We only have one question about these game ideas: What the heck happens after the year 2000??

  • Kefka 2K: The New Killenium
  • Party Down 64
  • Pimpin' Mario
  • Tell Everyone What Your Name Means 64

  • Kefka 2K: The New Killenium

    You play as me, Kefka the 3rd, on a quest to see how much my life sucks ass. It would be like an RPG: You have to wake up at 5:30 every morning, and try to get to school on time, then you have to put up with the teachers I have! If you manage to pass this part, you then have to put up with my nagging parents (don't fret, you may have a few game overs at this point). If you SOMEHOW make it past that, you must face the final boss: The Little Brother from Hell!! Then, you repeat this until the year 2000 gets here!

    Kefka 2K: Is your user name Y2K compliant?

    Party Down 64

    Ok people, you've heard of those self proclaimed "party games" that say that they are all cool and stuff, but when you buy them and play them with your friends, you're like "Man this game sucks!" Well, fear not! The Ultimate Party game is here, and it's ready to take the universe by storm!

    BTW, this game is dedicated to someone, although I'm too "shy" to mention her name.....

    First things first, you've got to pick the mode you want to play in. You may choose a rave party, byob party, dance party (my personal favorite), or a rich person "gathering". Once you've done that, you then start the game.

    1, The Rave.
    The object of this mode is to see how many different drugs you can do and see how many times you can pass out before the dreaded "cops" come. When you first step in, you can't hear anything because of all the loud music, and you can't see anything 2 feet in front of your face because of all the smoke circulating around. Someone passes you a joint, and you start to dance like a freak, but nobody gives a damn, because you're all higher than birds. The first time you pass out, you wake up not knowing where the hell you are at first. Then you repeat this process till you here the distant sirens coming to stop the party.

    2, The BYOB Party.
    In this mode, you are forced to bring your own spirits to the party. The object of this mode is to see how long of a hangover you can get from drinking at the party. You are also forced to pay at the door, which you find outrageous and say "If you want me to pay, why'd you invite me?!" This party is a little more civilized than the rave, and generally involves people that are not as insane.

    3, The Rich Gathering.
    This mode was not in the original, but some of the aristicracy types payed us off to add it in. Not much I can say about this one, besides the fact that it is very formal and has security surrounding the place, so don't try sneeking in. You are forced to engage in monotonous and boring conversations, and then give a laugh at their stupid jokes, no matter how lame they are. That's about all for this one.

    4, The Dance Party.
    My personal favorite, the objective of this one is to see how funkadelic you can look on the dance floor. One by one, you and other people take your turns on the dance floor, showing off you're hippest and most jammin moves. This mode is similar to Bust-A-Groove, except you can control the character in between songs. You can then do stuff like hit on those bangin chicks over there at the bar, asking them for their numbers, and then getting blown off and/or slapped in the face. It doesn't phase you though, because the dance moves to make them all jealous!

    This game will be released by KT3 Inc., and should be on shelves by nineteen ninety never.

    Oh, and don't forget:
    U wuld b nutz not 2 camps owt at the stoor the nite b4 dis game iz doo 2 arivez!

    Pimpin' Mario

    With contributions from HiRider & Crawl and 1000

    What if Mario was a pimp? He would have to save multiple princesses, collect their money, and of course the last boss would be an "unsatisfied customer" who refuse to pay his toll. And the overworld theme would be "Big Pimpin".

    Mario already is the Original G. Toad is kind of like Joe Pesci to Mario's Harvey Keitel.

    Tell Everyone What Your Name Means 64

    Here's how it works:

    You are a typical Game Ponder. You like to read people's posts. Well, soon you come to a string of posts where Person A wants to know what Person B's name means, but B doesn't tell A, because A has a nickname for B, and won't tell B what it is!! Well, that's not all. Let's say you go to, oh, Sethra's board. Well, you discover that the conversation is going on there, too!! Well, finally you get to the point where now you want to know BOTH the secrets!! The game doesn't end till you find out these secrets.

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