to bet the average person playing games now would be happy with pretty much anything. - Crawl and 1000

Crawl once told me that a website (RPGamer?) once did a parody of the Aeris death scene with Atari 2600 graphics, showing blocks falling on one another. It was supposed to prove how important FMV was to dramatic scenes. I think they did the opposite - They showed how hilarious it was when stripped down to its bare elements. - Flying Omelette

It's wrong to misrepresent what a game is really like for the sake of a "humorous", bashing review, or to give up too quickly on a game that's difficult and use the excuse, "It's a horrible game." - Flying Omelette

This also reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago. He liked just about every game and never had any negative comments, except one - He said he didn't like Super Mario World because the classic "Super Mario Bros. Theme" wasn't in it. Several people on the board pointed out to him that the song is, indeed, in there. (You have to wait awhile on the Special World map and the music eventually changes to the SMB theme.) After that, this person never said another word about Super Mario World, until one day he posted on this ezboard that SMW "outclassed Super Mario Bros. 3 in every way possible". This, to me, proves that people will do complete 180's on games over trivial reasons. I wonder how many scores for Zelda: Ocarina of Time would change to 10's if Nintendo suddenly revealed that the Zelda theme had been hidden in there all along? - Flying Omelette

I've seen RPG reviews that don't tell you anything about the game whatsoever, and the crux of the review is, "This game is not like FF6 or CT, and you're better off playing FF6 or CT." Unfortunately, for some reason, this argument is the one that causes people to get pissed off the most when I've presented it in the past. Maybe it's because people want to be lazy with their reviews and just want to say an RPG isn't like FF6 or CT, and want everyone to automatically agree that those are the two best RPGs, ever, so that they don't have to actually put any effort into describing the game. But there are those of us (me) who have played FF6 and CT to death and would, perhaps, like to know what other RPGs are worth playing, even if they don't quite meet those standards. But, with the way reviews are going, there's nothing anyone can really do except be like me and buy every RPG and play them all to find out what ones are good! - Flying Omelette

SMB1 may have influenced every platform game to follow, but is every platform game trying to be like SMB1? When David Crane made A Boy and His Blob, was he trying to make a game like SMB1 and exceed the standard set by it, or was he trying something new and different? In that case, we need to judge the game by how well those new ideas worked rather than by how it compares to SMB1 as a platformer. - Flying Omelette

I was generally an A-B student, too, but whenever there'd come a time when I couldn't understand something, and I wasn't doing well with the subject, instead of helping, the teachers would usually get mad at me and tell me that I just wasn't trying hard enough or doing enough work. It's like they think that if you can A's and B's in most things, then there's no excuse for you to not be able to magically get A's and B's in everything else. One thing that resulted of this is that I was never taught to read a map correctly. I can't figure out distance on a map at all. I would always get questions related to maps wrong on tests. - Flying Omelette

And, sorry, but I absolutely HATE pre-rendered backgrounds! They are still and lifeless (and sometimes even blurry), and when a polygonal character is running around against these backgrounds, it produces the same effect that happens when Saturday Night Live (or some other show like that) uses a blue screen to superimpose somone running around in a pre-recorded scene that they weren't actually in. - BJ Strykes

Tetris is a game of waiting. If the object of Tetris is to get the highest score, then it would make sense to try to go for what gives you the highest score - a four-line score. However, once you've set up the blocks to score a "Tetris", you have to sit around and wait for that one thin line block, (the only one that you can score a "Tetris" with), and if you don't get it, you're screwed. That isn't good game design, IMO. - Flying Omelette
Sethra's Note: I don't usually pick these quotes because I agree, or disagree, with them, but it's nice to finally see that someone agrees with me about how overrated Tetris is.

