jup specializes in more serious and plausible game ideas than most of us. (Okay, sometimes he does...)

  • Factual Fantasy
  • Futile Fantasy
  • Hauntra
  • Mario Fart
  • Mars Patrol
  • Michael Jackson's Moonstalker
  • Phantasy Stall
  • RPG Robo-Buddy
  • SimCity GCN
  • Snipe Bowling

  • Factual Fantasy

    You play as an obsessed FF player in the real world, whose goal is to live the life of his/her favorite FF character in their world. The player even goes as far as to buy up every piece of FF bric-a-brac/action figure/etc ever made. Sadly, real life never allows the player to attack anyone or search through other's belongings or gain money from combat. So, the player has to muddle through REAL LIFE in the most boring of ways, possible.

    Futile Fantasy

    This RPG has so many 'been there, done that' notions used in it from every other RPG ever created that it will take years (including the '10,000 dumb field battles to level up' bit) to complete and only the most dedicated of players will ever see the ending...which won't be worth seeing. (Oh, yea. The final year's worth of battles will consist of Jr. Boss foes who shape shift just for the reason to regain health/strength.)


    Ever wonder what happened to all those good, thousands of Contra soldiers that lost their lives in a fight against the alien invaders? This sequel explains it all. Basically, they are still fighting the good fight...against all the hordeling ghosts of the alien enemy.

    Mario Fart

    What it is, Nintendo won't say. But, they are promissing that it will be a more interesting addition then the 3-D Virtual Boy or that game that requires sunlight to make your character strong. Dare anyone want to find out?

    Mars Patrol

    The long awaited sequel to Moon Patrol, where you control a slightly futuristic (like in a year or two) Mars Rover in a fight for its existence. As it turns out, the discovery of underground water has also churned out some rather nasty lifeforms that would like to eat the Rover. As the remote pilot, it's your job to use the Rover's more offensive devices to fight off these hungry predator aliens and drive the Rover to a safe place, (some plot of land that is lethal to the little buggers, yet totally safe to your Earth technology) before it runs out of its daily energy reserves. (Recharge over a short cycle, then go to the next stage for some more exploration...and danger.) Unlike most other games, you only get two lives (instead of the common three) per game. And, as stages add up, it gets harder and harder to locate those stage ending safe zones.

    Or, play this game in multi-player and have both Rovers tag team a zone to really keep those enemies from mounting a surprise attack.

    Michael Jackson's Moonstalker

    You play as the king of pop, trying to...oh, why even bother?

    Phantasy Stall

    Upon starting the game, the player is introduced with a lot of facts, like how the world is in chaos by four giants who are stomping their feet at a quake line, causing terrible tremmors across the globe. Worse yet, several tribes who follow the dark ways have come to them and are now producing horrible creatures in labs to pollute the land with fear and pain. And, if that wasn't bad enough, all the royal leaders and their families have been scooped up in flash raids and are now being held in underground caves, all around the world...without food of water! Which means the heroes MUST save them all before they perish. But, fire storms keep popping up all over the place, keeping the heroes from easily venturing to them! And, there's even an avenging agency who is protecting the demonic creations out on the fields, who are always supplying your foes with healing herbs and powerful assistance from afar.

    However, once you get into the game, it's little more then one after another 3-D monster fight that, maybe, will allow you to up your stats or get another cool sword/gun/Fist of Death weapon. After 3 months of this, you migrate to the lands of the giants (never mind saving the royalty. You never found a clue as to how to reach them. Cause, the townsfolk never said a word.) and stab them in the toes until they die of infection, causing credits to roll. The End.

    The only thing about this game that keeps the player going is the 15,000+ variations of the weapons and armor that change ever so slightly. (That gun, for example, is better then yours, as it has this little bump to improve aim.)

    RPG Robo-Buddy

    One of the major problems with so many RPG games is the time it takes to get those characters buffed up by constantly exposing them to near meaningless battles.

    But, what if there was a way to let this mindless task be by-passed...without cheating? Wouldn't that be worth something?

    My idea is a type of pre-programmed robot that can "see" by tapping into your system's video out cord (patch link provided to still connect your TV/Monitor with) and operate your controller in order to do this mindless task until you decide your characters are buffed up enough.

    With some basic set-up and a swap of a pre-programmed memory card, your RPG Robo-Buddy can be wondering your characters around in a pre-defined area that best works for their levels (the robot would read their levels and guide your characters, via it's internal mapping system keyed to the game, around the most prosperous and safe area, where they can fight off enemies til the end of the day) and battle, battle, battle their way up the level chain...until you say stop. Your RPG Robo-Buddy will keep a close eye on all your characters, making sure not to let their stats enter those dangerously low HP marks. It will use the best techniques that have been found to work by professionals who built the database.

    And, RPG Robo-Buddy can handle virtually any game system out there.* (*As long as there is a pre-programmed card for RPG Robo-Buddy to use that coinsides with the game you choose to use.) As RPG Robo-Buddy's mechanical hands can grip and work any controller designed for the Human hand to hold.

    But, that's not all!!! RPG Robo-Buddy can go beyond the RPG realm and act as a second player to virtually any 2-player game out there.* (*Pre-programmed card required.) Using the best pre-programmed strategies our professionals could create, RPG Robo-Buddy will operate that Player 2 character like the best of them. RPG Robo-Buddy can even replace a lousy AI player that may have come with the game.

    Bla, bla, bla...

    How about that idea? I was sort of thinking along the lines of the NES robot that is so rare and expensive these days, R.O.B., when I thought about how the robot might sorta look.

    SimCity GCN

    I think Nintendo should re-invent their original SimCity game for the Super Nintendo on the Game Cube and some of the GC RPG's should support those city files for use as custom town/city maps. And, if there is a GC version of that MTV music generator, that file could be used for the custom made town/city music. Why, this could go all out with any custom-type console program that defies being a game-game.

    Snipe Bowling

    You are working your way up the ranks to become the International Bowling Champion. Problem is, the competition is fierce and way too serious. So fierce, in fact, that they have hired hit men to off you. You will be forced to carry a sniper's rifle and a select number of other weapons between bowling matches to ensure your safety. Why, you may even have to watch out for enemy snipers hiding somewhere inside the bowling alley between making Strikes. One thing's for have never played such an intense game of video bowling in your life as you will playing Snipe Bowling. (007 theme plays here.)

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