Ezboard Hall of Fame

Here's a little something we put together to commemorate the various ezboards we've created and owned over the years. This is also to pay tribute to the boards where we get most of our quotes for archiving in ShnooWorld Quote Corner.

NOTE: A lot of these had all of their posts wiped out in a 2005 hacker attack. Most of those that were emptied were later purged by Ezboard for inactivity. We have noted which boards no longer exist, but have kept the links to the original URLs anyway incase someone wants to look them up on www.archive.org.

AN!ME - Upgraded to Yuku.

  • Founder: AN1ME3K
    An anime ezboard that seems to have survived the various purges and hacker attacks and got upgraded to Yuku...despite the losing a few forums in the process.

    Anime Voice - Board exists and still functions.

  • Founder: ???
    Another anime ezboard that FO and Kefka used to visit back in the day. Somehow, it survived the 2005 Hacker Attack and various ezboard purges, and despite a message that says it will upgrade to Yuku soon, it's still a functioning ezboard.

    Astral Plane, The - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: ErniePants
    This was an extremely short-lived board. The only thing we can remember about it now is that ErniePants once had a contest with Devilrays to see who could get the most new members at their boards. Why ErniePants made this board, none of us will ever understand. Then again, none of us will probably ever understand anything about ErniePants.

    Bill's Farm - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Bill of Harvest Moon
    The farm-themed ezboard of Bill of Harvest Moon. It looks nice and has cute forum titles, but we can't remember much ever happening there.

    BJ's Little Corner of Cyberspace - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: BJ Strykes
    Defunct board that BJ apparently created to have private in-depth videogame discussions. It was mostly only used by him and Flying Omelette in its short lifepsan.

    Board of Nothingness, The - Board exists and still functions.

  • Founder: HiRider
    This was our good friend, HiRider's ezboard. HiRider used to post lots of funny sketches and stuff here. Awhile ago, the forums were all deleted and the board was restarted under the name "Insert Title Here".

    Bugforest Meeting Area - No longer exists (Board was hacked).

  • Founder: Bugforest
    To be honest, none of us DH's Nest staffers ever went to this board much, nor wanted anything to do with it. However, there were certain people who insisted on sparking fights between this place and the Game Pond. We won a year-long battle against this community when fighting amongst its own members eventually ripped it apart. And contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, there was NEVER a time when this board and the Game Pond were all one board and then split up after an argument. These were, and always had been, two completely separate communities, whose only real connection were the few troublemakers who started fights between them. But really, the less said about this place, the better.

    CB007's Gaming BBS - New Yuku board.

  • Founder: Cloudbond007
    Created to replace Master Ghaleon's RPG Forums, this is CB007's new Yuku board. This board is new and was never an ezboard.

    CodieKitty.com.Yuku.com - New Yuku board.

  • Founder: CodieKitty
    Created as the official forums of CodieKitty.com. This board is new and was never an ezboard.

    Crowe's Temple, The - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Magnus Crowe
    This board was created by Magnus and Junus, who are brothers, but even they aren't sure why they made it anymore. It looked really nice when all the images were working, but that's about it. The most interesting post we ever got here was FO's mile-long "Who Killed Quentin?" (from Ultima VI) topic.

    Deathamster's Nest - Upgraded to Yuku

  • Founder: Deathamster
    This is the official message board of our website. This was the former home of the DBDH Arena sketches. That, along with DH's controversial game ideas and "Bite Me!!" forum caused DH's Nest to become an internet battleground where people would sometimes gather to fight and flame. Times are much more peaceful now. This is our secondary main hang-out, right after Flying Omelette's Kitchen forums.

    Devilrays Rad Stadium - No longer exists (board was hacked - minimal archive).

  • Founder: Devilrays
    Um...All we can really say about this board is that James and DH were constantly getting banned from it (DH because of her teenage angst, and James because he had a habit of thinking Devilrays was funny and being vocal about it). That, and it appears to have been taken over by some weird cult. Such as life...we guess...

    Diamond's Little Visited Board - Board exists and still functions.

  • Founder: cuttersDCut
    Don't really remember too much about this borad now except that FO did used to post there a long time ago...

    Eight-Bit Toaster Forums, The - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Hobbes
    These were the official message forums of The 8-Bit Toaster website, which has now become Sweetbee's Game Hive. There was a lot of good NES discussion here, but Hobbes closed the forums a long time ago.

    Flying Omelette's Kitchen (Port Saiid) - Upgraded to Yuku

  • Founder: Flying Omelette
    Quite possibly the #1 Video Game Community Ezboard currently in existence. This is the official forums for www.flyingomelette.com and Crawl and 1000's Review Site. This is now our main hangout. FO and Crawl are excellent forum hosts and this board is everything the Game Pond should have been and much more!

    Gaimeguy's Board - No longer exists (Board was hacked).

  • Founder: Gaimeguy
    There are only two things any of us could remember about Gaimeguy's board: 1. He was always advertising it. 2. It was always getting hacked (allegedly by an internet group known as "The Myths", whom Gaimeguy used to fight with all the time).

    Gameshark School of Hacking - Board exists but doesn't function (partial archive).

  • Founder: SR 2000
    This was SR 2000's forums for posting Gameshark codes and discussion of Playstation games. SR was always redecorating this place with impressive new forum designs.