What do I mean by entertaining? What do I find entertaining? Game discusssion! It's so simple. I am entertained by reading about clever insights into games. Yes, it's true, a gamer who is entertained by games and reading about games, and not dumb jokes; bizarre, experimental review styles; or pretentious writing. Who'd have thought it. - Crawl and 1000

I think that major review sites should abolish the 10-point scale system and go with a 3-point scale of "Good", "Average", "Bad". - Flying Omelette

Anyone who thinks I'd only like something because of "hype" is not sophisticated enough to read my reviews, anyway! ;P - Flying Omelette

All too often I've seen one writer tell someone else how to improve, and then I read that writer's reviews and feel he's no better than the person he's criticizing. - BJ Strykes

Although bad reviews deserve criticism, I sort of think there's some obligation on the reader's part to not expect every review to be a work of art. Should someone who isn't that eloquent of a speaker never write a review? Are you reading the review to get information on the game or to just be entertained? - Flying Omelette

I don't really want to become so obsessed over writing the "perfect review" that it takes me months to complete just one. And I get the feeling that even if I toiled over something for months, I'd still end up with a product no different than what I would've had if I had written the review right away. - Flying Omelette

If you forget, you lose. If you lose, you're dead. So don't forget a thing. - SkyLord

I remember being on an N64-themed board a few years ago, and there were so many ludicrous complaints, that by the time people with legitimate complaints showed up, they got flamed because people were just so annoyed and tired of it by then. I actually saw people complaining that Mario 64 didn't look like anime and that Zelda 64 didn't use floating point numbers, among others. - Flying Omelette

ZOE had bad voice acting! - Jazz
ZOE is just bad, period. - Magical Yard Gnome

That big green bug enemy just looks too generic. I want to see Samus fighting some really interesting space aliens! She's a space bounty hunter, not an exterminator! >:( - Junus Crowe
Uh, Junus...Take a look at the enemies pictured in the Metroid, Metroid 2, and/or Super Metroid manuals. The majority of Samus's enemies have ALWAYS been big alien insects! - James FP

The thought of playing a Metroid game with a keyboard and mouse is the most horrifying thing I can think of at the moment. - Flying Omelette

Sega does a much better job of killing their own systems, if you ask me. At least Nintendo actually stuck with the N64, whereas Sega dumped the Saturn for reasons known only to Mars and Jupiter. - Magnus Crowe

She looks like a balloon. - cuttersDCut
Maybe she'll sing "I blow bubbles when you are not there". - Deathamster

What is with all the RPG characters being named after weapons? FF9 has "Dagger". TimeStalkers' main character's name is "Sword". Legend of Dragoon has "Dart". All the characters in the Evolution games are named after weapons, like "Chain Gun" and "Gre Nade". Is this becoming a trend or what? - Flying Omelette

Scrap what I said, I was under the influence of retardedness. - Ryan Bilodeau

If I made a game it would have Emilio Estevez and Conan O'Brien in it! - James FP

Even if I say something like "My favorite flavor of bagel is egg" you get PO'd. I remember when PUDDMANN posted a quote from DragonBall Z containing the word "bagel" (it was the Bulma quote: "I want an onion bagel! I wanna SHAVE MY LEGS!") and you chewed him out for it. Which is why he trademarked the word "if" - to tell you how stupid it was. Do you see me trademarking "ham sandwich" or "Cubby Bear" here? Has Sethra trademarked "Shnoo"? So just calm the heck down about it already; it's nothing to get upset over. - Devilrays to Doveblob

I had to teach myself to be emotionless...emotions only got in the way when I was younger. It's better for me to have no personality than to have a bad one. - Devilrays

Why the hell are all these supposed heterosexuals declaring what is and isn't "gay"? How do they know so much about what gays do and like, unless they hang out with them or are gays, themselves? Perhaps, these people are really hiding out in the know, bashing gays so that people won't think they are gay, which they probably are! - Deathamster

Magnus's name is similar to Magus in Chrono Trigger...and when Magus was younger he went by the name Janus, which is similar to Junus. Could this be a coincidence? - Crawl and 1000

This place is as dead as my Uncle Monty...who lived in 1840. - MrBlastoise on the Moonside Ezboard

Well, I'm glad I remember some of Earthbound. I really should buy a new copy of it someday. Whenever I see the old scratch and sniff cards I kept when I sold it and all my SNES stuff to Funco for an N64 I burst out in tears and lock myself in my room. - Hobbes

You're married and have two kids, and people still tell you to "get a life"? Are those people on crack? - Deathamster to BJ Strykes

