Hi! I'm SethraShnoo's older cousin, Benjamin Strykes. I'm not as good at the game idea writing thing as a lot of other people here are, but every now and then, the inspiration hits me.
  • Annoying Cousin 64
  • BJ is Bored 64
  • BJ's Everyday Adventure 64
  • I'm Getting Too Old 64
  • My Game Idea
  • US Presidential Deathmatch
  • Weeble Wrestling
  • Weebles 64

  • Annoying Cousin 64

    In this game you endure the torment of your annoying cousin. And if it isn't enough that she annoys you IRL, she has to do it on the internet, too! WARNING: There is no way to win this game. No one ever has. There's just no escape from the Cousin from Hell!

    You'd be nuts not to buy at least 180 copies of this game!

    BJ is Bored 64

    The object of this game is to find something to do. That's all. When you find something to do, you win.

    BJ's Everyday Adventure 64

    You are 33-year-old, mild-mannered BJ Strykolova. The goal of this game is to try to order Chinese food at work without your employees finding out. First, you have to find a menu and choose what you want. Then you have to call in your order. If someone walks in on you while making the call, you have to to your best to make it sound like a business call. Now, you'll have to wait until the food is ready to be picked up, which could get boring with nothing to do. So you'll engage in some bonus activities that include:

  • Paper airplane flying
  • Throwing pencils at the ceiling and trying to get them to stick there
  • Sitting with your feet up on the desk without your boss finding out.
  • Trying to keep your glasses from slipping off your nose.
  • Surfing the internet without getting caught.

    When it's time to go get your food, you'll have to sneak out. There are several ways you can do this.

  • Climb out through the ceiling vent.
  • Walk out into the office, where everyone is talking about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, point in the opposite direction and yell, "Hey, isn't that Regis Philbin?", then quickly run while they're not looking.
  • Hide in the mail cart
  • Slip under the rug and crawl out. (Trust me. No one will notice.)

    When you arrive at the Chinese Take-Out Place, you'll have to fight a dragon, an evil wizard, and save a princess, then you get your food. On the way back to work, you stop Saddam Hussein from conquering the universe! If you win, you get to wear your sneakers at work!

  • I'm Getting Too Old 64

    In this game you play as poor ole' Benji Strykes. He is getting way too old. First, you teach your wife how to use the laptop so she can annoy you on the internet. Then you have to fend off the attacks of your rampaging cousin, who is a 2-year-old trapped in a 26-year-old body. Your goals are:

  • 1. Keep them from stealing your clothes.
  • 2. Try to sleep an extra hour on weekends without them stomping all over your bed.
  • 3. When they start yelling for something, avoid them at all costs.
  • 4. Try to win in a food fight against them.

    The rest of your day is spent trying not to fall asleep at work because your job is incredibly boring. In fact, during the summer, sometimes there's hardly any work, and you basically just sit there and have staring contests with your co-workers.

    When you come home, you have to chase your 3-year-old daughter around the house, but that's not really too hard. Especially when you consider she's a lot better behaved than your wife and 26-year-old cousin.

    Your game ends when you fall asleep on your keyboard.

  • My Game Idea

    Okay, stop me if this was done before...In this game you play as a knight who has to rescue a Princess from an evil wizard..along the way you'll fight dragons and such while searching for ancient treasures to make you stronger..and..uh...what?? Oh...oh, okay...

    Never mind.

    US Presidential Deathmatch

    With contributions from Pero the Cat

    I think a good fighting game or wrestling game would be all the presidential candidates, from past to present, winners and losers, duking it out in the ring. Jimmy Carter bites people with his teeth.

    Weeble Wrestling

    In this game, you get to play as one of 20 different Weebles, each with varying strengths and weaknesses. Perform moves like the Sonic Weeble Blast, the Flying Weeble Drillspin, the Dizzying Topspin, the Weeble Canvas Roll, the Weeble Whack (where one Weeble leans all the way over, then springs back up to whack the oppenent). Cause shrinkage to your Weeble opponent by knocking him into a bucket of water. Back up into the ropes, then send your Weeble flying into your opponent! Have up to 10 Weebles in the ring at once in a free-for-all (okay, I'm not quite sure how that would work with the controllers and all, but it would be really neat to see that many Weebles fighting at once!) The object of the game is to make your opponent fall down, but since Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down, this is going to be really hard to pull off...

    So is this a good idea?

    Weebles 64

    In this game you play as a depressed middle-aged man who wishes he never gave away his Weebles. The object is to start a cross-country search for all your missing Weebles. It's set-up kind of like an RPG. Along the way, you'll meet many interesting characters who may or may not join you on your Weeble hunt. These characters include your best friend from high-school, your annoying cousin, your friend who lives clear across the US, and your dog, along with other Weeble-hunting adults.

    Along your search for Weebles, you soon discover the TRUE reason you gave them away....Several Weebles were rumored to contain pieces of a map to a pirate treasure horde...the largest treasure horde known to exist. The government knew this and hypnotized everyone into giving their Weebles away to preschools and other children's events, such as Toys for Tots, which were all just a cover-up for the government's plan to steal them and get the maps. You must find all six Weebles that contain the map pieces, scattered throughout the world. The government has some of them, the others locations remains a mystery. You will brave cities, forests, mountains, oceans, jungles, icelands, and deserts to find those six elusive Weebles. Once you find them all, twist them open and get the map pieces out.

    You will now journey with your friends to the Long-lost Island of Captain Weeble (where it's revealed the toy's name came from.) However, you meet up with the CIA and the FBI once you find the treasure, and there's this whole sequence of fight scenes, which eventually lead to the island's destruction. No one ends up with the pirate's treasure. HOWEVER, you realize that the six Weebles you needed to collect for the maps are the same Weebles that used to belong to YOU! So you are happy after all! :)

    I think this game's look should be setup like Secret of Mana. The battles are similar to Secret of Mana, but up to 4 players, instead of just three. Each player can take control of a different character. The graphics would be mostly 2-D, like Mana, but with polygon effects to correct the perspective of towers, columns, and things like that. Some pre-rendered objects and backgrounds would be nice, but I don't want it to look exactly like Super Mario RPG.

    So do you like this?

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