Some game ideas from our good friend, CB007. You can read more of his work at CB007's Game Review Archive, (though his game reviews are more serious in nature than what we've posted here.)

  • Blast Corpse 64
  • Captain Crunch & the War Against Chocula
  • CLOUDBOND007 64
  • Diablo III: Lord of Construction
  • Dragon Worrier
  • Final FANtasy
  • Final Fantasy Combat
  • Find the A/C Adaptor 64
  • Lunar: Ultra Silver Star Story Complete Final Cursed Princess Edition
  • Mortal Etiquette
  • Nintendoc
  • Over-Populous
  • Project "Got Ham?" Racing
  • Skies of Arkanoidia
  • The Dark Tower RPG
  • The REAL Dragon Warrior 2
  • Try To Stay Awake 64

  • Blast Corpse 64

    A game where you infiltrate graveyards to find the undead. You must stealthily attach TNT to them and blow them up. You fail if you disturb any of the regular dead folks. Doing well unlocks bonus missions that are a homage to Blast Corps, where you control giant demolition vehicles and destroy the ancient pyramids and any mummies walking around inside.

    Captain Crunch & the War Against Chocula

    Lead Captain Crunch and his allies, Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun,and Toucan Sam on a quest to defeat the evil Count Chocula and his army of chocolate marshmallows.

    You can switch between characters at the end of every level, like in SMB2.

    Captain Crunch has the ability to summon up infinite Crunch Berries and Peanut Butter Crunch pieces to attack his enemies with. He also has a ship you can use to cross areas of water.

    Trix Rabbit throws Trix cereal at his enemies. The cereal bounces around though, and if he gets hit by mistake, he loses lots of health (Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!)

    Lucky can make a rainbow to travel over groups of enemies and drop enormous pots of gold (and other shapes) on them.

    Toucan Sam drives enemies crazy with hunger for his cereal, letting him walk through a stage unharmed.

    The battle with Count Chocula will be a fierce one, much like the battles with Dracula in the Castlevania games... He has lots of secret powers and can change forms. As his cereal is superior to all the others, it will be an uphill struggle to defeat him.

    Beating the game unlocks a mode where you can play as Count Chocula!!!!

    CLOUDBOND007 64

    Yes, I am mocking myself.

    In this game, you play as CB007. This game has three different sections.

    In section 1, you must go to every BBS you can find, and preach the evils of the N64 to everyone there. You get tons of extra points if you do this at boards with lots of Die-Hard Nintendo Fans.

    In section 2, you must make many posts saying exactly the same thing: How the N64 has no RPGs worth playing. If you give examples, and list lots of great PSX RPGs, you get lots of bonus points.

    In this game's final level, you must think of as many ways to bash the N64 as possible. If you can't think of enough flaws, you lose.

    There are also bonus rounds where you get to have stupid arguments with ANTI-RPG and ANTI-PSX people.

    This game has two endings. If you do well, you see the N64 crumble. If you get a low score, you have to sit by and watch the N64 become the #1 gaming system.

    This game would be released on every major gaming system.

    Diablo III: Lord of Construction

    Diablo is back, and now he's an architect! Can your level 83 Barbarian Warrrior design more beautiful houses than the lord of destruction?

    Dragon Worrier

    Do battle with increasingly more nervous dragons.

    Final FANtasy

    (AKA Final Fantasy 37-2) - A game made entirely to the specifications of the one remaining fan of the series.

    Yeah, that was a stupid one.

    Final Fantasy Combat

    When I first saw early reviews for FF Tactics, I heard it described as a FF Game completely focused on battles. Later, of course, I found out that it was a tactical RPG.

    But the initial picture I had in my head was of a game using the traditional ATB system (FF4-FF6 style in particular), with modifications, in a game focused on challenging battles.

    2D graphics would be the most interesting to me, but that has nothing to do with the gameplay, really.

    Imagine going up against such bosses as Rubicant, Leviathan, Zeromus, Magimaster, Atma, Sephiroth, etc. without dealing with random enemies or boring dungeons, and an increased level of difficulty. Of course, I wouldn't want to see a bunch of old bosses reused with new attacks. There could be some cameos, but the goal would be to have new bosses with varying tactics, and a fairly high difficulty level.

    I'd think such a thing could work with enough changes to keep things interesting. Such a game would be quite linear, of course, probably with no overworld map at all...

    So you'd see a story scene, have a chance to buy some new equipment perhaps, then have a major battle.

    There'd have to be some way to customize characters, or vary your party to increase strategy. Possibly a FF5 style class system, where you have one useable character per class. But traditional level ups might not work very well in this format. A system would be required where you couldn't just overpower enemies, and would have to use some real planning.

