Despite the fact that TermiteJr often ends up with the short end of the stick in our past writings, he has written some really funny game ideas.

  • Akira 3D
  • Mariobese 64
  • Tenchi Muyo! 3D
  • Ultra DJ 2000
  • Ultra Guitar 2000
  • Visual Basic RPG

  • Akira 3D

    AKIRA 3D!!! Now this would rock. Choose Tetsuo (did I spell it right?) and you get all the pyscic shiat. Chose Kanada (did I spell it right?) and you get the laser. Chose the big general dude and you get a pistol along with 10 suicidal marines that run at the enemy. Choose Kay and you just punch and kick martial arts style, but then she can charge up and go Tetsuo style (just like... less abilities)

    Hmm... Levels could be: The bar, the hallway in the medical center, the baby room with all the midgets in it, the olympic stadium, the place where Testuo found Akira (in the pile of rubble) and the big open streetway where every now and then the tanks shoot at you.

    Actually... now that I think about it... This game would ROCK!

    Mariobese 64

    MARIOBESE 64 is the newest title from Nintendo! In it, you control the Mascot MARIO and help him get extremely FAT!

    "One of the BEST games ever!" Newsweekly


    "Nintendo creates another great! The food looks good enough to eat, YUM!!" Fatmen Magazine

    Fight off Bowser as he tries to make Mario eat HEALTHY food!


    Tenchi Muyo! 3D

    With contributions from MarioMaster2002

    What if they released a new Tenchi Muyo! game? This time, instead of making it a crappy RPG, make it into a fighting game like the one Sasami plays in Universe!!! That'd rock :) Ryoko would be my favorite player.

    The graphics would be like that of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and you can pick up items and stuff like that. My favorite fighter for that one would probably be that guy that I think killed Tenchi's grandpa. You know the one that was the self proclaimed god? He had an energy blade that was black with a red outline when it came out? He had long blue hair. Man, the name's right on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember it! Well, you get who it is.

    Ultra DJ 2000

    System: N64 (add on on Dolphin)
    Players: 4
    Rumble Pak: Yes
    COntroller Pak: No
    Expansion Pak: Yes

    Story: Your living in urban Bronx and your hanging out with rappers. You have no skill at rap, and decide if you live here anymore, you will go nuts. Suddenly, a blue light forms around a store.

    ULTRA DJ 2000

    Joe, the main character - Medium in speed and accuracy.
    Chacka (sound familar?)- Low in speed and high in accuracy.
    DMZ (no idea for names) - High speed and low accuracy.

    Story Mode - Built your way through the charts with Joe to become the greatest DJ in the Bronx, from New York to the entire East Siiiiiiiiiiide! You play gigs and battle other DJs to see whos better.

    Free-Style - Make your own songs, have fun. Do whatever ya want, its free-style!

    Multi-player - Make a better song then ur friends, see whos faster, quicker, and more accurate.

    Special (enabled after beating Story on hard) - RAP!!!

    Ultra Guitar 2000

    System: Dolphin
    Players: 4
    Extra Controller: Yes, a guitar controller

    Story - Living in Massachusets can be hard, dreaming of becoming a rock star. Suddenly, you find a guitar and some amps on the floor.

    Characters -
    Fred (main character): A fast paced guitarist with his band "The Power Men"
    Joe: A slightly slow but very skilled bassist with his band "Jimmi's Hendrix"
    Katirinav: Extremly fast hard rocker guitarist with her band "Fire Power"
    (Special Character, win after beating Story on hard) TermiteJr: Punk Rocker Bassist with his band "Cordless Fire"

    Gameplay - Same as Ultra DJ 2000

    Story Mode - Try get "The Power Men" to soar over other bands to get a record deal which you have been praying for. Buy guitars and amps, and win special items like the distorter after gigs.

    Practice - Practice your guitar skills. Easy as can be.

    Multi-player - Try rock your crowd more than your opponent's.

    Special Multi-player(Win after getting TermiteJr and beating story on hard) - Actually use a band. 1 player uses the drummer, another singer, another bassist and another lead guitar. Only 1 gig.

    Internet - Play a huge gig on the internet with other bands, just like Woodstock 99 or Ozzfest.

    Sounds cool? Read Ultra DJ 2000 and stay in tune for more of my games!!!!

    Copyright TermiteJr and Corperated.

    Visual Basic RPG

    When I was walking home yesterday since my bro didn't go to school I was alone which means I had to *gasp* think. So I was thinking about making my own game with Visual Basic. It wouldn't be much, no graphics, just words. But it'd still be pretty cool. It'd be like an old RPG. Visit different areas, fight a guy, and just get stronger and then face a boss. Sounds simple, yes, but it'd still take a lot of time (school sux0r.) You'd be able to attack, guard, or flee. You'd gain 5HP every fight and you would hit 1 point harder every 2 fights. You'll chose one of two thingies. A knight or a wizard. Sadly, Visual Basic isn't installed on this comp, my dad's comp I don't know the password to, and not only that... I forgot how to use Visual Basic...

    I dunno why I made this post. maybe I'll refer back to it if I ever start...

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