Some really funny stuff from our good friend, HiRider.

  • Blank Screen 64
  • Game Pond 64
  • Ice Fishing 64
  • Metallica 64
  • Riot 64
  • Weird 64
  • Weird Al 64.5

  • Blank Screen 64

    It shows a Blank Screen that changes colors depending on the Button Combinations. Who wouldn't want this?! And for the low LOW price of 1 Credit!

    (Conversion rate: 1 credit=2000 US Dollars)

    Game Pond 64

    In this game you go to the Game Pond message board and talk to people... Wait... You already have this... You're playing it right now.

    Ice Fishing 64

    I did this at the NSider Game Ideas before. Can't remember how I did it, though.

    Metallica 64

    With contributions from TermiteJr

    In this game you are Lars Ulrich, and you have to show how much you hate Napster. You can do anything (and I mean anything!) In the end, you can go skeet shooting using Napster logos as skeets.

    In this game, you have to sell out as much as possible.

    First, you have to SUE NAPSTER!

    Then you have to admit that you don't play your instrument when you're live. (That really happened.)

    Then you have to increase the price of your CD's

    Then you have to make fans pay $5 per picture.

    Then, finally, you have to cut your hair short.

    Riot 64

    In this game you must become part of a riot. The larger the riot you are in the more points you get. You get points during the riot by destroying things. The more valuable the object you destroy the more points you get. If you get hit by any anti-riot weapons, you lose points. You can get better stuff for destroying things by getting so many points. You get all kinds of devices for destruction. And in the last level you can get a tank. Now, who wouldn't want this?

    Weird 64

    In this game, you make weird things happen to a group of people and see how they react. Send in they're favorite cartoon characters, or have a Possessed Placenta eat all the clothing. Anything you want to have happen can happen. The goal is to get as many TV shows and such to document all the weirdness. Now who wouldn't want this game???

    Weird Al 64.5

    In this game you are Werid Al, and you have to come up with Crazy Parodies to Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody. The funnier the Parody the more points you get. The Winner gets to have Weird Al sing their Parodies.

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