    Some battles might be restricted to certain classes to make things harder or more interesting. And it'd be important to make sure none of the classes are too overpowered.

    Maybe you could just get a certain number of points to distribute to your characters' stats at certain points during the story, or after each successful battle. Whether you've used the character in the past wouldn't matter... everyone would get the same number of points. Letting you use new characters in every battle without worrying about getting them as strong as the others.

    I'd be worried about things getting repetitive too quickly without some really creative bosses. And major changes to the battle system might be required in the end. But the idea still sounds kinda interesting to me.

    Find the A/C Adaptor 64

    In this game, you play as an average person waking up on a Saturday Morning, who decides that they would like to play some NES games. Your character locates the system, which hasn't been used in a very long time, along with several games, and begins to set up the system. However, just as your character begins begin hooking it up, he notices that a vital part is missing. The A/C Adaptor! Your character, who realizes that the NES most likely cannot operate without electricty, begins the search.

    The whole game centers around your search for the A/C Adaptor. There is a timer at the top of the screen that records how long you've been playing. Depending on how long it takes you to find the Adaptor, you will see one of several different endings.

    There are a surprisingly large number of places to search for the missing Adaptor. You start your search in the room where the NES was stored, and work your way outward from that point. Along the way, you must check every possible spot, or else risk missing it, and losing the game. This means opening each and every drawer, and removing it's contents to make sure that the Adaptor isn't somewhere in the back.

    After all logical possibilities are exhausted, you begin to try more unusal spots. You start moving furniture, and making a mess of the entire house in a desperate effort to find the Adaptor before time runs out. But you must be careful. If you search for too long without giving your character a short break, he may lose his ability to reason, and you won't be able to control his actions! If this happens, he may do amusing things, such as search in the refridgerator, and in the car. Amusing as this may be, it can cause you to lose the game. Even worse, your character might do something dangerous like trying to make his own Adaptor out of whatever is available. If your character electrocutes himself, you lose automatically.

    If you find the adaptor quickly, you get your NES hooked up, and get a spectacular FMV Ending with lots of voice acting. This also gives you access to mini-games, like being able to play certain levels from various real NES games! The faster you are, the more mini-games, and the longer the ending will be.

    If it takes you a very long time, your character gets the NES hooked up, but is too tired from the search to actually play it.

    If you aren't able to find the Adaptor after several hours, you lose, and see the worst possible ending. Your character collapses on the floor, exhaused from the search, and stares into space for several hours.

    Since the Adaptor is never in the same place twice, the game has lots of replay value. For the price of only 10 Cents, it's a great deal! It will be released on the N64 early next year!

    Lunar: Ultra Silver Star Story Complete Final Cursed Princess Edition

    Exactly the same story and gameplay as the PSX edition, but with four extra lines of dialogue and some new mini-games. And a 300 page hardcover manual with hand made cloth map!!!

    Mortal Etiquette

    Finish off your rude opponents with a "hospitality".


    By Doc Brown

    In this game, I'll come to live with you and you can feed me, bathe me, and take me for walks. Marty doesn't want to take care of me anymore... he said I was "creeping him out" and asked me to leave. But I have nowhere to go. PLEASE WASH ME! I'll let you poke me with a stick if you want.


    Same as normal Populous, but with a ridiculous number of structures and people.

    Project "Got Ham?" Racing

    By Emperor Darkham

    This is a racing game set in a perfect future world. The game plays much like F-Zero, but instead of a normal race track, in the future, there are different kinds of ham scattered about the track.

    These give your vehicle a speed boost when you come in contact with them (the outside of your vehicle is made up of nano-machines designed to turn ham into energy when they come into contact with the ham). For each ham you run into, you get one boost.

    But all is not what it seems. You have to watch out for the dark ham (burned ham) which will slow down your car and take away one of your earned boosts. As you progress into the higher difficulties, the dark ham will outnumber the regular, and at speeds of a zillion miles per second, it'll be hard to tell which ham is what. Of course, I don't have any trouble at all, but I've studied ham all my life, especially in my efforts to defeat the Deimos.

    Ah, the Deimos. I hate those bastards so much. I think it's be nice if we could destroy them...

    HUH? Oh, yeah, right, I was telling you about the game.

    The winner of the race will receive a lifetime supply of Darkham brand ham. Of course, it's only a videogame, so you won't actually get any real ham, but your character will have lots of it. There's a minigame where you can eat the ham that you win.

    When going through the game's menus, the cursor is in the shape of ham.

    Skies of Arkanoidia

    Vyse and friends have defeated the final boss. They scramble away from it only to be trapped in space warped by someone.