    James's Paradise Resort - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: James FP
    Was once a semi-large Pokemon community, but then later expanded to include discussion of more games than just Pokemon. The Paradise Resort was quite popular in its time, and was notorious for having accidentally been listed on some search engines as an adult/porno site (we have no idea how that happened). The board was shut down when James had to leave the internet for awhile and the Deathamster's Nest ezboard has pretty much taken its place.

    Kiera-Yin-Cat's Game Pond - Upgraded to Yuku

  • Founder: Kiera Lordens
    The most infamous ezboard in our community's history. It was one of the best video game ezboards while it was under the administration of Kiera Lordens and BJ Strykes. It's three main attractions were the Game Pond Arena, where people played quizzes, games, and fought in tournaments, the Game Ideas forum, and the Total Nonsense forum. It was also known for lots of highly-intelligent game conversations. Unfortunately, this board was constantly under attack from other ezboard admins who were jealous of its popularity. Then when Kiera fell ill, things took a turn for the worse and the forum quality degraded. What was once the most well-loved board of our community had now become the most hated. Lots of fighting broke out, but it ended when Troy Demetrius hacked the board and took control. To this day, it's still in control of Troy and Daryn. However, none of the bad is reflected on Kiera, as she will always be remembered as one of our kindest and most well-respected friends.

    Liontamer's Lair - Board exists and still functions.

  • Founder: Liontamer
    This is Liontamer's board, but unfortunately, none of us really know too much about what goes on (or went on) here. Looks like mostly comic book and wrestling discussion.

    Master Ghaleon's Videogame Board - Board exists but doesn't function (partial archive)

  • Founder: CLOUDBOND007
    CB007 used to own a fairly large videogame ezboard with a focus on RPGs. There was all kinds of RPG discussion here and a lot of unique visitors (people you wouldn't see at the Game Pond or the Paradise Resort, which were the other two really large boards back in that era.) The board no longer exists but our fond memories of it remain.

    MoonSide - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Kairobi King
    MoonSide was entered so late in the Ezboard fad era that it didn't really get much attention. Before Ezboard disabled use of Javascript, the links on the board were flashing in the same colors as the neon lights in the Moonside town of the EarthBound game. It really looked just like the town! Kairobi recently attempted to revive the board, but gave up because of ezboard's pop-ups.

    Pero's Forums for the Incredibly Bored - Board exists but doesn't function (partial archive).

  • Founder: Pero the Cat
    Pero created this ezboard as a joke (evidenced by the fact that the original title was "The Ezboard Nobody Will Use"), and it still has some of the funniest forum titles and descriptions we've ever seen!

    Porygonalpha's Forums - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Deathspork
    These were the official message forums of Porygonalpha's World of Nintendo. Unfortunately, that website no longer exists. There was some good NES discussion here, but the best time we ever had here was when Deathspork hosted a Castlevania Party.

    Raven's World Forums - No longer exists (Board was hacked).

  • Founder: WhatAboutRaven2
    The only thing any of us can really remember about Raven's forums is that they were always getting hacked by people from the Bugforest Meeting Area.

    ROB's Posting Service - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: urobbie
    This was urobbie's rather short-lived forum where he posted his jokes, Top 10 Lists, and Quiz games.

    ShnooWorld - Upgraded to Yuku

  • Founder: SethraShnoo
    ShnooWorld was also quite popular for a time, thanks in part to its "Bashing Grounds" forum where you were allowed to flame and bash whatever you wanted. You could also become a moderator just by registering a username with "Shnoo" in it somewhere. It was the official sister site of Kiera-Yin-Cat's Game Pond. It also had an archive of the often-hilarious Odes that BJ and Sethra would write about each other.

    Shykid's Otaku World - No longer exists (cannot find URL).

  • Founder: Shykid
    This board was created as a replacement for the Bugforest Meeting Area by the "good" members of that community, after the first one went down in flames. Unfortunately for them, it didn't last very long. We don't really know why it failed, except maybe loss of interest.

    Sweet-BBS - Upgraded to Yuku

  • Founder: Sweetbee
    This board was created to replace the 8-Bit Toaster forums and serves as the official forums for Sweetbee's Game Hive.

    Team-VZQ Headquarters - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Nixxy Blayde
    The headquarters of the dastardly trio known as "Team-VZQ". Team-VZQ have been sometimes friends, sometimes foes of the Port Saiid/Deathamster's Nest community over the years. Not that much ever went on here, except some fighting between Team-VZQ and the N-Siders. This is also where Nixxy had plotted to take over the Game Pond, but they deleted the topic.

    Troy's All-Night Party House - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Troy Demetrius
    Troy once had an ezboard, but nothing much ever really went on there. This is (supposedly) where Troy and James planned the takeover of the Game Pond.

    Ultimate Ezboard Gaming Ring - No longer exists (partial archive).

  • Founder: Deathspork
    This was an ezboard that Deathspork created with the intention of linking every single videogame-themed ezboard on its ring. The forums themselves would serve as a hub of sorts for traffic from all of these boards to criss-cross and for different communities to get to know each other. A noble idea, indeed, but everyone seemed to lose interest in the idea after only a few weeks and it slowly faded away like so many other ezboards.

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