I stumbled onto this solitary Game Idea by our own staff member, Tyler (BQ), and it was too good to let go to waste.
  • Indie Jones & the Existential Weeaboo

  • Indie Jones & the Existential Weeaboo

    In this game you play as the famous archeologist Dr. Indie Jones as he travels to the exotic land of Singapore to search for the fabled Temple of the Existential Weeabo. The temple contains the world's rarest Japan-only videogames and anime, which Dr. Jones has been commissioned by a Judgmental Yankee Elitist to find and bring back to his basement museum.

    The temple is fraught with many dangers. Along the way, you'll be attacked by strawmen, tentacles, giant runaway balls of angst, and falling stacks of manga.

    Once you've collected all the treasures in the temple, you will face off against the Existential Weeabo, but it will be all over once Indie's opinion ruins his Christmas.

    Make sure you preorder your copy and then grab your camping gear and prepare to wait in a long overnight line for the adventure of a lifetime!

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