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  • Dragon Ball Z 64
  • ECW Wrestling 64
  • Interactive Game
  • Operation Vowel Storm
  • Punch-Out!! 3
  • Smash Bros. 3
  • SS Maker
  • Vlad Dudes

  • Dragon Ball Z 64

    Wouldn't this rock!?! It would be kinda like the SNES DBZ game, but in 3D. I know it would rule, you know it would rule, let's start a petition! I started a petition I plan to send to Nintendo, find it at

    ECW Wrestling 64

    With all the WCW and WWF games coming out, why is no one coming out with an ECW game? I think it would rule, and would buy it in a heartbeat.

    It should retain the basic gameplay that made WCW/NWO WT so fun, but be beefed up for ECW standards. It would be awesome if it had an option to create your own wrestler from scratch, create a pay-per-view and create custom moves. All of this could then be stored on memory card, and you can challenge a friend to a pay-per-view that you designed, squaring off your characters against his. All the ECW goodies would be there, like barbed wire matches and bomb matches. Weapons include strands of barbed wire to shove down the opponents throat, bats with barbed wire wrapped around it and the old standby, the folding chair (With barbed wire on it of course). The bomb matches would pit two fighters in a ring with barbed wire for ropes and surrounded by bombs. The first person thrown out of the ring is massively injured by the bombs.It would have everyone in ECW and everyone thats ever been in ECW in it, like Taz (The MAN), Rob Van Dam and Liontamer Chris Jericho.

    It would also be cool to have some kind of rage meter, that built up more and more until it filled up and then you can do a massive, death-defying move like that move Sabu does and the Tazmissionplex. Create a move would have an option to create a special move as well.

    The computer would keep win/loss records for all of the wrestlers, which would be cool. The game would be MUCH harder than all of those easy wrestling games out there today. Taz would be a very, very hard person to beat and would be able to beat the first time player within a matter of seconds. It would also be cool to have clones from other organizations, like guys named Gettin' olderg and the Crock, who looked like Goldberg and the Rock, they would make nice beating dummies for the ECW pros.

    This would be the most extreme wrestling game ever and everyone would buy it. The ads for it could read "Play the game if you want to, survive if I let you!"

    Interactive Game

    It'd be cool if there was this game that, when you played it, said "There is a bomb in the CD case and it will explode if you don't beat the game in 18 hours". Of course, under that in parenthesis will read, "game will not actually explode", but that's just to get it by the corporate guys; it will.

    Operation Vowel Storm

    This would be a cool game for N64. The storyline is as follows:

    After watching helplessly as millions of Americans butcher Russian, Czecheslovakian and Sarayevan names, President Clinton decides it's time to do something about it and devises a project to airdrop 75 million vowels to the 3rd world people that desperately need them, so that their friends and family can finally pronounce thier names.

    You play as one of the pilots that is to airdrop the vowels to various countries. You must search and find many small villages, they will be your targets for the vowels. Watch out though, there are tons of clans, militias and overall bad guys who want to horde the desperately needed vowels all to themselves, so they can sell them on the black market and make huge profits. They will try to shoot your plane out of the sky, fight back with various missile powerups and your machine guns.

    This game would be very fun, but it IS a little farfetched. President Clinton actually planning an operation, go figure! Regardless, you'd be nuts not to give away two thirds of your blood and four of your fingers just for your very own copy of this game.

    Punch-Out!! 3

    With contributions from BJ Strykes & Crawl and 1000

    I liked how in the original Punchout!! they had the star system, where you could get up to 3 stars at a time and use them, one at a time, to do a super punch by pressing the start button. I know there's a better chance of Perfect Strangers making a comeback than Nintendo using this system in thier next Punchout game (there's always a possibility of it for a Gameboy version though), but I was playing Punchout today and every time I play that game I think of how cool it would be if you could pull off other special moves and combos with your stars. The more powerful the move, the more stars it would take. You could press button combinations like in a fighting game, only it wouldn't be as complicated because there wouldn't be any directional pad movements.

    Super Punchout kind of does this but there is only one special move, where you press the super punch button 2 times quickly and get a rolling string of punches. It also doesn't use the star system.

    It just seems unfair that your opponents have like 10 special moves when you just have the super punch.

