The recent NBC late night debacle that has seen popular talk show host Conan O'Brien unseated from the coveted Tonight Show chair and replaced with former host Jay Leno has brought forth an outpouring of hatred for the square-jawed comic's mediocre joke-telling skills from every corner of the internet.

"You'd almost think people hated him all along, and were just too afraid to say it while he was popular," said GameFAQs reviewer SailorSaiyanTifaMoon33. "Of course, I never once saw Jay Leno reviewed on IGN or GameFAQs, so I didn't know what to think of him."

While most internet denizens are content to jump on the Leno-hating bandwagon, some concerns had been raised over whether or not it would still be considered "okay" to love and defend mediocrity in other forms of media, such as movies, music, video games, and webcomics.

"Of course!" says TruthfulPlayer101. "I'm typing up a nasty email to someone who gave Shadow of the Colossus a 7/10 right as we speak."

In an interview with noted forum troll SlayerX, he was quoted as saying, "Just because I hate Jay Leno, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to force everyone to worship even lamer people than him."

In fact, studies have shown that people all over the internet are continuing to turn out in droves, 5-starring unfunny YouTube videos and accusing anyone on RottenTomatoes who gives Avatar a negative review of "not having seen the movie". The effect could even be felt as far as the comments on lyrics sites for such bland and boring bands as Korn, Nickelback, Daughtry, Creed, and every U2 ripoff of the last 10 years, which were all still overwhemlingly positive.

"I read over 32,000 webcomics a day," says Lizeth Marry, a 48-year-old moderator of a semi-popular webcomics forum. "I don't have time to watch Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien. But I'm all for kicking out people who are over a certain age," he said just as he finished banning a new member for being a female over the age of 17. "The only way you would ever get me to watch them is if they made an episode that showed a still of Leno or Conan from the very first episode of their shows, followed by stills from them of each consecutive episode on up to the present."

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