Babies are creepy-looking. - James FP

FO didn't like that poem. It reminded FO of how scary it is to be all alone at night...I have to hide in my SnuggleJammies all alone...*SOB* Boo-Hoo *SOB* - Flying Omelette

Man, what a crazy whirlwind ride the past year has been... - James FP

Yes, being banned can be fun! Hehehehehehehehhehehehe! - James FP

These people, they have no regard for human life. Why do they even fight? Why fight when you do not care who gets killed, not even yourself? There are no words to express what the world has seen on this day. I offer my sincerest thoughts, prayers, and condolences to those who have lost their lives, and their families and friends. I certainly hope that no members of this community were consumed in this tragedy. - Brigade Delbrack on 9/11

Let's all join hands and sing "Kum Bah Ya". - Gaimeguy

I admit...this design goes quite well with my new kitchen wallpaper. - Sedgewick
Is your kitchen 800x600? - Jazz

Yep......he's high..... :| ......where's Camira? She needs to calm him down! - Gaimeguy to BJ Strykes

That was the most uplifting conversation I've read in a long time. - Deathamster

Mrs. Smith! Mrs. Smith! Billy's poking people's eyes out with a pencil again!!! Make him stop! - FieryPhoenix

You know what's really ironic about this? Microsoft is supposedly the most "mature" console, yet it's Microsoft and its fans that resort to third grader insults. From what I've seen, GC and PS2 fans are the most mature. They intelligently discuss why currently released games are good, and talk about games on the horizon they are excited about. It's Microsoft fans who always go around saying "durhrhrhrhrhr NINTENDO FOR KIDS DURHRHRHRRHRH!!!!111111" I guess the X-Box sucks so much and has such a shoddy lineup, that that's about all they can say. - Oxnard Hamster

I truly do not understand people saying, "I like Pokemon... but the hype sucks." ?????? Hype only sucks when things that suck are hyped! For instance, I could imagine someone saying, "It sucks that the Zelda games get so much hype. There are other games that deserve that attention more." But if you like what's hyped, the hype is a good thing! If it weren't for Pokemon's popularity, do you think there'd be a cartoon (one of the best videogame cartoons ever, I might add)? Do you think there'd be toys? Heck, there might not even have been a sequel. Be glad that something you like gets a lot of attention. When I was younger, and SMB3 was popular, I loved that game and thought all the extra attention that game got (such as the cool commercial) was great. I couldn't imagine thinking, "Oh, man, this game is great, but why is it getting hype?" - Crawl and 1000

Yeah, that would be FO...She's a little strange, but I trust her. Just don't ask her how she came up with that name. It's pretty gross. - James FP

I must admit that I was kind of surprised when I first saw that Hamlet scene. Seemed really odd that they would have Will be able to eat some of the meat and comment on how it tasted. - CB007
That was sick. - Deathamster on Illusion of Gaia

I LOVE the game, but I HATE Banjo as a character! Kazooie does all the work, and I do like her, because she reminds me alot of myself. - Deathamster

In a sense, I'm a game collector, because once I own a game, I won't part with it. - SethraShnoo

When I read the articles, it sometimes seems like a lot of people getting excited over nothing. - SethraShnoo on professional game news articles

I find it absolutely impossible to be attracted to a polygonal figure. - Deathspork

Now that I look at Zelda again, the curves are pretty noticeable. Especially Zelda's curves :-) - NextBillGates

I'm too poe to be payin' attention! - SR 2000

Hey kid!!...I'm just here lounging, leave me be! *Nods back to sleep* - SR 2000

If it means anything to anyone else, I've never been outside of Washington, DC, for practically the same reasons you guys and girls have never been anywhere. But, in my case, I think it makes even less sense than anyone else's, because it's a proven statistic that more people disappear from Washington, DC, than anyplace else in the USA, so you would think that going places outside of this city would actually be SAFER...but that's not how my mom sees it. - Deathamster

