Ode to BJ Strykes

by SethraShnoo

Benjamin Strykes, he sleeps on the floor
Benjamin Strykes, he falls through the door

Benjamin eats 24 hours a day
His belches can be heard a mile away

Now, I wouldn't say that BJ's a dummy
But man, can I tell you, this guy is clumsy

He waters the garden, but trips on the hose
He gets bored at work, and starts picking his nose

If he tries rollerskating, he falls down and goes boom
He could trip over a chair in an empty room

When he tries to make dinner, food goes all over the place
If he tries to stand up, he falls flat on his face

Benjamin Strykes, he looks like a gorilla
His breath is as bad as that of Godzilla

Now, BJ Strykes, whatcha' think of this letter?
You better give up, 'cause you can't do one better!

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