Some good game ideas from our friend, RufuShinra.

  • Cactuar 64
  • Cheese 64
  • Final Fantasy 7 Gaiden: Rufus Shinra's Story
  • Final Fantasy Lego
  • Think of Many N-Sider Names 64
  • Ys Eternal Collection

  • Cactuar 64

    The gameplay is similar to Mario 64, instead you play as a Cactuar!! The story goes like this:

    One day, Cactuar was sitting around in the sun when a Chocobo came and... STOLE HIS COKE!!!

    During Cactuar's journey, he meets up with a Tonberry and Mog. Cactuar can also Cactievolve into a Jumbo Cactuar, where he can shoot out 10,000 needles instead of just 1,000. Will Cactuar ever get his Coke back? You'll have to play to find out!

    Cheese 64

    The point of the game is to eat cheese and food with cheese on it while watching cheesy movies like Crocodile Dundee, Titanic and an American Tale. After eating enough cheese until you're fat, you go out and compete with other cheeseballs like Dan Akroyd, Steve Case and Boris Yeltzen. Again, you sit on your ass while eating cheese, trying to eat more than your competition.

    Final Fantasy 7 Gaiden: Rufus Shinra's Story

    It's basically about the coolest FF7 (no scratch that, videogame character) Rufus Shinra and how he took over the world, and when Shinra HQ blew up, he flew to Cuba.

    Final Fantasy Lego

    Okay, well, it's not really an idea for a videogame... But sort of! How would everyone think of, Final Fantasy Lego!?! You can build Chocobo carriages, huge castles, airships, caves, and mountains for the classic Final Fantasy. For the modern Final Fantasy, there'll be huge research facilities, modern airships, war bases, and maybe even Cosmo Canyon. What do ya think?!

    Think of Many N-Sider Names 64

    Yes! You must take all the names you can from the NSider! The more names you get, the more points you score!

    Ys Eternal Collection

    Now this would be an amazingidea! A complete compilation of Ys I to Ys V, all together. They'd be total remakes much like Ys I Eternal is. Also, an Ys VI remake would be nice too. Speaking of Ys, has anyone here played Ys V? If so, how the heck do you get the option to change Adol's hair colour?

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