These are game ideas that were posted by people who only showed up a few times. Because these people didn't stick around, we never really got a chance to know them, so we'd hesitate to consider them true members of the Port Saiid/Deathamster's Nest community. However, we thank them greatly for their contributions to this archive.

  • Demonic Duckenheimer by Goombog
  • Extreme Peach Volleyball by Contributor
  • Fester's Quest 64 by thislevelisclouds
  • I am a Donut 25.18523 by I am a donut
  • Ice Climbers Advance by Bobispie
  • Invader Zim 64 by Lamepro
  • Kill the Flanders 64 by Pink Fuzzy
  • Moron 64 by Spazz the Hedgehog
  • Nintendo War 1 by MarioMaster2002
  • Pocket Fighter RPG by Pokejedservo
  • Sex on the Beach Sim by da dick
  • Spazz 64 by Spazz the Hedgehog
  • The Existential Bad Guy Wins by da dick
  • The Hidden BFG (!!!!!) by da dick
  • The Oo-La-La Warriors of Fame by da dick
  • Timberwolves in the House by Gohan 88
  • TRL 64 by Gohan 88
  • Troubled Sports Players 64 by Gohan 88
  • VA Fighter by Pokejedservo

  • Demonic Duckenheimer

    By: Goombog

    You play as a demonic duck with a pirate hat on and a long beak. His name is Duckenheimer. And for the story: Duckenheimer was regarded as an ugly duckling by his family, so he is booted from his group as a baby and is sent down the river. Meanwhile a fat guy named Slappy flushed radioactive taco filling town his toilet, which went into the sewers, which emptied out into the river. Duckenheimer gets a taste of this while he floats along and the radiation gets to his brain, overwriting various neurons so he is under the illusion that he is a pirate, so he renames himself "Demonic Duckenheimer" and wears a pirate captain's hat. His long beak acts as a cleaver.

    And now for your objective: Duckenheimer has moved to an old mansion that has been abandoned for years. He wants to keep it all for himself. So whenever humans move in, he kills them and hides the bodies to make the house live up to its reputation as a "haunted house." In short, Duckenheimer puts everyone under the illusion that the house is haunted because of all the recent disappearances. So throughout the game, your mission is to play as Demonic Duckenheimer and to think of effective ways of taking out whoever moves into the mansion. Youc an do things like use your beak to snip a chandelier so that it crushes someone. If you see a guy warming himself near the fireplace you can push him in. If you see a person sitting down in front of a low coffee tbale, you can walk behind it so that your pirate hat sticks out and you scare the person to death because they think the hat is operated by a ghost. There are endless possibilities in this game. One thing's for sure: your mission is to keep the house's reputation a haunted one.

    Extreme Peach Volleyball

    By: Contributor

    I was thinking this game game could be a collection of all the female Nintendo characters in swimsuits. Kinda perverted, so some will be unlockables. I'll even throw in some guys.

    Mario Bros. and Wario Bros.

    Bowser and Jr.
    Prof. Gadd (Old time stripe swimsuit...heh.)
    Pauline (One piece and unlockable 2-piece)
    Sheik (Boy and Girl forms)
    Young Link?
    Marth and Roy
    The Ice Climbers
    Samus Aran

    Fester's Quest 64

    By: thislevelisclouds

    You play as Fester in lush, 3D environments. The battles are turn-based and monotonous, and after every battle sequence, you find yourself lost because the camera is facing a different direction.

    There is only one level because level 1 is impossible.

    I am a Donut 25.18523

    By: I am a donut

    My game is too primitive to be on 64 level, so it's only on about 25 instead. In it you:

    1. Are a donut.
    2. Try to take over the world (or at least the donut shop).
    3. Defeat rival pastries like eclairs and cakes and then take their filling and use it to enhance your donut capabilities.
    4. Sabotage the oven so you don't see any more of your donut comrades charred to a crisp by the half-blind 80-year-old baker and his 13-year-old inexperienced helper.
    5. Destroy the aforementioned duo in a bakery battle for supremacy using the ultimate weapon, the flaming jelly filling bazooka, otherwise known as the JFB.

    This game would be connectable to "Steak and Shake 64" (both food store-related), except for the fact that that game is actually OK and this one sucks. Oh well, too bad for you.

    Ice Climbers Advance

    By: Bobispie

    This game is like the classic Ice Climbers for the NES, except this has a little bit better graphics. It is a side scroller, you have to fight monsters and bosses. I also have another idea for a full 3-D version of Ice Climbers. I think that would be pretty cool.

