Mr B's stay was short, but his silly game ideas are sweet!

  • Bore You to Death 64
  • Eat Pasta 64
  • I am Tired 64
  • Keep it Down! 64 1/5th
  • Mario Booze
  • Run into a Brick Wall 64
  • Shopping Kart Wars

  • Bore You to Death 64

    MWAHAHAAHAHAHAH! This game is where you have over 30 levels and over a 100 moves. Sounds good huh? The unfortunate part is that it takes you 50 days to finish the 1st level! And the levels get harder! The game takes 10 years to finish for expert gamers...


    You are crazy if you do not buy 999,999,898,787,899,9 copies of this game!


    Eat Pasta 64

    You go into a pasta restaurant with a girlfriend and you have to eat all the ravioli. But you also must pay the check without getting your girlfriend to pay!Very challenging...You can't piss off the waiter either otherwise it's a game over. Then as the game goes on, you get to eat bigger things like lasagna!

    I am Tired 64

    All you do is complain and fall asleep in the middle of the day and can't get to sleep at night!

    Keep it Down! 64 1/5th

    Wow! You did see John the Carpenter? It's like that game!

    Mario Booze

    How about a game where Mario and friends get drunk and barf in the toilet all night? Have Bowser sing terribly while Link is telling the bartender, "I'LL TELL YOU WHEN I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" So fun.....Luigi giggling about him having a game...Peach throwing a bottle of beer...haha!

    Run into a Brick Wall 64

    Well...You start off as Billy the country boy who wants to impress his school friends by...running into a red brick wall! If you hurt yourself severely, you go to the next level. Here is a chart of how you can go on to the next level:

    Hurt level
    1. Severely
    2. OW!!
    3. Broken Back - pass to next level if you get here or higher
    4. Sprained ankle
    5. Slap on the wrist

    As you progress, you get different colour brick walls...and in each bonus round, each time you can either tumble on bricks into a cement road or you can have a barrage of eh?? And only for the special 2 credit!! (Note: to get the special 2 credit, you must pay $4000 U.S, $4500 Canadian.)

    Shopping Kart Wars

    In this game you are in a store...Lets call it K-Mart... and it's Christmas! You have to battle desperate moms to get the hit toy for Christmas and destroy it...After the manager sees you, he challanges you to a Shopping Kart Duel. For the next levels, you duel new people and get to play as them as you go along. If you knock down all the toys on the rack, you get bonus points. Since the game is in development, the staff needs help with the characters to make.

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