Magical Yard Gnome's game ideas are short, but get right to the punchline.

  • Backstreet Boys GBC
  • Commando Game
  • Dragon-Slayer Game
  • Super Smack Bros.
  • Vampire Game
  • Zelda 1 Remix

  • Backstreet Boys GBC

    With contributions from James FP

    It's the same as the unreleased New Kids on the Block NES game, but the New Kids are replaced by the Backstreet Boys. Instead of rescuing a Princess, you have to rescue Brittany Spears.

    Commando Game

    Commando Game is a new futuristic military action game. An Alien Mastermind has set up a base in a Third World Country. The government sends in two Elite Commandos to wipe out the alien threat. With either one or two players, you must battle through the alien base and destroy the Alien Mastermind.

    Dragon-Slayer Game

    Dragon-Slayer Game is a new fantasy role-playing game. The evil Man who Commands Dragons has stolen the Shiny Spherical Object from the Royal Castle and imprisoned the Royal Family's Daughter in a remote cave. You must take on the role of The Knight who Fights Dragons, rescue the Royal Family's Daughter, and win back the Shiny Spherical Object from the Man Who Commands Dragons to restore peace to the kingdom.

    Super Smack Bros.

    All of Nintendo's most famous characters get together to see who can take the most hits from the bong without passing out.

    Vampire Game

    Vampire Game is a new gothic horror action game. You control Vampire Hunter, the hero of the game, whose primary weapon is a whip. The objective of the game is to fight your way through the Really Creepy Castle and slay the sinister Feudal Lord Vampire.

    Zelda 1 Remix

    With contributions from Deathspork

    This is exactly like the original except Link says "I'm bad!" with a muffled digitized voice when he gets a piece of the Triforce.

    Are you a bad enough dude to wear a green kilt while you kick ass and still keep a straight face?

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