    The Dark Tower RPG

    This is a pretty goofy thing to post, but I can actually imagine much of the Dark Tower story in traditional RPG format.

    The weapons would have to remain the same or very limited throughout the game for obvious story reasons, but your gunslingers could get more skilled in their use as they level up. Roland would start out being able to dual wield, but would lose that ability after the incident with those lobstrocities.

    A Chrono Trigger style fighting system... Eddie, Jake, and Susannah would have different fighting styles... maybe there could be combo attacks between different characters, and very powerful attacks where all attack together. And Oy would be one of those characters that does random things in battle like healing, like Nall in Lunar.

    You'd start off controlling Roland solo, and get new party members as you went on. First Jake (temporary), then Eddie. Then you'd have Susannah join after doing some quests and joining her personalitites... and a while later Jake would become a permanent party member (after controlling him solo until he reaches Mid World) and they'd find Oy shortly thereafter, completing the party. Callahan would be a temporary party member for part of the story, under AI control.

    At different times, the characters would have to separate into different groups, and you'd play their scenarios in the order of your choice.

    While the parts of the story taking place in our world might seem out of place in an RPG, it wouldn't be unprecedented. And Mid-World is a pretty good fantasy setting and would work well, I think, in videogame format.

    I'd imagine the game with a more realistic graphics style (not superdeformed, cel shaded, etc.), along the lines of Final Fantasy X or KOTOR.

    The REAL Dragon Warrior 2

    The last boss of this game would be the Slimelord who actually framed the Dragonlord from the first game. You see, that Dragonlord was actually the only kind hearted Dragonlord in the world (AND the last of his kind), and he was a threat to the Slimelord that needed to be eliminated.

    Fortunately for the Slimelord, their kind are masters of disguise. It turns out you had been dealing with the Slimelord for the entire original game without realizing it because the Slimelord was actually... KING LORIK!!! The real king was killed and replaced shortly before the start of DW1. This explains why "King Lorik" is so focused on killing the "evil" Dragonlord that he hardly seems to care that his own daughter is missing.

    So things are in pretty bad shape at the start of DW2. The good Dragonlord is dead, and Slimelord controls all. But don't despair! Gwaelin holds another secret. Before Erdrick died in that Elf Village from Final Fantasy, he had his consciousness transferred into the body of a robot (also from Final Fantasy) and arranged to have himself disguised as a princess and adopted by King Lorik. This way, he could keep an eye on the kingdom forever without being too conspicuous.

    Now that the Slimelord is in control, and the hero from the first game was killed and ripped apart by a party of Drakees some time ago, it's up to Princess Erdrick to save the day. Did I mention that robot princess Erdrick was cursed by this game's other villain, Platinum-Man-Lord?

    Dragon Warrior II: Slimelord and a Cursed Robot Hero Princess

    Try To Stay Awake 64

    In this game, you play the role of yourself.

    The game's story can be customized to your personality. It depends on the things you do, everyday. The basic plot is that you are an average person coming home after a long day at work or school. You feel fine at first, but after a few hours, you start to feel exhausted.

    In order to beat the game, you must think of creative ways of staying awake until a time when sleeping is normal. Say about 11:00 PM.

    Here are some examples of things you can do to stay awake. Depending on the creativity of your idea, the amount of points you receive will vary.

    You could, for example, try playing a Video Game for an hour or so. But be careful. Some games, like the ones with colorful 3D graphics can actually make you more tired than you were to begin with, and lower your score. So choose your games wisely.

    You could also try watching TV, renting a movie, or listening to music in order to keep your mind alert. But just like with the games, be sure to pick something that will keep you alert. If you decide to watch the news, listen to relaxing music, or rent a boring movie, you could fall asleep and lose the game immediately.

    Doing outside activities can also greatly increase your score, but beware... if you aren't back by 11:00 PM, or whatever time you picked at the beginning, you automatically lose the game.

    If you do something stupid, such as falling down the stairs because of your tiredness, or falling asleep behind the wheel, there is a huge point reduction. You could even be killed, and lose the game.

    As a last resort, you could try writing a really bad game idea like this one. It might give you something to concentrate on for a few minutes.

    The game has three endings.

    The worst ending has you falling asleep in the early afternoon, and waking up at around Midnight. You won't be able to go back to sleep, and so you'll be even more exhausted when it's time to go back to work or school.

    The fairly bad ending has you falling asleep in the late evening. You wake up in the early morning, and by the time work or school is over, you feel exhausted once again. The game must be played again.

    To get the best ending, you must stay awake until 11:00 PM. You have a normal night's sleep, and feel fine for the rest of the week.

    This game will be released on all major platforms, next Spring. Reserve your 384 copies, now!

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