    What would be cool is if you could earn the moves as you go along, depending on your score. Then, as you earn moves, and eventually beat the game, you could restart with all the moves you had learned and try to earn more.

    If super moves were added, I think I'd prefer the Super Punch-Out!! engine to the Punch-Out!! star system. It could be up so that at different tiers of the powerbar new special moves are added to your arsenal. The way it was for Super Punch-Out!! was like SFA3 in X-ism - you could only do the special moves when the bar was completely filled. But in a new game it'd be more like A-ism, where more moves are added in stages; when, say, the bar is 1/3 full, 2/3 full, and completely full. I don't know if it'd be a good idea to give "Little Mac" (or whoever) overwhelming moves like the Super Spin Punch or a Bull Charge. I mean, the point of those moves is to figure out how to dodge them. I can imagine a bonus that could be unlocked after you beat the game where you can use other boxer's moves that would not unbalance the game, since you would already have to beat the game.

    Smash Bros. 3

    The fans want more Nintendo characters in the next Smash Bros., and that's just what part 3 delivers!

    During the making of SSB3, Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Donkey Kong and everyone who is supposed to appear in the game are all captured by an evil Buzzy Beetle, and so the rest of the inhabitants of the Nintendo universe hold a fighting tournament to see who's most fit to make the rescue.

    Will it be Guy from Golf, with his awesome iron-swinging and business management abilities? How about Doc, the trainer from Punchout, who can bombard his opponents with Nintendo Fun Club flyers from his electric wheelchair. But let's not put it past Larger Dot from Metroid, the source of fan-favorite Samus's powers.

    Other playable characters include:

    Unicycle from Uniracers
    Al from Pilotwings (revealed to be the long-lost son of Doc)
    Race Starting Lakitu from Mario Kart
    (There is a SPOILER in one of the preceding lines)
    Skinny, Fat, and Medium from Ice Hockey
    Stick from Tetris

    Special hidden character: Smaller Dot

    SS Maker

    Theres tons of RPG making programs on the net, why in the hell not a side scroller maker!?

    The program would be completely and totally user friendly, so even the stupidest of morons can make thier own video game, yet give the advanced programmer room to make his own programs. It could have SS express or SS advanced.

    In express mode, you first choose a character style, what his measurements are, what his weapons will be, and then choose from a large selection of main characters. You can give him a large assortment of guns or swords too. Now you give him a life bar, and a handicap of how much the average attack will take off.

    Next you would need to pick a game type, and would have a nice selection in that too. You can have a side view game, or a 3d-ish TMNT 2 type game. You also choose between free flowing, non-level based game like Metroid and Castlevania 2 or the traditional level based game like Castlevania or Contra. Now you build your levels. You start out with one blank line, which is the ground level. Use your editor and add color and pattern to the ground. Now add holes, raise it up, lower it down in certain spots, and add ledges. Even add things like hooks or ropes to swing from, and an assortment of added extra options.

    Now you add your enemies. Pick from a gigantic selection of enemies, and put as many of them in as you want. Give them an amount of HP also, making them more powerful or weaker. Each enemy would also have a short list of different attack patterns to choose from. As for bosses, you'd have a large selection of them too. You would have a really large list of attack patterns for bosses, and could give any boss any attack pattern, theres thousands of combinations.

    Next, if you are building a seperated levels game, you would repeat the process and begin again on a new level. If you are building a free flowing game, you would build the entire game first before adding enemies.

    For music, you could skim through a list of music pre programmed or you could upload any MIDI or WAV off of the internet.

    Now if you did this, you'd have a game, but you could throw in optional goodies like an inventory system, special levels like underwater stages, bonus mini games and special items like new swords, keys, or whatever you want.

    This express mode would lead the user by the nose, but still give him a lot of room for creativity. In advanced mode, you would have a pallette to create your own characters and bosses, and also program thier attack patterns, but you'd have to be good to do this.

    With all the RPG makers out there, I'm surprised no one has done this yet.

    Vlad Dudes

    This game is a remake of Castlevania 1. It is exactly like Castlevania except it has this title screen, and every time Simon dies you hear a muffled digitized voice say "I'm Vlad!".

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