Paramite's Poem

by BillofHarvestMoon

A is for Abe,
the skinny blue guy.
B is for Brian,
I wish he would die.

C is for Cloud,
with extremely sharp hair.
D is for Donkey Kong
in size no one can compare

E is for Earl,
ToeJam's friend.
F is for Fox McCloud,
fighting Andross till the end.

G is for Geno,
he needs another game.
H is for Haunter,
soon he'll evolve, he woun't stay the same.

I is for Ivysaur,
watch out for his vines.
J is for Jessie,
causing trouble all the time.

K is for Kirby,
all fluffy and pink.
L is for someone from Zelda,
his name is Link.

M is for Mario,
the mustachioed one.
N is for Ness,
his game is really fun.

O is for Octus,
from a Sonic game.
P is for PaRappa,
who rapped his way to fame.

Q is for Qbone,
did I spell that right?
R is for Red XIII,
He'll give you a fright.

S is for Sonic,
faster than the speed of light.
T is for Toad,
for a little guy he's alright.

U is for Urchin,
in Super Mario World he's found.
V is for Vincent,
hidden under ground.

W is for Wario,
will he lose wieght.
X is for Xena,
she's in the game Talisman of Fate.

Y is for Yoshi,
he's so cool.
Z is for Zelda,
princess of Hyrule.

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