People use such terms as "Gay" and "Nazi" so much they sort of lose meaning. People who ban people for disagreeing and harass people for their opinions probably aren't Nazi or Neo-Nazi, just annoying jerks with no life who can't back up their opinions. - Devilrays

I think everyone in the whole damn school, except me and my sister and a few other people, have a microchip embedded in their brains. - Deathamster

My parents taught me to be emotionless, too. Little good it did. - BJ Strykes

You would've thought a group of angry parents would have gotten rid of this atrocious, unsafe excuse to oppress the less popular by now, but here we are in the 21st century still faced with it. And for what? WHAT? WHAT, I ASK? For the upperclass of society? For them to sit around in their ivory towers? FOR THE ELIMINATION OF DEMOCRACY AS WE KNOW IT? SHARE THE WEALTH, PEOPLE! LEARN TO BE EQUALS! WE DON'T NEED SOCIAL CLASSES! WHEN WILL AMERICA WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SOCIALISM? - Devilrays on Highschool Proms

I am sick of people who seem to be unable to understand that I am 23 years old. TWENTY-THREE!!! I hate it when someone will say to my mom in that god-sickening cutesy voice, "You should go see 'Stuart Little'. That's a wonderful movie to go see with your kids!" I AM THE YOUNGEST OF MY MOM'S "KIDS", AND I AM TWENTY-THREE! I DON'T WANT TO SEE NO "DISNEYFIED" CRAP-O MOVIE ABOUT A FRICKIN' MOUSE!!! If one more person tells my mom, "You should go see this movie with your kids", I cannot guarantee there will be no fatalities. - Kiera Lordens

I wish it were as easy to write a real-life resume as it is to write an ezboard profile. - Flying Omelette

9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot. - Deathspork

Dan, you'll never win! - WhatAboutRaven2

I can't always be everything people want me to be. - James FP

Does hanging out here make me a "Lounge Lizard"? - BJ Strykes at the Paradise Resort's Lounge

I prefer HTML, too, but I keep forgetting to check off the box. It reminds me of some of my early posts on N-Sider, where I tried using HTML and ended up looking stupid. - Deathamster

Don't you think it's incredibly ironic that the stupidest boss ever is a massive brain? - Magical Yard Gnome on Gradius's final boss

I try to keep my patience and always explain and clarify my posts when they're misunderstood, but after it happens about 5 times in a row from the same exact person, I tend to just think, "Ah, hell", and just want to tell them to f*ck off! And it's always the ones starting the arguments who get so angry when arguments occur. I don't think they realize that most of us just plain don't care one way or another. I've seen so much stupidity over the past couple of years on the internet, that I've been totally desensitized to it. If I'm banned from one board, there's always someplace else I can go. It seems like the mentality that a disagreement is the same thing as a hateful remark is never going to go away. - James FP

I can understand why a new person may have looked at any of Magnus's or ErniePants's "arguments" and misunderstood them and thought they were serious. But long-time regs knew they weren't. But others who like seeing new people arrive, think, "OMG! That's gonna scare the new people off!", and they get angry over it. Either that, or some people just feel that reading stuff like that is a waste of their time, and therefore become angry when it's done outside of the Nonsense Forum. Personally, I think that most "General Chat" there was nonsense anyway, so it never bothered me. - BJ Strykes

I've also gotten so used to people getting pissed off at me for my opinions on those boards that I'm pretty much desensitized to all of it, and it's become boring for me, now. - James FP

We could've focused on recreating our once-glorious empire, but no, you and Brigade had to sit back and make fun of a bunch of stupid people on an ezboard who do nothing but curse at each other 24/7. Sure, some good people came here, but for the most part, you attracted all the damn losers! And, Goddammit, whose idea was it to give Troy mod?!?! - Agisuro

I WILL EXPOSE YOU!! - Gardenho

And I suppose I should do things just because you tell me to, DOVEBLOB. I suppose if you told me to go leap off a cliff I should be obligated to do it. - Devilrays

And the way I am feeling right now, the slightest thing could cause me to mug someone right through their damn modem. - Devilrays

Please...I really don't want to hear the word "uptight" for at least another 10 years. - Doveblob