    Invader Zim 64

    By Lamepro

    Jeez! How did I come up with this one? If any of you have ever played Army Men, take the game engine but reconfigure the camera system and turn the Army Men to Irkin Invaders.

    Kill the Flanders 64

    By Pink Fuzzy

    You get a Gameboy Camera and take a pic of yerself then u can play as yerself (Like the thingy in PKMN stadium where u can upload yer PKMN n all that but here u upload yer pic) and you must kill every Ned, Maude (oh wait she's already dead), Todd and Rod Flanders you see. hehehe! I know it sounds bad. Okely-Dokely!

    Moron 64

    By: Spazz the Hedgehog

    You play as a 579 pound teenager with Acne and Chicken Pox. The objective of the game is to run around the house banging your head on the wall, killing Brain cells. Every 1,000 points equals 1,000 dead brain cells. If you run at full speed at a wall, you can smash your head through it.

    Levels are: The Kitchen, The Bedroom, The Basement. Every third level has a boss, and your boss for the Basement is your 12 year old brother, Jace. The point of the boss is to grab and give weapons to the enemy and let him hit you with the weapons until you go unconcious.

    Area 2: The Neighborhood, The Neighbor's House, The Neighbor's Backyard.

    Boss:Jim Karim. He is a master golfer, which means he has a lot of golfing equipment.

    Area 3: The Sidewalk, The Street, The Library.

    Boss: The old Librarian. Lotsa books to use. You would think your character would be dead by now, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

    Area 4: The Storm, The Tornado, The Destroyed City.

    Boss: The Grim Reaper. He is here to get you. After you lose, AGAIN, He takes you to the final level connected to lots of other levels. This time, it takes mor than three levels to get to the boss.

    Area 5: Heck, The Graveyard, The Torture Room, The Backwards Level, The Fire Ocean, The Fire Room, The battle of a Lifetime.

    Boss: Dork. He is a clone of you, so He tries to give you weapons, and he doesn't want to hit you. He then faces you in a race to break a wall open with your head without running.

    If you win that, You get a race back to Heck. It consists of 5 levels. They are, The Fire Room, The Fire Ocean, The Backwards Level, The Torture Room, and the Graveyard. If you got to the end before Dork does, you get to go on to Heck again, but this time you have an enemy waiting at the end of the level.

    Boss: Satan. He decides to toy with you in the match. He spins you around and around with his mind, and trys to make you fry. If you grab a boulder, you will throw it at him. He will get knocked back and lose 1 8th of his life. If you do this 7 more times, he will be defeated. but that's not it folks!

    Boss2: Satan. This time, he is angry. He shoots beams of fire at him. You have to grab a rock and un into the fire pit in the background. You will jump up higher than you can ever go and throw the rock at Satan's neck. Repeat this 3 more times and he will be defeated again. But he comes back up and makes this one of the toughest battles in Video Game history. He will put you in a ring of fire and will change forms into a giant monster.

    Boss3: Satan DESTRUCTION. He will first absorb all the rocks into his hand and throw them out of the battlefield. He then will grab you by the neck and throw you into the fire, making you set on fire, and with the pain, you will be sent into Satan's eye, making him spin around viciously. Press the L and R buttons rapidly and you will wiggle around. If you're fast, it will only take one minute. Satan will fall down, and you would be the champion! But now, where will you go, now that Heck is frozen? You go upward.

    Final area: The Ice Caverns, On Earth, Back Home.

    Final Boss: Yourself. You have to kill the rest of your remaining braincells by ramming your head into everything you can find. The Dishes, the toilet, heck, even through an electric Fan! After you're down to one brain cell, you try to think and kill your remaining brain cell. Your character has become Dead Stupid. You will get a nickname for the score you have.

    150,000 or under: Supersmart Nerd. A++ Material.
    150,001-400,000: Pretty smart. A- Material.
    400,001-900,000: You're kinda brainy. B Material.
    900,001-1,800,000: Average. C- Material.
    1,800,001-2,380,000: You're stupid. D+ Material.
    2,380,001-3,000,000: You Flunked Kindergarden. F Material.
    3,000,001 or above: You are a true Moron. FFFFFFF Material.

    Come Back for the sequel, Moron 2: The Braindead Freak!

