For clarification, that's NOT what FO was talking about, Mitch. She was referring to something that happened in another topic. Some people got on FO's case for using emulators to take screenshots for her reviews, and they actually suggested she should just steal them from other sites instead. So, they basically told her not to participate in one grey area, only to partake in another. (This was just one of the many signs of the decline of the Game Pond in its later years - complete lack of rationality and logic on certain members' parts.)

Poll Results:

Emulation: 5 votes.

Real Consoles: 11 votes.

The verdict is in. Most people preferred the real deal, but emulation was still in its infancy and many of us had antiquated computers that wouldn't run the better emulators properly. I wonder what the general community would think if this poll were taken today.

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