I never thought I'd ever see anyone use the old "reading books can take you anywhere" ad campaign as an argument on a message board. - Deathamster

I have to give some credit to Setzer. In all the years I've been going to ezboard, and of all the zillions of posts I've read, no post has ever left me completely speechless...until now. - Deathamster


I don't really see any point in supporting yourself and a farm when you could be playing a better game, like FFT. - NextBillGates on Harvest Moon

RPGs aren't really the most challenging games around, because they require little to no manual dexterity. That's one of the reasons I like them so much. I'm not the best game player in the world. - Kairobi King

I'm willing to be there's probably only two people here who understood most of that. - Setzer the Great

I wish everyone would suddenly realize how bad most licenced games are and stop buying them. - Magical Yard Gnome

I like it when you're predictable! ^_^ - Kiera Lordens to Crawl and 1000

I don't think anyone should ever post anything about any game until they've finished it. - Flying Omelette

Back when the NES was popular, I never heard a thing about this game. Years later, I hear about it all over the internet and everyone says it's the best game. - BJ Strykes on River City Ransom

Remember When I First Came To The NSIDER, How I Used To Type Like This? (Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word) I Can't Remember Who Exactly, But It Used To Annoy Some People. - CB007

Putting the cap back on the toothpaste is NOT a crime. Thank you for your cooperation. - NextBillGates

Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation. Sometimes I feel like I wanna go to the city of cereal, the city of Special K. I'd be a rollin, now I'll tell you why. - SR 2000

Come in, Nsider control...We have lost James FP. - HiRider

It's so hard to tell male anime characters from females these days... - James FP as "Sailor James"

You know what? You really pissed me off! I mean so much that I wouldn't just scream at you, but I would really beat the living shit out of you if you were right here in front of me for the mere fact that you even THOUGHT about destroying the spirit of my cat. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?!?! I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO THE NEXT ARENA FIGHT OR SOMETHING KUZ YOU ARE GONNA DIEEEE UNDER MY WRATH OF ETERNAL PAIN, SUFFERING, AGONY, AND WRITHING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS PATHETIC, DOOMED PLANET!!! THE RAGE THAT HAS BEEN BOTTLED UP FOR 11 YEARS HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED AND IT'S RIGHT HERE IN THIS KAME HAME HA AIMED RIGHT FOR YOU!!! - Puddmann

Will you just calm down, Pogo? Why do you have to inflict pain and suffering on everyone, even me? I thought we were friends! Why can't you just inflict pain and suffering on the evil dog that killed you? Spare me, Pogo! Spare my humans! Spare the cheesecake in the fridge! Hell, even spare the little gray furball that keeps following me around. Why do you have to go and do this to us? What are you accomplishing, Pogo? I am sure you will feel better with another can of catnip. - Devilrays

If I were named after the Greatest Song Ever, my name would be "I Want to Ride My Bicycle". - James FP

This is the deepest and most thought-provoking thread I have ever read. - BJ Strykes

I also don't see what the problem is with Wario being fat. Is there some sort of discrimination against obese people in games, now? - Pero the Cat

I always hear people saying how Luigi is the most underrated character, but Mike Jones and Kid Icarus are truly Nintendo's most underrated and underappreciated characters. Luigi and Mario may be human, but let's face it...they have some superhuman jumping abilities and weird special powers. Mike Jones was just an average, everyday kid, and he conquered Zoda using just normal weapons and his own wits. - Kairobi King

All right Sparkxster, you got me. I fabricated all those screenshots and movies in MSPaint. That Smash Bros website and message board are all an elaborate hoax stored on my own personal server in an attempt to trick you into believing in a few secret characters that don't really exist. I guess nothing gets by you. - Fenrir

I hope I'm not polluting your board too much by my presence here. - Magnus Crowe

I don't know about the nerd with candles, but I'm the girl with purple hair and pink pajamas who's always beating him (CataTonic9) up. - Minerva K Red