For some reason DOVEBLOB likes to harass me like this...maybe she figures I hate her because she's 11, but I really don't care about that. It's not age, it's maturity, and there have been people more immature than her that are probably older too. All I can say is I am glad I never had DOVEBLOB as a co-worker...or any other DOVEBLOBs in the world. - Devilrays

I think your jokes are funny, but your game ideas are scaring me... - SethraShnoo to Crawl and 1000

I need to find my clothes! - James FP

Would anyone here like to see my butt? - Flying Omelette

Quit your whining about the "bagel" business...besides, why am I the only one you chew out for even casual use of that word? "I had a bagel for breakfast." "I have a friend who works at Block's Bagels." WHY DON'T YOU SUE ME? - Devilrays to Doveblob

If you allow your brother to make the questions, that'll be the end of society as we know it. - James FP to Devilrays on his quizzes

Which American headline do you believe is the most significant of 1999?
A. President Clinton acquitted by Senate of perjury, obstruction of justice
B. Two students kill 13, injure 23, commit suicide at Columbine High School
C. John Kennedy Jr.'s plane crashes over Pacific; he, wife, sister-in-law killed
D. Pilot suspected of intentionally grounding plane over Atlantic - Devilrays
James FP's Answer: E. An episode of Pokemon is banned in the USA because James has breasts.

Lawyers from Hell, I choose you! - Ash35

Well, I DO have to live with GARDENHO for a brother! If you think his speeches are boring on the BBS, try sitting through one in real life! - Junus Crowe

Ohio's quarter will suck! It'll say something stupid about how this state's the birthplace of aviation, which is dubious, particularly since another state is claiming the same thing on their quarter. Ohio's quarter should say it's the birthplace of Crawl and 1000! - Crawl and 1000

That was just too weird for words, man... - James FP
Yep. It sure is. - HiRider
Weirder than me in a dress? - James FP
That's more like scary than weird. - HiRider

Yamauchi's a senile old fool and a damn cool one at that. - robox

I wonder what we would see if we could peek inside Yamauchi's head... - Setzer the Great

If Xbox ever became the mainstream system, I still would not buy it. I won't have anything against anyone who does, but I personally will not buy it. It was hard enough dealing with getting a Playstation. Sorry, but...I just don't like the idea of companies that know nothing about games making systems to cash in on the video game business. - Kiera Lordens

It's not so much that what [Bill Gates] said was "bad", but the things he said were mostly things that anyone with at least 3 working brain cells already, "you're not gonna make $40,000 a year right out of high school." Like, Ha, ha, thanks for telling me! But actually, I have known people who have made that much right out of high school, but it was mostly because they knew someone who got the job for them. And if I had been given as much money to work with, I would have been able to make my visions come true, too. - Agisuro

It's very easy for someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to lecture others about "reality". - Flying Omelette

PUDDMANN is going to build an atomic bomb. Just you wait and see! - James FP

And changing Chrono Trigger so that Chrono Cross will make more sense? Geez, they should've just made Chrono Cross make sense in the first place! Not alter a classic!! - Kiera Lordens

Why is it that I always get insulted, no matter where I go? - Bengaley

I don't speak "emoticon", therefore it would be difficult for me to explain it in a way that you'd understand it. - Deathamster

Now, just shut up and respect other people's right to free speech! - Bengaley

I'm like a chainsaw, I'll skin your ass raw, and if my day keeps goin' this way I just might BREAK YOUR F--REAK--IN' FACE TONIGHT!!!!! - Puddmann


I let my sister play some Soul Calibur today, and she wanted to know if the N64 had any fighting games that good... - Crawl and 1000
Are you trying to be sarcastic? - FO

I have 6 cats. If I die, I hope they don't eat me. - CataTonic9

ErniePants, when I destroy you, you will be my cat's personal toy. That's right, Ozzie the Cubby Bear will bat you around and chew on you, and when she's done, she will set her big belly bones on your face (or zipper, whichever.) - Devilrays

Wow. That was so inspiring. My cat could've written that, even after I'd loaded her on catnip and fed her chicken livers till she puked. - Devilrays