    Nintendo War 1

    By MarioMaster2002 & jup

    It would have all of Nintendo's biggest stars, kinda like SSB but it wouldn't be punches and kicks. Instead you would have massive tanks and stuff like that. It would be like Battle Tanx only Smash Bros. style. And you would have special weapons according to the level you're on. Say you were in Bowser's castle, you could pick up the dreaded Spike Shell Homing Missles! Or maybe the Bob-Omb Grenades! Now say you were at Cool Cool Mountain and you could pick up items like the Frezzie ground to ground missile or maybe the Red ground to air shell missile! Now this seems out there, kinda, but now put yourself in the cloud bonus worlds. You could use the Lakitu Cloaking Cloud or maybe the Spiny machine gun! And then again you would find some neutral weapons that are on every level, and everyone has a normal shot and then everyone has their own special blasts! Vehicles are designed to what their pilot is used to. Now you can use tanks, planes, boats, ground/marine, then you can just use nothing and get on the ground and it would be like a 3D Super Smash Brothers game!

    It wouldn't be turn based strategy, it would be action. Imagine getting out of your vehicle and start chargin' at 'em with Samus, or maybe C.Falcon! It would be a lot like SSB Melee, but in a form like Star Fox mixed with Battle Tanx and Blood Wake, and you get out of the machine and use kicks and punches and whatever else your fighter does. The game would be huge, so they would have to make it a multi-disk game. One disk for the main part of the game, one for the Vs. mode, and whatever is left can go on another. You would change them during play, but the memory card would carry the info from disk to disk.

    Pocket Fighter RPG

    By: Pokejedservo

    For those who don't know what "Pocket Fighter" is, it's a 2D-chibi styled fighting game from Capcom. Its a HIGHLY comical fighter with Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Ibuki, Zangief, Dan, Akuma from the Street Fighter games with Morrigan, Felicia and Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers. (Along with Tessa from Warzards.) It features cameos from a LOT of other various Capcom games as well.

    Now what about a silly RPG based on this? It can feature characters from ALL of the Capcom franchises and the humor this game could use is absolutely plentiful. While it may seem strange seeing more serious stuff like Devil May Cry and Chaos Legion in this but this could make good dark comedy like how Darkstalkers would. Considering how Capcom has a good mix of more lighter-weight material and more darker it can also give the humor a nice mix as well.

    I'm still thinking on the gameplay style and official storyline, but all I can say is that this could probably be the "Disgaea" of Capcom if you know what I mean.

    Sex on the Beach Sim

    By: da dick

    In the cocktail-mixing sim/arcade game, you play as a Tom Cruise lookalike who mixes cocktails. Other than choosing the ingredients before you do the mixing, the game engine pretty much imitates a para-para machine, with endlessly irritating trance remixes of "Kokomo" by Beach Boys.

    Spazz 64

    By: Spazz the Hedgehog

    Spazz 64 Is a game of fantasy and bretrayal...If you're a moron. You are in 6th grade, and you are having a normal day of school in Junior High. That's bad. Your job is to torment everyone by putting glue in the textbook, throwing spitballs at the teacher, kicking pencils in the ceiling, etc. And that's only in the first class of Social Studies. Next is Science. Your job is to throw acid at the teacher, pour hot liquid down the kid's pants, and making a major explosion out of small materials. Next is Gym. You get to throw a basketball in the kids faces, throw a water bottle at the enemies, etc. Next is recess. you get to kick a soccer ball in other kid's faces, slam someone into gravel, etc. If you're lucky, you can get detention, which with every second adds 250,000 points to your score. you're there for 15 minutes. Have fun. It was created by the creators of Moron 64, SpazzART Productions. You can always trust them to make very stupid products, like the one wheeled tricycle, or the cheese flavored paperclip.

    The Existential Bad Guy Wins

    By da dick

    In the game you play a Luc-clone (from Suikoden III). It plays like Valkyrie Profile, but instead of collecting heroes and training them, you're collecting badguys who are full of existential angst, and they randomly give irrelevent philosophical comments. The goal of the game is to destroy the world (including yourself) just because you're full of angst...and you're supposed to be a badguy.

    The surprise ending is that you manage to destroy the world (or at least all life on it) w/o killing yourself, and spend the rest of your days angsting some more and playing Legacy of Kain.

    Includes a total of 30 minutes of CG cutscenes which mostly show the anti-heroes angsting and brooding and staring at each other with yaoi-sexually-suggestive tension.

