We all have our "off" days on the internet, and we sometimes do strange things that we regret later... some of us end up doing stranger things than others. Read all about... the mysterious tale of the user named Eat Poop. ~James FP~

Kiera wakes up early one morning to find her board has been flooded by a user called "Eat Poop". What else is new for the Game Pond?

Bugforest had some sort of weird poop fetish. That's why Deathspork is suspecting it was him, but not everything is what it seems...

LOL @ Raven!

Long story short, Kiera and S R 2000 made up at his board and he promised not to do it again. But I guess he thought we'd all still be mad at him. Better to forgive and forget, so long as it didn't become a recurring problem was my thought.

That's my girl!

Unfortunately, this whole "marquee" thing is going to have little effect with screencapped images, but I press on ahead, undeterred!

Kiera may seem like she's being a little testy (and she is), but in her defense, Bugforest also had a habit of complaining about things nonstop until someone finally couldn't take any more and lost their cool. While I don't remember the specifics of this particular Ezboard glitch, I can imagine that's probably what happened.

See what I mean? He was threatening to leave over a glitch that was fixed in less than a day. Just kind of annoying, but let's move on...


Uh...reply made in the wrong topic, maybe? What does that have to do with marquee tags and Eat Poop?

A classic response!

Finally! The conversation becomes worthwhile!

Why does that sound so familiar?

I'm wondering if it's even possible that Eat Poop's posts could've been worse than this anyway...

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