Is everyone SURE you can't kill Navi?? Nobody would mind terribly...except Navi... - Bomberguy221

Nothing says greatness more than a basketball player in a fighting game. - cuttersDCut

Welcome to Port Saiid! I'm Mike, I'll be your waiter for this evening. So, what's your choice of drink? I'm quite partial to the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters myself. Damn good taste, but I warn you, the aftereffect is equivalent to having your brains smashed out by a lemon with a gold brick wrapped around it. - Sotenga

Daryn, I just have to wonder how long you've had all this pent up inside of you. You probably shouldn't stay away from the boards for too long. You might eventually explode. - Flying Omelette

One of my goals in life is to never read a review of a FPS that thinks it's clever to say, "In this game, you play as a gun!" - Crawl and 1000

Dude, wtf? That's like going to and saying, "Why are there so many WORDS here??" - Minerva K Red

Many of us are perfectly content to liek tehse grafix and play with our 16-bit toys. - Magical Yard Gnome

I somehow don't think we're dealing with a rocket scientist here, Rush. - Flying Omelette
Are they easier to deal with than physicists? - Facilitypro

Man, whoever thinks this is a good idea is in a huge state of denial. - Minerva K Red on the Street Fighter movie sequel

By now I'm certain that the only concern a company should make when porting a game is accuracy. "Enhancements" never are, and they deprive gamers of knowing what the games were REALLY like. - Crawl and 1000

I'll play just about any game that works. - Kiera Lordens

I prefer a balance of old and new things in RPGs. I don't like it when one RPG plays almost exactly the same as another. But I also don't like it if they make alot of changes just to be "different". Battles are the most critical aspect of any RPG, and I think more work needs to go into making the battle systems of newer RPGs more innovative. But at the same time, they shouldn't make the battle system too complicated or too boring just to be "different". - Setzer the Great

What's wrong with the name "Ugliest Man on the Internet"? Well, the wrong person registered it - CRAWLand1000 is not the ugliest man on the I-net. I am. Hands down. - Devilrays

I enjoy the little things that make each of you unique and different. - BJ Strykes

I come up with my best game ideas when I'm already bored. - SethraShnoo

When the life of the N64 is over, our game ideas aren't gonna seem the same without the "64" on the end... - SethraShnoo

Amazing...FATSHNOO posted something that didn't have "I look like an egg" anywhere in it. - Devilrays

DON'T DIE, MR. POST! - FieryPhoenix

Would somebody kindly tell the kangaroos to quit stoning the mailman? - FieryPhoenix

Hey! I forgot I had pants on! - Benji

I wish to the lord that the train would come to take me back to where I'm from! - Benji

Kiera, I thought I told you to lay off the Love Potion #9!!! - Benji

Umm...isn't this supposed to be a nonsense thread? So far, you're talking in complete sentences. - ErniePants

Use the force, Regis! - Minerva K Red

I make a living pissing off disillusioned internet lamers. Ask me how. - Minerva K Red

I live for tuna fish! - Minerva K Red

I AM YOUR RULER! YOU SHALL ALL BOW BEFORE ME!!! (Or else I'll chop all your pizzas and carrots into little bitty slices!!) - James FP

Prepare the Onion Bread!! - James FP

Does this dress make me look fat? - James FP

There's something wrong here, but I just can't quite get a grip on it... - James FP

But, brother looks better with a potato sack over his head... - James FP

Round up the Pizza Delivery Boys, we're going in!!!! - James FP

DON'T EAT MY BIRD! - cuttersDCut

It took you that long to Jesusify me? - Benji

Sigh...I guess I'll never find my clothes... - James FP

This was supposed to be my board for making fun of BJ!! You ruined it!! - SethraShnoo

Nutscrape sux.....IE sux.....Linux sux.....They all suck.... - Tweeter911

OK; what browser do YOU use? Or do you just implant a chip into your cerebral cortex and ENVISION the Web and THINK about posting? - Devilrays

Man, you've been close with Crawl too long. Look at the length of that post. - Liontamer to Flying Omelette

People don't have to be angsty, they just need to have different opinions. - Crawl and 1000




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