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Flaming Turnip
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(3/17/01 10:38 am)
The Bouncer!!!
Developer: Dream Factory
Publisher: Squaresoft

NOTE: This is a copy-paste of a previous post I made on the Rave3 forums so it may seem strange as a review. I added bits in to make it seem more like a review though.

God damn this kicks so much ass. I went to Blockbuster, and what do you know? They got The Bouncer in!! YEAH! I rented it, and I was bubbling over in excitement. I had to repeat to myself "Okay, you KNOW it won't be fantastic, lower your expectations of it, stop getting so excited" This however, didn't work. I found myself whistling the tune to "zip-a-dee-do-dah" while walking home (Sunny day, just rented The Bouncer, boy is it happy!) When I got in, I immediatly turned on the TV and poped the disk into my PS2.

I watch the intro, and, well, SWEET It very much reminds me of the intro to Ehrghiz (also made by Dream Factory) but just, much sweeter graphics. I went to the options and well, this is just the COOLEST thing EVER!!! In the options menu, you can change the language to japanese. I don't mean just make it subtitled, i mean, EVERYTHING. Change the voice, subtitles, and menus to Japanese. This is cool as hell (also we have a Japanese foreign exchange student staying over so if he wanted to play single player he'd be able to know what was going on since his english isn't that great)

Then I goto single player and try it out. wow... All I can say. The intro to the single player is just... wow. The graphics are AMAZING. Its sweet as hell when the "special forces" are jumping over the roofs. I haven't seen a game with this good graphics. I found myself repeating the word "sweet" over and over! Then I goto the fighting part after the sweet 3 or so minute intro. And whats totally amazing, is the fact that loading times are QUICK. I mean, REALLY quick. The "long" loading times they give you a small story to follow about the past of the characters. The loading times are so quick that you can't even read the story sometimes!! NEVER is there a loading time over 10 seconds. Hell, not even 7 seconds! The graphics are a bit blurry, but they were put there purposely, and it goes GREAT. You can notice NO stray polygons, and jaggies are few.

The controls are simple, triangle is high, square is middle, x is low, and circle is jump attack. R1 is block, R2 is gesture, and L1 is the extra skills button (which you hold down to do specials) They're easy and fun! Also, it takes use of the playstation 2's "dual shock 2" controller by making the buttons pressure sensitive. Tap the X button, do a weak low kick. Put more pressure onto it, and you'll do a stronger attack. Very cool! They're a bit too simple, and the depth is small, but its fun!

The story takes place as you controlling one of 3 characters, Sion, Volt, or Kou. Each of them go around the same main plot (save Sion's girlfriend) however, chosing different characters creates different mini-plots. This creates a good replay value. The story seems a bit cliche, and its not exactly totally gripping, but its a nice story, and for a fighting game? Best yet :)

I had been playing for awhile then my two brothers, the foreign exchange student, and one of my brother's friends came in and wanted to play multiplayer. So I finally decide to (had just died) and man... I can't believe HOW fun this was. We were able to get 2 secret characters in it, and they were sweet. We played it for an hour and a half before the friend had to leave (when we decided to stop, only to get MORE secret characters) This game with 2 more controllers and a multitap would be GODLY.


All I can say about this is, damn, its sweet. I think all the reviewers are complete idiots. How they can give it such low grades is BEYOND me. People have said I'm loving it, and I'm gonna continue loving it. Now to get that multitap, invite a few friends over, and play it alllll friday night!

Graphics: 10!!!
Controls: 8
Story: 7
Multiplayer: 10
Replay Value: 9
Overall: 8 (not an average)

I am ending this post because I must leave and ponder the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Even though I already know it!


Rutabaga Khan
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(3/19/01 11:49 pm)

Re: The Bouncer!!!
You told me it sucked!!

"All the times that I've cried,
All this wasted it's all inside
And I feel all this pain
Stuffed it down it's back again
And I lie here in bed
All alone I can't mend
And I feel tomorrow will be okay."
"Outside" ~Aaron Lewis

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