"Riverdance 64" has been voted by some as the funniest game idea in the archive. We'll just let it speak for itself.

  • Handicapped 64
  • Riverdance 64

  • Handicapped 64

    You are Joe Smack, you wear a leather jacket and worn jeans. You go to a park where they have a lot of handicapped and retarded people. You go around kick their ass and stuff. Retarded kids would run and trip and fall and cry going "wuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh wuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!" Or they can run happy and jump in the air and go "WUUUUHHHHH!" So you go around and push them down and make them cry and stuff. You take their food and throw it in their face or take their play ball and throw it on a roof LOL! You go around saying "Hey retard!" then you smack then in the face! You can like push wheelchair bound people into a swimming pool!

    Riverdance 64

    Irish dance video game! Not sure how they would have it as a game, I don't really think they could. I just saw some dancing in the silly motion picture of a "video game" preview of FF8 or something in a store. It looked like freaking Manga, not a video game. Anyways, they tried to emulate dancing in it, they failed and it sucked haha. Stick to swords and dragons Square. Ah it's on the Playstation who cares.

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