Some game ideas from our good friend, Facilitypro. You can find more of his work at his own website, the9thkey.

  • American Eyedol
  • Burger King Time
  • Crawl and 1000 Arms
  • Dance Dance American Revolution
  • Drag On Warrior 7
  • Final Fantasy Island
  • Jalo (J-Lo)
  • Mars Matrix Algebra
  • MaxiMoe
  • MegaWing
  • Ninja Gaiden Brown
  • OldenGuy 007
  • Photovoltron
  • SilverEye 007
  • Snipe Hunt
  • Stupor Mario Brothers
  • Super Barrio Mothers
  • The Adventures of Bayou Billy Bibbit

  • American Eyedol

    He sings, he dances, he'll rip your head off and crush it.

    Burger King Time

    Drop a Whopper to win!

    Crawl and 1000 Arms

    Try to get Crawl to hug you.

    Dance Dance American Revolution

    Can you dance the English back to Britain?

    Drag On Warrior 7

    It keeps going, and going, and going...

    Final Fantasy Island

    Mr. Rourke and Tattoo make a dying man's wish come true by saving the world from the ultimate evil.

    Jalo (J-Lo)

    FPS starring Jennifer Lopez.

    Mars Matrix Algebra

    Keep your combo going by calculating the inverse of increasingly larger matrices.


    Join with Larry and Curly to slap around evil monsters (and each other).


    1000 times smaller than GigaWing.

    Ninja Gaiden Brown

    Oh wait...

    OldenGuy 007

    Help 72-year old James Bond eradicate evil spies, obtain Viagra, and avoid pissing his pants.


    You take pictures of Voltron. You know. The robot dude.

    SilverEye 007

    Like Goldeneye, only cheaper.

    Snipe Hunt

    Like Duck Hunt, except the birds never come out. The point of this game is to see how long you can get a person to sit there like an idiot pointing a gun at nothing.

    Stupor Mario Brothers

    As the first Goomba approaches, your character becomes paralyzed with fear.

    Super Barrio Mothers

    In this game, you play as a poor mother in a latin ghetto. You must provide for your child, and ultimately send him/her to college. Has a 2 player mode.

    The Adventures of Bayou Billy Bibbit

    Save your girlfriend from nurse Rached. Voice at startup says "Th-th-the ad-ad-adventures of B-B-Bayou B-B-Billy B-B-Bibbit."

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