I'm sorry to say this, but if you spend $80 to talk to Pikachu, you need to get a friend. - Kairobi King

I really don't understand why someone would throw coins as an attack though. I mean, if some guy threw about $2000 (About the amount coin toss costs) worth of coins at me, I'd run away with it, not wait around to get my ass kicked! - Hobbes

But if you weren't posting, what else would you be doing? Something constructive? Something that could improve you as a person, and the quality of your life? And possibly the quality of others' lives as well? - Crawl and 1000

In a pointy era we stab at things in the dark. - SR 2000

I really don't want to hear any more of these "Nazi" arguments. That was funny on N-Sider. It's not, anymore. - Flying Omelette

He shall return...bearing tinfoil hats!! - James FP

Looks like I'm a porn star. - Magical Yard Gnome

I almost expect GARDENHO to show up here and declare how fat Ozzie is...but the vertical bar will defeat him. - Devilrays

Your cat can never defeat Ozzie the Cubby Bear...although if your cat joined up with Ozzie, he/she could get a high-ranking government position, such as Secretary of Catnip Legalization. - Devilrays

DO NOT reduce the size! Size is everything! - Kiera Lordens

My personal photo looks more like a cross between a red squirrel and some kind of mutant frog than a cat. - Kiera Lordens

OK Camira, answer me this...what DOESN'T look like BJ? - Devilrays

Why do people care so much about my "squishyness" is what I want to know. - BJ Strykes

Since BJ and Sethra are related, does she have the squishy genes, too? - Crawl and 1000

I think we should never do this again. It's getting scary. - SR 2000

|, the vert|cal bar, am, have been, and always w|ll be the und|sputed ruler of everyth|ng both tang|ble and |ntang|ble, of all that ex|sts and all that doesn't. | know what goes through your m|nds, and | know what you do beh|nd closed doors. Do not try to defeat me. - Devilrays

I could fit my IQ on a ruler. - Tornado8

And I'm not giving away something that's OBVIOUSLY fake in the first place. Unless you think everyone in the world is SO dense that they would believe that it's even possible that a hard drive can be copied and sent over the INTERNET in such a short amount of time. Are you that dense? - HiRider

See, that's what happens when you don't press my buttons. You become clueless. - HiRider

I am your father. Do not question me. - FieryPhoenix

At this rate, we'll all get ourselves banned from another site! - James FP

Deathspork's Musings on the Chrono Cross Character Art:

After retiring from the syrup business, Aunt Jemima supports herself by getting a small part in Chrono Cross.

Now we know what happened to Starman after all these years, he became a drunken fatass and lost all sense of self hygiene.

You know what they say about a girl with big hands...(this one especially scares the hell out of me!)

This one deserves no caption. He is the big boss of the game! Now what's cooler, Lavos or the long lost fourth Cheetaman?

And lastly, I leave you with the epitome of crappy Squaresoft artwork. A french whore with knockers each wider than she is topped off with humongous clown shoes and gloves. Total crap if you ask me. - Deathspork

Where's Akira Toriyama when you need him? - Magical Yard Gnome

Maybe I should stop assuming every BBS staff is authoritarian like NOA. - Devilrays

If me and my Crawlie Smoosh get abducted by UFOs, I wonder if they'll print the story! - Flying Omelette

I don't understand most of the jokes on these boards. - James FP

I must laugh for about 10-20 minutes every time I read one of FO's posts. - James FP

What the @(#)* is going on to you guys! You're starting to act like me! I DON'T LIKE IT!! - WhatAboutRaven2


I keep FO around because she's my squeeze-a-bye love roundy! - Crawl and 1000

It's ironic that JANSPORK/ASH35 is the person who inspired me to make the Nonsense Forum, but he has yet to make a post there. - Kiera Lordens

Need.... help.......... immediately. Family......... seriously.................... . . . discussing.. ... .... ... ... getting... . AOL!!!!!... Cannot.. .. .. . show them..... .. the. ..danger.... (:cough: : hack: :wheeze:) (drops dead) - Deathspork