    The Hidden BFG (!!!!!)

    By: da dick

    This game is very much like Bushido Blade with a BIG twist. You play a samurai who has learnt the esoteric art of the BIG F%^&ING GUN(!!!!) from the super-duper-humble master Tarantino. Other than the usual boring sword techs you can execute, you also use super badass-gangsta-super-stylin' moves to put da smack down on da damn bitch who opposes you!!!! Your most deadly move is enraging your enemies by fighting like a pussy, and then blowing their face to bloody bits when you unleash your BIG F%^&ING GUN!!!! ((!!!!!!) for added melodrama).

    The Oo-La-La Warriors of Fame

    By: da dick

    Based on a 70s movie, this action adventure game allows you to dance through the streets of ghetto super stylin' and beat anyone who have cooler moves than thou (or just because).

    Earn superfuntime rainbow points (magic points) by doing super sweet dance combos in various scenarios (and just beat the crap outta random boring heteros), and use the rainbow points to make your opponents sing and squirt multi-coloured blood when you defeat them (again by totally knocking em out with your super-stylin' or just regular knocking up). Other super duper sweet moves you can do with rainbow points include:

  • The paint the town purple dance
  • Summoning Lucy and the sky diamonded with lacy decorations
  • Spank leprechauns
  • Fart yourself a cute wittle pony outta ya ass
  • and many many more more more!!!

    You can also do stuff like stealing boomboxes from evil b-boys by turning your analog schtick round and round and round and weeeeee!!! erm... The b-boys would go into a trance and drop their pants and boomboxes so you can sell em to the soul garden gnome and buy yourself gummy bears (heal item).

  • Timberwolves in the House

    By: Gohan88

    In this game 2 timberwolves have broken into your house! They find you sitting in the kitchen with your socks on! You jump up and they start chasing you around the table! But, because your mom just waxed the floor and you're in sock feet, you keep slipping! You finally make it out of the kitchen into another room with a waxed floor! The wolves chase you all around the house, while you are trying to get to the front door!!! They would make a sequel to the game and you would be the wolf instead of the kid!

    TRL 64

    By: Gohan 88 & Proto Man and Mega Man

    You play as Carson Daly, and you have to make the best TRL ever! You have to look the very best! You show only 1 half of each video! You also interrupt videos with those little pop-up requests! You also interview people! You can pick from any of the TRL places ex. So Cal, Times Square, etc.

    An interesting part of this whould be having to play pop music and showing the close calls that didn't make it on the show.

    And then you could kill off all the people in the videos and all the people standing outside with those stupid signs, and put some videos on that are actually good. You can throw yourself through a window and fall onto them!!!

    You would be crazy if you didn't buy 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 copies of this video game!!!

    Troubled Sports Players 64

    By: Gohan 88, Devilrays, Flying Omelette, & Tweeter911

    You can pick any sport bad boy, and try and stir up more trouble!!! You can pick from these sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey!!! The main characters are John Rocker and Dennis Rodman!!! It doesn't matter if they're retired, they just have to have done something bad!!! If you stir up enough trouble, without going to jail, you get very famous!!! But, if you stir up enough trouble, and go to jail, you become even more famous!!!

    Some more scenarios:

    Marty McSorley - whack players in the back of the head with a hockey stick.
    Orlando Brown - shove referees to the ground
    Albert Belle - get suspended as many times as possible for as many different things as possible
    Rasheed Wallace - run up as many technical fouls as possible in a season
    Tonya Harding - Skate around and club people in the knees with a crowbar.
    Darryl Strawberry - Do alotta drugs!

    VA Fighter

    By: Pokejedservo

    Here is a new twist on fighting games: A comical one starring... VOICE ACTORS! Yes you heard me Voice Actors! They battle each other using the various abilities of their various roles. Whether the attacks be regular to Super Special attacks and even regular/combo attacks (like Pocket Fighter).

    Of course not EVERY VA will be able to be a playable characters due to only doing a small/moderate amount of VA work. (Though there is always various cameos and the like.) Character Roster will be the likes of Frank Welker, Scott McNeil, Mark Hamill, Cam Clarke, Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings, Tara Strong, Jennifer Hale, Brian Drummond, Keith David, Steven Jay Blum, Crispin Freeman and more.

    It has quite the possibilies of being quite a different little treat towards Animation fans wouldn't you say? (And the potential extras such as Bios and the like would be intresting as well.)

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