I never heard of Kid Icarus until I watched an episode of Captain N, and even then, I still didn't know what the heck he was! - Kiera Lordens

Love is okay, but it's hard for me to think of two game character sprites being in love, and caring much about it. - BJ Strykes

My favorite RPG theme is blasting off and striking the evil Bydo Empire. - Crawl and 1000

Look, I would go through and reply to every remark you made in that post, but I don't feel like it right now. Plus, I couldn't even understand half of what you said. - Kefkathe3rd

That's why I like reading reviews! A bad review can't make me dislike a game I liked, and a good review can't make me like a game I hated. But it does allow me to see a different viewpoint, and it can often be very entertaining! - Setzer the Great

When in a situation such as this, I can't help but recall the ageless axiom -- 'tis better to remain silent and be thought stupid than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. - Luxverum

Have you heard about these people who are trying to sue the Taliban? That's the REAL American way. - Setzer the Great

It seems like Amano has all the ability and talent to draw people, but he gets confused as to who should be male and who is female. - SethraShnoo

I think Amano gets high before he draws something. How else do you explain that most of his characters look like they're floating in zero gravity? - Pero the Cat

I wonder how the art direction goes when Amano works on a FF game. He probably first draws everything, shows it to his supervisors who tell him, "This looks great! Really, really great!" Then when he leaves the room, they say, "This can never see the light of day!" and they completely redo the art to what it actually looks like in the game (which would explain why Amano's art has never looked like the actual characters in the games). - Crawl and 1000

I don't know how you could possibly expect me to choose between frvgtbn and nmjhdsgdlcvdcofvd. - Flying Omelette


I know everything! I have eyes everywhere! - Minerva K Red
That must not be a pleasant medical condition. - Crawl and 1000

I've never used any ezcodes ever, I don't see how they're any easier than learning html, and learning html on ezboard can give you experience you can use elsewhere, for making websites and stuff. Without ezboard I'd have never learned html, ezcodes can burn in hell. - Deathspork

I don't know why you'd think my board is worth visiting, but knock yourself out. - Deathamster

I've been on the internet so long, that at this point, I'm happy with the friendships I've made, and satisfied with the conversation I read around here, so I don't want for anything more. - BJ Strykes

I personally enjoy being on the "evil bad side". We're like the ezboard mafia ova' heere! - Minerva K Red

I need to find more boards where I can spread my evil influence. - Minerva K Red

I think it would be hilarious if all there is to URA Zelda is that you turn it on, then Link runs up to a chest, opens it, the Triforce pops out, and it says, "Congratulations! You found the Triforce! The End". - Flying Omelette

I can't stand a lot of animal mascots with "attitude", anymore. With some exceptions (like Klonoa) whenever I see a new animal w/'tude, I just want to throw up. And these things all have similar names nowadays, too, like Gex, Vex, Blinx, etc. - Brigade Delbrack

Why is it that some people can act a certain way or say something, and people will get really pissed off at them, but someone else can act the same way or say the same things and they don't seem to care? - Deathamster

I like the idea behind Pokemon. Using monsters to fight battles is cool. But I don't like how in the cartoon, the Pokemon are mostly all portrayed as only being able to speak their own name. And what's worse is that it seems like Ash is able to understand everything the damn Pikachu says! It's worse than Lassie. - Morgannon

Yeah, if someone who's known for being a troll tells you to STFU, nobody really cares. But if a board's admins or mods do that, it's different, because everyone has respect for them and they'll get on their side. - Nixxy Blayde

I don't want anybody to be something they're not to please me, but people should also bear in mind that "asshole" is not a personality that anyone should be expected to accept. - Flying Omelette

I think FatShnoo has been pretty much "immortalized". - Flying Omelette

How'd I get so pissed off? Because I'm an idiot. How'd I get more sedate? Because I realized I was being an idiot. - Pero the Cat

Did you know that I was Sofiathe3rd? - Deathamster
Yes, I did, DH. Only you had a mouth like that! - Pero the Cat

My guess is that someone felt the need to remind us that they're an idiot. - Flying Omelette

I play it for the adrenaline rush I need to dive off my roof into the bushes. - Hobbes on Dead or Alive

Iori has man-boobs and looks like he got dressed with the lights off. - Flying Omelette

My guess would be that it's "oonhs" spelled backwards. - James FP on what "Shnoo" is

If I wore pants, I'd be wetting them right now. - Bad Ass Pac Man

I'm just extremely unaffected by anything that goes on around me. - Deathamster

I am Looking Link...I can see you! Can you see me, too! I am Looking Link...I think... - Flying Omelette

Rats. | just read the owners' manual for th|s bra|nwash|ng dev|ce of m|ne and |t says | have to have a personal possess|on of whomever | am bra|nwash|ng or |t doesn't work. Next t|me | w|ll be more careful, but |n the meant|me | w|ll be sav|ng my n|ckels and d|mes for a new dev|ce that doesn't have th|s r|d|culous requ|rement. - Devilrays

I wonder if the makers of spam have ever tasted it? - Benji
If they did, it wouldn't still be on the market. - James FP

But, anyway, I'm sorry. And, also, I'm not saying this to make you stay. If you want to leave, that's totally your decision, and it doesn't really matter to me. But I feel I was wrong and I should apologize for it. As for everyone else, plplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplpl!! - BJ Strykes

To me, it was more than just a "fad" or a "game"...Pokemon was sort of representative of a certain time period - like the time I first got involved in the boards at N-Sider. I think Pokemon was the first board I ever went to, and I met so many people there that I still talk to today...Even though most of us are no longer into Pokemon. - SethraShnoo

Around... '92, I think... Nintendo Power had two people review games in the Now Playing Section. At first, they just totally rambled and whined about everything, and one of their more famous instances of this was when one person complained that the logs in Thrilla's Surfari looked like peanuts. Then they spent about a page arguing back and forth about whether they looked like peanuts or logs. Considering that, it's no wonder that feature was eventually canned. - Crawl and 1000

I have to make a recommendation: If you've beaten Aidyn and ever have any thoughts of replaying it, take a party of Godric, Brenna, and Keelin. When you have Godric, Brenna, and Keelin, Aidyn, hands down, becomes the f!@%ing funniest RPG I've ever played! Nintendo Power wasn't kidding when they said it was a "hoot" to have Godric in your party, and Keelin and Brenna constantly fight over Alaron's body! - James FP

The FF4 H-type may have been good, but seeing Tellah yell, "You bastard!" instead of "You Spoony Bard", would be like turning on TMNT and hearing Raphael shout, "F*** you, Shredder!!" - Flying Omelette

I think Yoshi's Story is the only game I would believe that a 3-year-old could beat. Heck, a fetus could beat that game! - Agisuro

I didn't play too many games when I was really young, because we couldn't afford them back then...well, that, and I don't think Nintendo was even around yet. - CataTonic9
Unless you're over 100 years old, Nathan, Nintendo was definitely around! - SethraShnoo

PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON!!!!! - Minerva K Red

Oh, and don't worry about embarrassing images. We already survived the Giant Meowth Head Scare of '99! - James FP

I will scream if I ever ever EVER see Celes Chere with Donald Duck in that game. - Bomberguy221 on Kingdom Hearts

On November 26, 1999, the day after Thanksgiving, DEVILRAYS returns from a hard day's work and logs onto the Internet and visits one of his regular everyday stops - the Game Pond. Lately Flying Omelette had been up to her usual tricks, and even DEVILRAYS had written an ode, which had nothing to do with space, death, or garbage, but he comes to the Nonsense Forum and finds SethraShnoo and BJ Strykes writing odes at each other. Sethra being an immature 27-year-old stuck in a 6-year-old's body, and BJ being a typical parent with Game Pond admin powers, he has little tolerance for Sethra's antics. So on they go fighting it out, writing odes about one another, until somebody's head explodes... - Devilrays

I think I should have a starring role in a game! - James FP

You should've seen what I used to do at the Pokemon N-Sider BBS! I was leader of the Furrby Gym! I used to mess up tournaments all the time for fun! (God, I was stupid back then...) - James FP

One thing I remember about you, Junus, was that your name read like this: POKMONMASTERJUNUS. It was missing an "E", and people just kept asking where's the E? - James FP reflecting on N-Sider's BBS

It's perfectly OK to have another opinion! That's one of the things I admire about you two, while most of the ditzy couples I see change themselves to meet the other's preferences when they are in a relationship, you two still have disagreements and talk them out. - Deathspork to FO and Crawl

What, do you liek thees grafikx? - GH64

You could be using a Mac or Linux. - cuttersDCut
Why do something stupid like that? - Tweeter911

There are rehabilitation facilities for drug abuse, Tweeter. - cuttersDCut

On Captain N, Mega Man sounded like a lawnmower. On the Mega Man cartoon series, he sounded like Goku from DBZ. In Mega Man 8, he sounds like a girl...In other words, as Mega Man gets older, his voice is getting higher, instead of deeper. - Flying Omelette

James, you have too much free time. - Proto Man and Mega Man
Well, what else is there to do at 1 in the morning, except play around with the camera angles in Super Mario 64? - James FP

I'll start believing you when you're 140. This is really ingenious when you think about it, no one can demand thier money back when it doesn't work! - Deathspork in response to an ad for a "new invention that allows humans to live forever"

What, is my browser going to jump out of my screen and kill me or something?? - Junus Crowe in response to Sax of Tolaria's threats

LOL! He spams a board and leaves an ICQ address in his profile AND his email address is public! - Junus Crowe on Sax of Tolaria

I was at EB yesterday, and I saw that they actually had a strategy guide for Mario Advance. Who needs a guide for SMB2? For that matter, who needs a guide for any Mario game? - Liontamer

I'll believe it only when I actually see him on my front doorstep. - Deathamster on James's plans to visit her IRL

Is this that blue X-Box character that James is always talking about? I love how the name is Xzzangithoordoor: Rise of Philanphidopheodore. That just rolls right off the tongue. - Crawl and 1000

I have already told you some stuff. You want more? No you don't. Don't beg. Please, don't beg. Stop that. Stop kissing my feet. Stop, now. *BAM* I said stop. - HiRider

I sound like a real idiot in alot of the posts I've made here! Geez, louise, I must've been in a weird frame of mind! - Flying Omelette

You think you're obnoxious? Have you read any of my brother's posts? Or my old posts? - Magnus Crowe

PUDDMANN left because I called him a "grapefruit". I said something that was extremely innocent, and he took it the wrong way. I tried to explain what I meant, but he took it the wrong way again, and put words in my mouth. I tried a third time, and he still misinterpreted me. So I got frustrated and called him a "grapefruit". He said I ruined his life and he left. I apologized several times, but he refuses to come back. I don't really know what to do about it. I've apologized. It's not like I can send him a breadbasket or something. - Flying Omelette

Once football ends, the 205 pound 14 year old mutant will be returning to frequent postings. - Proto Man and Mega Man

No one can have me or eat me. I am actually the spirit of Ozzie the Cubby Bear; since she died she wandered aimlessly until I came along. NOW I WILL RULE YOU ALL!!! - Devilrays

Does your cat sing "Stairway to Heaven"? Or is that the other guy and I just embarrassed myself in front of 920-something other users? - Benji

I'm not stupod. - Shykid

I'll capitalize Random words For Apparently no reason At all. - HiRider

I used to act like James all the time, but then after awhile I realized how annoying people who act like the characters they're named after can be. - James FP




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